A hard talk; a simple truth.The Richest Nigerians are in Nigeria

As i said the place to look for wealth isn't in a new land. By the time you're done learning the customs and way things work there in the US or UK...you'll be 50. You know Nigeria, you know the way it works, though few want to admit it you can make it in Nigeria. The richest nigerians in the world are from Nigeria, and don't bother themselves with the US. If you look at somebody like Dangote, Adenuga etc you will see they have one devious but consistent thing in common: connections to those in power.

As a black person, and more importantly a Nigeria, you have to understand those in power are white and have no business bothering themselves with you. At least in Nigeria you can climb the social ladder more freely, you can't there. To become rich in America you need a great idea, something nobody has ever done before like an invention or a service and it has to make sense to the demand. If you have one of these....you'll make it in Nigeria as well.

If you want a quality education for the sake of knowing more (not getting rich), a stable consistent life, 24 hour power, stable employment, good health care, good infrastructure, and a life of routine and order US or UK is the best place in the world to be. If you want to be extraordinarily rich, a 'big man/woman', relaxed, to have fun in life, have children that will carry on your name and culture, stay home. You can want all of these things but you can't have them all.

Many Nigerians believe they can come here and enjoy the benefits without suffering the pitfalls, this isn't true. Most Nigerians in the west are stressed, unhappy, lonely, feel as if they don't belong, struggling, and have children that most likely won't take care of them when they're old. Many are very rich as well and have done well for themselves but they would have done the same back home. Even with 24/7 power supply you'll come to find that you'd rather be eating egusi in the dark because a lot of the west isn't worth it if you come for the wrong reasons.

Like i said, many have made it and this is a great place to live and raise children. It's not a place to become 'rich' but it's a good place to have a reasonable life without too much unpredictability. If you can't make it in Nigeria, you can't make it here, that's plain and simple and by the time you learn what it takes to make it here, it'll be too late. and again, be careful where you go, only a hand full of countries are better than Nigeria, i mean it.

~~~copied from Igodan Victor.

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