08 /10 / 2018

By Anthony Edherue

We hereby appreciate the diplomatic shuttle of the Duke, Charles for his outreach to the Traditional community in Nigeria. We believe that this is a move in the direction of peace in the new order in the global Community.
It is our prayers that God should bless his efforts to restore peace across the Commonwealth for sustainable prosperity.
Nevertheless, it is also our desire that this shuttle would offer us the opportunity to redress age long griviances. We cannot put behind us the massacre of our nation and the subsequent looting of the Benin gold, bronze and copper by the British invasion of Benin in 1897. We are vigorously demanding for the return of ALL artifacts stolen from Benin during the invasion.
We are also using this opportunity to assure the English community that, Nigeria in the coming few months would go into the general election coming up February 2019.
This election would again offer us another opportunity to choose our leaders who would steer the leadership of our great nation from adversity in the face of abundant natural and human resources.
The Nigeria nation has suffered the misfortune of rudderless leadership.
The communities that has suffered pillaging, plundering has therefore decide to put in place a structure to build back confidence in such affected communities. US$167billion dollars as Ecological Remediation Fund (ERF) for reconstruction of such places.
Our attitude in the coming elections is to hold voted politicians ransom and accountable. The people in the shit-hole are demanding for electricity that has been privitised beyond their reach which is considered state robbery. We are demanding for the renationalisation of the power sector and other commanding heights of the economy.
So, the votes would reflects the desire of the Traditional community to demand for a functional country. This is important because a functional Nigeria would serve the strategic interest of global peace. The young people in Nigeria are weary.

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