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Kenney international engineering construction company nigeria and europe
Over the past few years, our group of expert have studied the 
dificulties faced by home Owners in renovating their homes, and those who seek to... become home owners in ......Nigeria but lives and work abroad, and have therefor come with a refined solutoin-

KENNEDY IRIASE INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY NIGERIA ...AND EUROPE., with its headquarters in Girona,Barcelona Spain, and Branch offices in Verona in Italy and Benin City in Nigeria.

With its European Diploma. And have more than twenty years development experience credited to it in the area of Architecture and building professionalism both in Europe and Nigeria.

Call for our asistance whether it is for constructing a new building , renovating an old one,Consultant, Genaral merchandise, putting finishing touch on unconpleted building, Properties Management, Marketing, Creativity or changing and lying tiles etc. Our experts are ever ready to put some smile in your face and to make you proud:

Moreover is a company consolidated in girona, barcelona spain, jump construction sector since 2009, and with a clear vocation of leadership in the promotion of comprehensive housing February: screening, property construction, sale, after-sales, etc …

The experience, the absolute control over the whole process, and proven professionalism of our industrialists in their respective areas, directly affect the quality of the work, becoming in turn a guarantee for our customers

Our goal is to offer our clients who are looking for housing. Spacious apartments, with a streamlined distribution baggy, adaptable to the needs of each treat.

With a treatment that respects its environment and a modern and pleasant design, but functional. On this page you will find all sorts of information about the work we are currently promoting: Building, maps, pictures, facades, interiors and exteriors ... We hope you are tailored to your proposals, demands its internet, and deposit in trust in our human talent and technical team of internet.

And you will be amazed how moderate our prize are

Thank you, looking forward to working with you

for more details,,,,,,, please visit our website, or call us on tellephone number, 0034,631115641 or 632164560 for non obligatory discoursion


(Area of organizing) ReLeasing project of cooperation, accompany for eny part of the country International without peremptory.

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