Be careful of the SNAKES that you come in contact with on a daily basis!!

FIRST: We have the GARDEN SNAKE. This person doesn't like you and they just don't deal with you.

SECOND: The RATTLE SNAKE. This person viciously Lies, Cheats and Steals from you, then turns around and smiles in your face like they've done you a favor.

THIRD: The VIPER: This person claims they love you, while laying and waiting for your downfall so they can talk about you behind your back.

FOURTH: The ANACONDA. This person will take from you and squeeze the life right out of you, leaving you gasping for air.

Last but not least, the COBRA!!! That's someone that's REAL close to you. They constantly watch you, grin in your face, all the while hating you. When they strike, it HURTS the WORST.

Because you never see them coming, keep your yard raked and cleaned. Trust me you'll see them before they see you. If you know these snakes , remember it could be



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