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Useful Materials, News and Lectures on Edonaze

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"Ah ma zẹ ẹvbo ọmwan ah wiri"


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Ih = I // uh = You // eh and éh = He/she

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, that goes to his heart."

~Nelson Mandela

"Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” - Benjamin Lee Whorf

(American Linguist: relation of language to thinking and cognition and for his studies of Hebrew and Hebrew ideas, 1897-1941)

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Comment by Otedo News Update on May 22, 2013 at 6:18pm


  1. Yoruba and Edo language source from Niger Congo by wikipedia

  2. Yoruba have the double consonant “gb” and “kp” as in Edo language, in most cases very difficult for foriegners to pronounce.

  3. Both language have the use of vowels "" and "" with yoruba having more vowels than Edo language.

  4. Yoruba language have more accents than Edo language ..

Even China language now becoming popular with higher learners and speakers while many still count it most difficult. I think the value and use you make of your language is what make it easier or harder both for indigenes and foreigners.. I have Spanish friends including Ghanias who can speak Edo they can and some Italians too who does than they have ever heard anything call yoruba... why do you think they find Edo more easier than any other Nigerian language?

Comment by Otedo News Update on August 28, 2011 at 8:55am

"This is a serious matter that has been deliberated upon in many Benin fora, including the ENA annual convention in North America. In Benin City today, children are hardly taught the language nor are the youth interested in learning or speaking the language. Compared to other Nigerian languages like the Yoruba or Igbo, the lack of interest in the Benin language is worse. Yorubas still write letters in their language. The first thing I would suggest is for a bold step to revive the teaching of the language at school and to encourage parents to speak and teach the language at home. We took up the same issue with many Benin scholars and writers like Dr OSB Omoregie when I was a student in Uniben in the '80s and efforts were made to revive the dwindling interest in learning the language. The matter is more serious than you imagine and calls for more than an exclamation like "Osa n'Oghodua wua emwin dan!" I am a Benin man, proud of my Benin heritage wherever I find myself. I would be the last Benin man who would wish my language to go extinct at any point in time. I believe a concerted effort should be made by all Benins home and abroad to arrest the situation. No single individual has the solution." - Felix Emonvon
Comment by Otedo News Update on June 8, 2011 at 12:19am
Comment by Otedo News Update on June 4, 2011 at 8:22am
Avbe Etenmwen,
                        Permit me to contribute to your discussion. There is a limit to which we can do translation of things from English and other languages into Edo. The principle used by Edo people and other cultures is to borrow and corrupt words for which they have no equivalent. Direct translations of meanings can be long sentences hence they are discouraged. For instance calling Europe " Evbo na tiere Europe"  is a clumsy sentence, while the corruption to Eyuropu is more appropriate. Ilaba is a corruption of Number, Imoto for motor car, eredio for radio etc. That is the principle that Edo linguist have adopted and Ogie's aritimetiki  is correct and useable too. Regards.
Comment by Otedo News Update on June 3, 2011 at 9:39pm

Thank you sir,


Agreed Enowanren as to be Enowaen,


Agree we should keep Edo language original as it has been but only on those words already in existence. Basically, don't think the current translators negate or disregard that. For example, when the same translation of European countries was posted on face book, a close Edo linguist corrected that the ancient Edo word or what Edo people called GERMANY was “Ezamani”, “kpotoki” for PORTUGUESE and “Nyaendael corrupt for Gualayonda ” for HOLLAND. And we promise to edit with that as soon as possible. Note, there are more material waiting to be uploaded relating to new discoveries on Edo words. Same reason Eko is very much appreciated for Lagos in the on going project.


Do agree more with Alex Igbineweka's direct translation on Ulaba and Nao, though I initially translated “Noun” to be “Enin” being that a noun is a name. Adding “n” to distinguish it from the usual “Eni”-name. i.e. Eni – name while “Enin” - noun. Of course, there is and are going to be new words that will need direct translations.


While your advice to maintain the writing of foreign words like Europe, Asia, America etc. with reference to remain as written in English grammer is appreciated, will beg to disagree to some extent.. for example, Italy is English, Italia is what the italians call it, spanish call it italiano, if the Edo people now call it itali instead of the English “Italy” don't think that will be wrong.


To say, laughable is to say the least..if I ever understand what you mean..


I do not live in an English country and our thoughts and existence are not shaped by English. The three countries am base and always frequent are Spain, Germany and Italy, and also in-between their languages including Catalan spoken in northern part of Spain and Andorra(small country in-between Spain and France), . Lots of knowledge and experience including application have acquired weren't learnt in English. As a European national, one thing I got to admire and jealous about these European countries is their sense of Nationalism and linguistic autonomy. There you see the mutual respect within them. The Germans don't give a rat tail how the Spanish pronouns or write their language, so do the Spanish and Italy, everyone proud and adhere to theirs irrespective of how difficult it may be. Italians called Spain -Espagne, English called it Spain, the Spanish themselves called it España while their language is called Español or castellano. So, that the Edo, now call it “Sipeni” as translated by Alex Igbineweka is not only the write thing to do but also shows how the Edo themselves are linguistically oriented.


Me think the proper and right thing to do writing or translating Edo words to getting a STANDARD DICTIONARY 2011, will be to accept direct translation of new words until an equivalent is discovered, then be replaced.


Thanks and best regard..




Comment by Otedo News Update on June 3, 2011 at 7:05pm
Dear Ogie,

Thanks for your response; I will comment on your comments.
1 This is perfectly right
2 I do not think we should encourage any direct translation. The Edo language is unique and must be allowed to stay that way or we can no longer legitimately refer to it as Edo language.
3 Note ''Enowanren''  not ''Enowaen''  ''Ulaba'' and ''Nao'' are unacceptable. Remember, we must never try to match English words '' word for word'' as our language will degenerate into a laughing stock. Our aim and efforts should be geared towards writing every Edo word properly; at present we seem to be struggling with this.
4 We should be very happy and content with ''Evbo natiere  Europe, Asia, America etc. We do not have to have our own names for any city or country other than a few places like Eko, our original name for Lagos. Our warriors lived there during the expansion of the Benin Kingdom as we made further conquests along the West African Coast. If you travel to Benin Republic which is along the coast toward Ghana, you will be surprised that their carvings are similar to ours. Eko is the name our ancestors gave to the hut they build in the farm where they live outside their homes hence it was the original name for Lagos.
5 We do not need to translate it; it will simply be ridiculous.
Have a nice weekend.
Comment by Otedo News Update on June 3, 2011 at 3:43pm


Thank you sir,


I sincerely wants to say, what you have written bellow will not only encourage the Edo language team to continue but help broaden their understanding and emphasis..The website is free for subscription for all those willing to contribute to its success. The job has started and sure wish to have a quick and impresive finishing.


To your corrections:

  1. Acceptable, your translation of “white” to mean “fuofua”, though others may argue to be better call “fọfua”

  2. Aritimetiki” was a direct translation to the English -Arithmentic , Spanish- Aritmentico

    Your explanation should be what defines the word “Aritimetiki ” i.e. “Aritimetiki riema, vbe na ya kemwin ra vbe na ya rhie emwin bae emwin' (though my own argument on how the sentence should be are: Aritimetiki riema vbe n'ah ya kemwin ra vbe n'ah ya rhie emwin bae emwin..[agreeing with your definition.] {Refers to general rule on this link for details.. }

  3. Have once received an email from Enowaen Alex Igbineweka and he translated the Word “number” to mean “Ulaba” and Noun to be “Nao”, meaning new words are simply translated base on orthographic and gramamatic composition in Edo language..

  4. What do you think would be the proper or dirrect way to pronouns or write words like Europe, America, Asia, Australia, South America translating them to Edo language?

    Note: the mission here is to update for a standard dictionary and google search translator TODAY 2011, and move on. Of course Edo linguist are going to encounter thousands of new words uncommon to indigenous speakers. What do they do in this case?

  5. Again, in the case of “Kọlor”, what should be the direct word to translate color in English? Don't you think your description should simply take the explaination or definition of the word “eh kọlor” or “Avbe kọlor”(in plural sense without definite number or quantity)?

  6. For the “ọbo”, I think, it was and error, for the omission of a dot on the first “o” [note: more editing continues as new research are found and errors detected]

    That's why we encourage and challenge Edo linguist to join us on the site, providing vital informations, materials and lectures to helping Edo laguage survive its now and future challenges.


Lets learn to share what we know, for a bird in hand worthwhile in the bush”


Thanks again for your time





ah ma zé évbo omwan ah wiri”

--- On Fri, 6/3/11, <> wrote:

Dear King- Ogie,

I do not know how ,long you have been on this project but I wish to congratulate you on this difficult aspect of our culture. Whilst every Edo son or daughter will be pleased to see progress in the development of  our language, we must be very careful that the information ( which  in this case is the
edo grammar and comprehension ) we dissipate must be flawless. From the few lines I have read today, I could see that the edo grammar being dissipated for the consumption of our people all over the world is basically flawed. For example, there is no need for Uropu for Europe, aritimetiki is uncalled for as we can clearly say  '' vbe na kemwinhe; vbe na ya kemwin , ra, vbe na ya rhie emwin bae emwin'' An animal is ''aramwen'' The use of ''Avbe Kolor'' is totally unacceptable. In Edo language the normal question in search of a colour is simple '' dukpon no yoe'',  oba ra to khuikhi, ra to fuofua? Perhaps what you should strive to develop is how to distinguish vowels from consonants by a dot or slash under letters like ''o'' or ''e''.  Obo ( doctor ) should have a dot under the first ''o'' whilst the ''o'' and ''e'' in Isoken are dotted accordingly. This is a major direction we should be moving in order to perfect the Edo grammar. The English and Hausa languages have very comprehensive grammar,  Hausa is particularly so but Edo is problematic.
I will be very happy to help correct some of your scripts.
Comment by Otedo News Update on March 23, 2011 at 1:06am
Etina ne okpe okhuo,
Uruese kakabo vbe oghogho ne u riere maa vbe emwen egie ne oba Edo gie ne a mue gumwen vbe enode. Erio afiangbe khian lele uwe kevbe oghorue hia khian vbe ede agbon uwa hia. 
Akhue ima khian ye ikponmwen abo. Ke evba kpaa, eguae o re khian rie ede yo ne oba mwan khian yi ekete mae egie na. A gha vbe tae ladian vbe eghe ra se.
Uyi ghi fo rue. Erio khian vbe gha no vbe ikpae Ikponmwen Edo Hia 
Obasuyi N'Oghaevbo.
Comment by Otedo News Update on March 23, 2011 at 1:05am
Domo, Okhae emwen Obasuyi N'Oghaevbo,
Iye egbe hia mien erhunmwun n'una ne Ime ke vbe egbe mwen hia.  
Vbe ekponmwen Oghe akhue, Ma vbe Enikaro hia we Irue Iyare! 
 Esohe, afiangbe, egberhanmwen, alaghodaro, ore Osa N'udazi vbe Enikaro ya we rue.    T'ugha ye egie na rue oma ye Edo n'evbomwan.  Ise! Ise!! Ise!!! 
Laho, gha rhie Okhae emwen ye odaro Egie rue.  Ona ore aya kpae Egie Oba vbe Ahpa Edo.
Ma gha mue egbe do gue gbe I z'abobo vbe eghe gha se ne.
Ze vbe ukpo n'u ghi na ze vbe evbo, kevbe iwina odolo evbo n'uye, I yayi ghe t'Ima khian ghi gha rho-rho hon emwen rue?
Igha tie rue     vbe oke se ede uzola n'okhua.
Oba mwan gha to, Okpere!  Ise.
Me No,
Comment by Otedo News Update on March 22, 2011 at 8:14am
Okhaimwon Oba,
      Tu gha tor kpe vbe egie nuhe. Ughi migbe, ughi mie imu!
Afiangbe  n'gue ada gue'ben erhu gha mien vbe etin enikaro
Ekpen. Idemudia

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