Na many funny kind of things oyinbo dey always suffer from

Very soon,we go soon copy this kind of sickness( if we never do am already sef)

"23 years old US woman has a rare disorder which means she's constantly horny.

A young woman has revealed the details of her painful struggle with a condition that leaves her constantly sexually aroused.

Amanda McLaughlin, 23, from the US, has lived with the problem for ten years and says she has to beg her fiance JoJo for sex every day to relieve her symptoms.

The condition, called persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), causes pain in her legs and pelvis that is so bad she is unable to work and rarely leaves her home.

'It's not fun to be aroused all the time,' she said. 'It feels like you're about to orgasm and then it never goes away.'

Ms McLaughlin's symptoms began when she was just 13 years old but she was not diagnosed with PGAD until six years later.

Her mother Victoria admitted that she and her family did not understand her daughter's condition at first.

'When she first became sexually active she was having sex a lot,' she said. 'My whole family just thought she was a whore.

'I doubted her completely - I still feel guilty.'

Victoria is now very supportive of her daughter as is JoJo.

She added that her condition affects her sex life ' with her fiancée tremendously'.

'You'd think that you could have sex and it would just go away, but it doesn't,' she said. 'Sometimes I will be crying and begging him to have sex with me just to relieve some of the pressure that I have down there.'

Amanda currently takes 30 different types of medications to ease the pain caused by her condition. She also uses ice 'inserts' to ease her pelvic swelling.

Assistant professor of neurology at Michigan University Dr Priyanka Gunta, who is currently treating Ms McLaughlin, said: 'Because it's such a rare diagnosis and there's been such little research we don't know exactly what causes it. We suspect it's multifactorial."

Credit: Daily Mail.

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