Each African-American will receive $2,000 a year in either cash or tax deduction regardless of other government subsidies. The program will be enacted for the next 35 years and cost $560 billion.

Economist estimate slavery added nearly a trillion dollars to the US economy, so Obama’s plan would repay half the value during the duration of his program.

Proof of ancestry can be done at any public school where a parent can register them and their children for the $2k each. Once started, the 35-year window clock begins to tick.

Obama said, “This is a very fair and sensible program that will have an incredibly positive impact on our communities and country. The program will pay for itself.”

The Republicans Strike Back

Republicans are not very happy with Obama’s plan to pay back owed money. As the House and Senate begin to ascend back upon Washington after the winter break, some have some choice words for the President.r

“Is Obama crazy?” asked Sen. Mitch McConnell. “The five hundred and sixty billion almost one year of defense spending!”

Other Republicans echoed this sentiment. “We could start a fifth of a war with that type of money! Dictator, Muslim, negro traitor,” said South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. “I’ll be in my cold dead grave before I let anything like this happen.”

Thurmond, who voted against the Civil Rights Act but continued to be elected Senator for decades after, is infumed by Obama’s actions. “We can’t continue to give the blacks all the breaks. Soon they will be marrying our white woman and even becoming president,” said Thurmond.

With Obama’s partial reparation to plan to cost the same as eight years of prison costs, Republicans are really furious. “Instead of locking black men up, we are going to give them free money? Jail not bail,” yelled Thurmond.

The 35-year payment plan is also less than five years worth of corporate subsidies. “First Obama raises pay for soldiers, now he’s giving black people free money to buy spinners and music studio time,” said Thurmond. “These aren’t corporations that provide jobs our people need. He’s helping his own kind and that is a disgrace.”

source: http://www.satiratribune.com/2016/01/03/obama-signs-executive-order...

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