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Osemwegie Ebohon was born in Benin City on 11th November, 1940 into the family of Wilfred Aiyanyi Ebohon by Madam Omorariagbon Izevbokun Ebohon. Now a High Priestess of African Traditional Religion, she wears a natural mystifying ritual crown of hair which appeared on her head in 1987. The hair is clear evidence of her high state of spiritual development. Ebohon’s father, who died on 21st October, 1974 was a devout Baptist Church Christian.

To the students of occult and occult scholars, the birth of Osemwegie Ebohon on November 11, 1940 into the family of late Wilfred Aiyanyi Ebohon was not an accident of history.

The planetary configurations of 11th November, 1940 show that Osemwegie Ebohon was born when the sun was in the House of zodiac also known as Scorpio, one finds that it is fixed, watery, feminine and is ruled by the Masculine Mars. Consequently, Scorpio personalities have intense power, concentrated mystical energy and unfathomable depths of emotion. In fact, old astrologers give three emblems of Scorpios’ characteristics. Firstly, there is the vicious little Scorpion striking out in devastating retaliatory moves on its enemy with deadly venom and whip-like sweetness. Secondly, there is the Serpent, a symbol of wisdom denoting shrewdness and intelligence imbued with deep intuition typical of analytic, critical and intellectually resourceful persons. Finally and thirdly, there is the Eagle depicting a minority of SCORPIO personalities who work by experience breaking the bonds of desire and passion. Having done this, they soar to spiritual freedom – that altruistic crown of human achievement.

With regard to the first of the three emblems that characterize Scorpio, it will be apt and apposite to quote and epigram written by a scholar and admirer of Osemwegie Ebohon some years back. It is common knowledge that poetry or verse or a definite rhythm pattern is often used to drive matter deeply into one’s sub-consciousness.
The epigram runs thus:
“Oft have I wondered that on Ebo ground,
No poisonous reptile ever yet was found
Revealed the secret stand of Nature’s Works;
She saved her venom to create a Priest, Ebohon.”
Furthermore, the point is made much clearer as to what happened and what is intended by the cosmic implication of the birth of Osemwegie Ebohon into the house of Scorpio by quoting another epigram from Ralph Waldo Emerson to wit.

“When the great God lets loose a thinker upon the planets, then all things are at risk.”
Judging from the scintillating performance of High Priest (Dr.) Osemwegie Ebohon on NTA Benin Programme MANY FACES OF RELIGION, it is not a surprise that he came into his planet Earth through the deeply religious household of late Wilfred Aiyanyi Ebohon, a devout Baptist Church Christian. After all, occultists are not ignorant of a fundamental law that governs creation. The law states that by our past actions, we conform our soul to a certain birth in a certain body and at a certain time while only suitable material for the body comes from parents who have made they fit to have that soul as offspring. So, it is with DR. Osemwegie Ebohon and everyone else.

It is impossible to discuss Ebohon Centre for Art, Traditional Religion and Witchcraft (a world-Research Centre for Traditional Sciences and the Unsolved Mysteries) without talking about the life of the founder High Priest Osemwegie Ebohon. The establishment of the Ebohon Cultural Centre, Benin City started in 1965 as a small one-room Mission Road Art Gallery. Later, the expanded gallery moved to his maternal home on Igbinadolor Street, off (Murtala Mohammad Way) 3rd East Circular Road, Benin City. Today, the centre is at the peak of its physical, mystical and spiritual development and is the most spectacular achievement of his career.
The present site of the centre is at No. 1 Odenede Street, off Alohan Street/Dumez Road, Ivbioto Quarters in Benin City, capital of Edo State of Nigeria. Benin City was also once the capital of Midwestern and Bendel States

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