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Most people believes or think that quick Ejaculation And Weak erection are the same problems. Although they both work hand in hand but they are two different things entirely.
Let me briefly differentiate them bellow

What is weak erection? Weak erection occurs in different ways;
When a man loses erection while penetrating without ejaculation is weak erection, that is if it happens almost all the time
When a man finds it hard to get an erection for penetration or losses erection before penetration it's weak erection
When a man finds it hard to go for second rounds after 20 to 60mins of resting, he is having a weak erection
A man that does not get strong erection every morning after waking up is having a weak erection
A man with a weak erection can penetrate his partner but he wouldn't really enjoy the sex because his manhood won't be strong and thick like it's supposed to be.


This is when a man ejaculates lesser than the time he wishes to cum, or he ejaculates less than the normal time a man should last, and that is at least 15 to 20mins from your first round, and more on your second and other rounds.
Some men even cums by mere kissing or romancing their woman. Other's ejaculates immediately they put it inside and some it's before they put it inside.
These two problems have been giving men hard time in their marriages and relationships these days.
Most women can't withstand the fact that their husband is not sexually fit, cause it's also affecting them as well. As we all know, body no be fire wood.
No matter how holy you are as a lady, there are periods or days where all you want is for your man to give you a good pounding and when he is suffering from weak erection or premature Ejaculation, it becomes frustrating to you.
If your wife or girlfriend has a very high libido, if you don't man up and satisfy her, another man will do it for you if care is not taken.



Masturbation shortens your ejaculation periods, weaken your erection over time and also shrink your manhood. Making it to reduce in size, approximately destroying your sex organ. So masturbation does more harm than good to your health.
If women masturbate often or are addicted to masturbation, it decreases their urge to have real sex. Sometimes you will be having sex with some women and while you are pounding them furiously underneath, they will be teasing their clit with their hands in other to derive ultimate pleasure. Such women derives joy in masturbation than real sex which is bad for them too.


Some drugs for high blood pressure causes weak erection and premature ejaculation for a man.


Stress can causes a man to find it hard to get an erection or ejaculates quick.


There are lots of sugar in a bottle of beer. If a man consumes too much of it, it causes him to be a weakling on bed.
Funny enough, when some men takes bear, they perform well on bed that night, but then, they are more or less a vegetable on bed whenever they did not consume beer before meeting with their woman. So you see why too much beer is not good for you? It kills your natural strength as a man and makes you dependent on it for sexual strength.


A man with any kinda infection can loose his erection and his ejaculating time will also be limited. So if you are suffering from weak erection, quick Ejaculation or low sperm count and you have infections, treat the infection first before looking for solution for the weak erection, quick Ejaculation and low sperm count.
If you ignore the infection and you start treating the quick Ejaculation or weak erection or low sperm count, it will not work.
That is why I always advise people to take any good herbal cleaser first to flush their system before taking any herbal products for weak erection, low sperm count, low libido or premature Ejaculation.
There are other causes, but these are the common causes of quick Ejaculation and weak erection.


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