(Lets Save the Planet)

By Joe Odiboh

Our wants and needs begin in childhood, a time of preconventional moralswhen our characters are shaped by our parents; a period when our wants aredetermined by our parents, guadians, and the society based on childhood needs.As we grow older into adolecents, our wants and needs tend to shift and alter abit. Our characters become remoulded and shaped by conventional morals in whichwe do things not only to please our parents but also in congnisiance to societal expectations. This is what we call the good boy, or the good girlstage.

This is the developmental stage in which the complexities andcomplicities of our thoughts and needs become at war with each other, each wantbeing turned by our minds into needs, each want locked horn in horn with ourneeds, and we are unable to differenciate between our wants and needs,confused, disoriented and disillussioned with our hopes and dreams. Thiscreates an illusion in our minds, and this illusion becomes a warring heresis,and with hopes and dreams of building castles in the air, and dwell in theworld of eldorado.

This stage in life is a turbulent and dangerous stage. This is the timewhen as individuals our wants and needs are shaped not only by parentalupbringing, but by peer group and environmental influence. This is the timewhen many kids become like the proverbial seeds thrown along the way by thefarmer. Many of these seeds fall into fertile soil, some fall on the rocks,some into swamps, into thorns, and perhaps others fall into dry sand. The birdspick some up, insects feed on some, the wind blow some away, the floods carrysome into the gutters and into the lakes, rivers and seas, and scavengers chokesome up in their claws and teeth. This is the time when those who are sensiblebecome reasonable and wise, knowing what they want in life. This is the timewhen fools know how to play the fool in their search for hope, hoping for thatthat is not there, yet knowing that it is better to be hopeful, than to behopeless in life. This hope is what keeps many alive, and this same hope sendmany to their early graves in their life of desperation, risks, attractions,sensationalism, carelessness, human wants and greed, not careing whose ox isgouged.

Like these seeds, how we grow up in life become determined by what categoryof place we either fall into, or what circumstance or situation we findourselves in the process of growing up, what kinds of friends we have, or whatenvironmental influence overtake our lives. In the midst of all these,accidents happen because even in the midst of innocence, happiness, sadness orjoy, there is always one danger in life which determine the merciful ormerciless whip of our fate. This is the danger of life and death because ondoes not fix appointment with fate. The role of fate is not about human wantsand needs, it is not about whether you are a good person or a bad person, andit is not about whether you do the right things in life or the wrong things.Its all about that which no man can explain. It is about no one knows the nextsecond or minute.

It is about no one knows tomorrow. How we live and when wedie is not an issue for fortune tellers or oracle consultants. It is a matterbetween man and God.

In human life, sociology, psychology, and the philosophy of life in concertwith our spiritualism which cannot be seperated from the beingness of our being,tend to focus on one point; that all human wants and needs are all the same inlife, wherever we may be, and whoever we are. It all starts with basic humanneed for good housing or shelter, hygienic clean drinking water, clothing tocover our nakedness, food to give us energy and keep us alive, unpolluted air, andgood health facilities or medicare. These are necessary for human life andexistence, most of which is necessary for most living things and animalsworking together like a network in our ecosystem. Everyone needs everything aseverything needs everyone. How we translate everything everyone needs beforeand after the 21st century, is a matter of individual concern. This theoryexpands to basic standard of living in human lives.

The basic standard of living is something that is determined by individuals,business concerns, industrial growth and developments, good governments or badleaderships, human greed, the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as the vanitiesof mankind. Even so, whether we live in the big cities or in the bush; whetherwe are civilised or become like apes in the wild forests, every human beingneeds shelter, water, air, food, clothing, and medicare. If man has the powerto stop, create, or ration air, many people will be choked to death due to lackof air. Thank God that air is free.

Animals in the bush createshelters for themselves, rabbits live in holes dug deep into the earth, birdshave nest, and they all eat food and know what herbs, seeds and weeds or plantsthey have to eat to stay alive or when they are sick. Termites have agovernment and good administration down deep into the earth with their ownkings, queens, soldiers and workers. Their wants and needs are slightlydifferent from human needs; same as it is in the kingdom of bees in theirbeeshive. Under the sea, or in the waters of the firmaments, life goes on. Eventhese innocent lives of plants and animals in the forest, under water, and inthe air are being disrupted and extinguished through human greed, our humanquest to live extravagant lives, and our abuse of our human wants and needs, ourabuse of nature, and our love for vanity. This love for vanity is so rife thatman have exploited the outer space and journied to other planets, hoping thatthey could live in mars or build castles in the moon. Our human wants and needshave changed from basic human needs to basic human corruption and greed tobuild the Tower of Babel, where man can share a common boundary and territoriesin paradise, and overthrow the kingdom of God, where the current pastors andministers of God on earth will appoint themselves as Angels and Saints inheaven or hell, as the case may be or may not be.

The difference between human wants and needs in comparism with the needs ofanimals and creatures is that of extravagance. Human wants and needs grows withsocietal growth, science and technology, human greed, human extravagance, humandespiration, human deprivation, and human rights in wanting to be like other people.As man’s evolution into the age of science and technology have deepened, theuse of cell phones and internet have evolved, the age of networks have beenmade possible by space programs and missions, and information technology. Evenso, we must not fail to observe that the animals and creatures have developedin mentality and sophiscation. They have become mentally and physically alert,and have developed in their science and technological display of behavioralchanges and character, and now live very comlex lives in the world of 50/50. Eventhe birds now believe that since men have learnt to shoot without missing, sohave the birds learnt to migrate to distant peaceful lands, and fly withoutperching.

They have also imbibed the spirit of corruption as animals andcreatures and have developed craftmanship as hunters and the hunted, each onefighting for their animal rights with the help of GREEN PEACE. They have theiranimal rights activists, attorneys, ships, boats, planes, hospitals, vetinarydoctors, and they know how to charm people to fight for their rights in theworld of today. These animals are part of our information technology, and eachone is fighting for the preservation of their animal culture and habitat. Thisis why in the civilized world, anyone who kills a bird, a pet, or abuses a cator dog will spend most of his or her life in jail, or pay a terrible fine. InNigeria or some parts of Africa, people kill and eat rats, rabbits, birds,squirrels, ducks, antelopes and some wild animals. But anyone who kills any ofthese animals in South Africa will wind up in jail, especially if they were innational parks and heritage sites. Even so, most West Africans and EastAfricans including Central Africans will not spare rabbits and squirrels evenif they were in the zoo, parks or heritage sites because of our mentalities,hunger in the families, and poverty because of population growth and extendedfamily system, poor wages or low standard of living.

Fishing and hunting rights are now restricted on earth, and people are nottoo free to hunt for game without a permit. We must remember that every plantand animal have found its way into our internet networks, and knowledge ofplants and animals have become common knowledge to everyone through the clickof a mouse or even in the search engines of our smart phones. This goes toprove that human wants and needs are not separated from our plants and animalsbecause we are all part of the science and technology today, in our ecosystem.Our ecosystem in concert with other planets, form the basis of humanity andinhumanity in the age of development of universal values, attitudes, beliefs,and all human experiences in life, and on the earth. Everything is interwovenlike a spiders web in a global network. Man cannot survive without plants andanimals.

The way we live on earth andthe resultant effects of our industrial growth and development, all amount tohuman and national growth and development, injustice, acts of violence,terrorism, and climate change. Carbon emissions in industrial pollutions havetheir recriminations, perhaps befalling those lands or little islands innations such as, Haiti, Japan, Phillipines, South America, and in the Carribeanmore than it does to those nations with bigger landmarks. Even so, Europe andAmerica are not free from the apocalypse of natural disasters from year to year.Today, hurricanes, typhoons, psunamis have grown in different names of humanbeings, such as Hurricane Catherina, typhoon Haiya, typhoon Sumaya, typhoonMariana, and Psunami Josephina. Tomorrow, it will be floods de Afrikaans,typhoon de mother Theresa, psunami de Jeroboam, earth tremor de Ronaldo,earthquake de Rijeka, and pollution de Bruce-lee. All of these, all of us andall elements in life are in uniform conformity, living side by side in decidingthe fate of climate change on our planet. This is why we can now monitor theactivities of the earth, cry aloud against fracking, monitor birds of the air,animals in the bush, creatures of the sea, plants and seedlings, animals in thesea and water, under the earth, excarvations, stars, forcast climate, industrialpollution, and study everything created, living or dead in uniformity with ourhuman or inhuman wants or needs.

Whatever our individual wants or needs might be on earth, one thing is veryclear. We must live and die. Whatever our human greed might push us to do inother to own the vanities of the earth, what goes around, comes around. Waterthat evaporates from the earth come back to rain and create floods.Whateverhuman rights violations, crime, violence, discrimination, or evils we mightcommit ourselves to on earth; no condition is permanent. Inhumanity, injustice,and violence leads to terrorism, rebellion and genocide. Whatever our hopes anddreams might be on earth, what goes up must come down. Our hopes and dreams toreach the top of the ladders of success, a success which is relative, will onlyend at the bottom of the earth, six feet below on that day of reckoning, thelast day. Whether you live in a mansion or palace adorned in platinum,decorated and furnished in gold and diamonds, or fly around the earth inprivate jets like some Pastors or celebs, or sail around the world in jettiesor yatchs, those who walk around on foot or travel by bus or mass-transitsystem, or live in huts and top of trees; man or woman will always be man orwoman, babies or children, and feel the same about life, sweet or bitter life,sadness or joy. These feelings are all human feelings, intangible and verymutual. Measures of wealth or affluence does not determine happiness in life.The riches of man is nothing but a common feeling of success and humanpleasures, yet intangible. How we determine and measure human failures, successand pleasures is nothing but a common feelings in the hearts of men. How wefeel is what determine our sadness and joy, both elements that cannot beseperated in human lives because there is nothing like a perfect life.

Real wants and needs is the need to stay alive and contribute our quota tothe good of society. Real success and joy in life comes from within the humanhearts and minds. Whether our human wants and needs or quest for success chasesus in life to acts of despiration, corruption and greed, or envelope our mindsand turns us to monsters or creatures of darkness, or terrorists to humanlives; the choices we make determine how we live and die. The rich andsuccessful people in life are known to die mostly from hyperthension, highcholesteral or high blood pressure, or even high drugs overdose, because theylive in a high life with high thoughts, eat and drink from the high table morethan the poor and unsuccessful people who are known to die of poverty and poormedicare because they are impoveriashed.

The age of man is the era of human destruction through poor and bad humanworld order, poor and bad world leadership who have not focussed theirattention on the provision of basic human needs for all mankind, but haveresulted in human wants and greed. Unlike the animals and creatures of theland, air, and the sea, man is in search of human vanities which result todayin world conflicts, rebellion and genocide, economics of finacial meltdown,austeriry measures, wars of power struggle, and above all acts of terrorism. Therewill always be terror on earth because the real terrorists are those who haveused world leadership and power tussle to terrorize the people they weresupposed to provide for on earth, basic human needs. If the needs of the peopleon earth are provided for, I guess no one will terrorize anyone because therewill be no need for terror which does not exist in the life of man. If animalsin the bush and forests, the birds of the air and creatures of the earth andwater are not terrorists, terrorising and kidnapping those in their habitats,only doing that which is necessary for their animal and creature existence, manhave downgraded themselves below the animals and creatures in our human actsand deeds.

There is no rebellion, revolution, and terrorism in animal farm, inthe wild, or amongst domestic animals. What then on earth have happened to manin the age of man? This is a moral question not only for everyman or woman, itis a unilateral question for all governments on earth, world bodies, NATO, G8or G12, and especially for the United Nations.

Today, unlike animals and creatures, man is perpectually attendingmeetings, conventions and world summits, avoiding the real question and truthrelating to the root cause and source of human problems on earth, because theseleaderships from the time of creation have refused to confront the issue of theprovision of basic human needs for all humanity. They are unhappy to see theordinary man, baby and child drink the spring fresh water and fresh milk theydrink in their corridors of power, summits, or conventions. They are unhappy tosee the ordinary child have a shelter as good as their 7 or 12 stars hotels.They enjoy these summits by creating more problems for the ordinary man so thatthey can continue to stay in power and continue to enjoy the gains of animalfarm like the pigs in the Book, “Aminal Farm”, believing that all animals areborn equal, but some are more equal than the others.

The cold war is over, now we have the hot war, a cold-hot war ofrevolutions, human deprivations, austerity measures, nuclear warfare, the useof dromes, terrorism, and wars of natural and human disasters. The age ofinformation technology have turned people and nations to zombies twitting oneanother, roaming around the world through internet networks like Egyptianmummies as if they are human spirits, working together as hypocrites overproblems they cannot provide solutions to, instead compounding human problemsthrough human foolishness. That act as the saying goes, “ The wisdom of man,may be the greatest foolishness in the sight of God”. Any human wisdom orleadership that have led the world to the current world problems and conflictsis nothing but a garden full of weeds and thorns. As if not content with whatevils we have done to the innocent child and people of this world, we haveencroached on the world of animals and creatures, seeking to destroy andannihilate them, and render the earth useless by destroying the planet.

People who fight to save the planet are even being thrown into jails inRussia as pirates, while the world sit beside and look, signing tradeagreements from one country to another that leads to nothing but humandeprivations, extortions and disorderliness. Trade agreements that does notprovide for their people and nations basic human needs. Instead, all we hear inAmerica is about raising their debt ceilings from trillions to lillions,yillions and zillions of dollars, European finacial crises and meltdown likeice in Eurozone, Chinese domination of world economics and with their peoplestill unable to have basic human needs, Asia and Malasia economic boom anddoom, Australia fires to fry-pan, African pot-pori, and universal sorrow, tearsand blood. This is why the media only carry bad news because there is no goodnews on earth anymore. What the media report on earth is a clear indication ofhow bad the world really is.

This news of bad omen have made the Christianspredict and call for the end of time, because as Christians, they know thattheir gospels have shifted from hope to gospels of tithes and money offeringwhich does no man no good. They are aware that the end of time is near becauseeven these tithes and offering are being mismanaged for human wants and greed.A pastor will publicly boast that the Lord Jesus and God have blessed him witha private jet and enermous wealth, and not in how many people he was able touse that money to feed, accommodate, cloth, and provide medicine for when theywere sick, hungry and homeless. Same with all world leaders and people inpositions of authority. There is no much difference between most religiousleaders and world leaders. They are all responsible for the problems of theworld today, because they have refused to lead by example of Jesus Christ, orto whom it may concern. Leadership and positions of authority is only one andthe same. We can compare this with the humble life of Jesus Christ whom theyall say they worship as their leader. Jesus Christ ate the same food of driedbread from the same table with his followers and Apostles, at the same timewith everyone, made sure no one around him or follower was hungry, and providedenough to feed everyone with the help of God almighty because of his heart andmind, good leadership and a pure and contrite heart, love, care, affection, andhis commitment to save humanity and die so that we can be saved from our sinsand vanities of the earth. How many religious leaders and world leaders can dothat both in the past and present generation? No one else. This means that thesituation we are in is a hopeless situation that will get worse with time untilour wants and needs drive us to condemn the earth and end humanity by our ownacts and deeds in this wicked world.

Any world leadership that cannot provide basic human needs for their peopleis a failed government. It is a helpless government full of only creatures ofdarkness.

The churches know that man have failed man, and only God can save theplanet from human destruction by destroying the human race before the humanrace destroys totally all God’s creativity and creations. Floods, psunamis,typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, earth tremors, wild forest fires, ashspills, industrial pollutions, HIV AIDS, Cholera, Tuberculosis, High BP, andhurricanes are not caused by weather forcasts or predictions or diagnosis, theyare the resultant effect of natural causes to human reactions and naturalreactions to natural circumstances and situations. Climate changes are notaccidental but a kind of evolution in the revolution of the earth in human andnatural revolvements in nature, a natural reaction in retributive justicesystem. For every action in the world, there is a natural reaction on the earthand climatology in concert with spiritualism. This is a pragmatic reproach to negativeinfluence on earth. When God created the earth as the Garden of Eden, he gaveus everything in it to provide for all our needs. God did not provide us withpsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, hurricanes, earth tremors forall our human needs. These apocalypse are things we have brought upon ourselvesby disobeying the laws of God in our wants and needs. How we remedy thissituation and turn to new leaf is not a matter of science and technology but byour human conducts and obedience to the laws of God. If science and technologycan predict natural disasters, it must be able to stop them from happening. Thequestion is that, “Who can stop the rain or the wind?”. Tell that to the birds.

At the end of the tunnel, human wants and needs are all one and the samethings, resulting in nothing different from human life and death. My dearreaders, the only long and lasting legacies of human wants and needs we canleave behind in life is to make life more meaningful for ourselves and forothers, togetherness and love, and let the milk of kindness continue to flow inour veins. We must invest our wants and needs on everyone and everything aroundus in the preservation of society and our ecosystem, and aspire in life to makethe world a better place to live. Until we do this, our human wants and needswill haunt us and come back to crash upon our heads and upon the heads of ourfuture generations. Let us save the planet for the common good of all humanity,and in what we do and what we are as people in one world, one earth, and with onecommon destiny.

People with a common destiny do not terrorize each other. There is a secondchance for us to make amends right now on earth, because there is no second orthird world after this first world in which we all now live. We must preserveour world on earth, and preserve the earth for our children and futuregenerations. We must bear in mind that we have but only one world, knowing thatan only lunchbox, or steak and kidney pie, does not get lost in the microwaveoven. Planting trees and preservation of our ecosystem is not about ourecosystem, it is about love, unity in diversity. We cannot love trees, plants,mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, animals, birds, and the creatures of the landand sea without if we do not love ourselves as human beings. We cannot provideshelter, food, clothing, medicine for others if we do not love our neibours. Wecannot find herbs and roots for medicines if we do not love our forests. It isall about universersal love. One love!

(Winner: African Leadership and Excellence Award, Ireland 2012)
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