As a young man i have always wondered why my state was not blessed with so much crude oil like the rest of our south south sisters. Today i have been forced to look inwards at how this state could actually become one of the richest states in this country only if the government plays it card well. Edo state is blessed with a name, the name of this brand is Benin. Take it or leave it, we have a name that is very popular in the world thanks to our ancestors, we should be selling this brand in everything we do as a government and a people. We have a population so young and so eager to work, we should make use of this. I still don't know why Bendel Brewery is still not functioning. I still don't know why Edo Textile mill is still not functioning, Govt can bring in Private firms to come take over these firms as it did with the cement industries in Edo north. One thing you can't take away from my state is that we like to party. And when we party, we do it big. Try to immagine the number of textile materials we use here for marriage ceremonies, burials, church programs and many more. Then picture the amount of drinks that follows suit when we party. Edo state consumes alcohol. Any alcoholic brand sells here. We drink anything here as long as it is alcohol, now imagine the tax government can put on alcoholic brands and imagine what we will be making as a state if we have breweries here making non alcoholic drinks also. It is a known fact that many people from neighboring states visit edo state alot. Have you ever wondered why hotels are always springing up in one location and another in Benin and other places in the states. Trust me, hotel businesses move here. Thanks to the fact that Edo state is a transit state. Almost all vehicles from the east going west pass through edo state and some make a qucik stop here. Edo state is also one of the routes via which people down south head north. So the traffic flow on our state is high hence the need for better roads.
As the new year comes, we should see a new light in our state, we as a people are bigger than having just one stadium. We are not cursed. We are bigger than having a petroleum depot that doesn't work. We are bigger than having a city centre with the highest network of bad roads...needs to take into account our huge diaspora number outside the shores of this country. They have been the backbone of our economy as a state and you can't dispute that. The point about our diaspora is that Government needs to collaborate with them to enable her benefit from these pool of opportunity. The state of Israel depends on jews outside the country for somethings and we can channel ours into productive ventures here in Edo state. We need to up our game as a state. We need to be in a competition again. We need to remind ourselves that this state belongs to us Edos and we are the only ones that can make it better.

We are Edo people
With a common Heritage
With a common vision
With a common goal
With a common destiny
Let us build Edo state
Long live Edo state.

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