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Conside carefully that the following ten things account for our overall lack of a sense of unity and direction:

1. We let our names go. The first step towards disorientation is to surrender your name.

2. We have surrendered our way of life (culture). We have stopped speaking the language we knew and we have stopped behaving as African people behave. We have lost our way of doing things and we have adopted they ways of people unlike ourselves.

3. We have lost our appetite because we have lost our names and our culture. Even when those among us recreate our culture and present it to us, we no longer have an appetite for it. We have a greater appetite for the culture of people other than ourselves.

4. We have a general loss of memory. Few of us can tell the story of our people without beginning it with the MAAFA (slavery). It is as if the MAAFA was the only thing that happened to African people.
5. We have created false memories. Not only have we lost the true memory of African people, we now have a host of other memories which are totally removed from the truth. Not only are our memories of African people untruthful, but the memories we have of Europeans are also untruthful, and the memories we have about the rest of the world are untruthful as well.

6. We lost our land. It now seems as if we no longer have an appetite for land. We lost our land in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora are losing what little land they once held. Anytime you lose your mooring on the land, you lose your capacity to protect your possessions.

7. We have lost our independent production capacity. We have become consumers rather than producers. It is a shame that we don’t even produce something as simple as a “natural comb”. We have to purchase combs that are made as far away as Korea. Almost anybody should be able to make something as simple as a little piece of plastic. 
All weaponry, arms and ammunition used in Africa by all our armed forces are produced abroad except for the little produced by white south Africans.
The North Koreans are respected today and taken seriously at the world stage because they ate a nuclear power state.

8. We have lost independent control of ourselves. We have little or no control of our educational process, our economic situation, our communications, or our politics.Political decisions are decided and passed down to us by our colonial masters who covertly chooses the puppet leaders ruling us.
We don't even own our natural resources.

. 9. We have lost sensitivity. We have lost the ability to perceive when people are doing things to us which are detrimental. We accept inaccurate perceptions without criticism. 
We are mental slaves to foreign religions and ideologies.
We gave up our real spirituality for false foreign religions void of spirituality and humanity.

10. As a cumulative result of all of these things, we have lost our solidarity…our unity. When we lost our unity, we lost our political advantage, economical advantage, and even our mental orientation. We lost a clear sense of wholeness, continuity, and purpose.

The time is now for Africans in Africa and Africans in diaspora to come together as a people in order to advance the plight of our downtrodden people.


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