Ebe Arrióba (Translated)

Dear Senator _______________________:

I am writing because of my grave concern regarding the crisis in Jos, Plateau State as well as similar sporadic violence in other cities of Nigeria. I am aware that this problem is not new but has been mounting for many years. I realize that there are many issues that effect this problem but I also cannot continue to watch Nigerian children, women and families face this kind of brutality without knowing what our government is going to do to help resolve this horrific matter. 

Please explain to me what is being done to prevent more killings in Jos, Nigeria? What is our federal government doing to help the survivors of Jos in Plateau State, who lost family members in the killing spree of January 17, 2011? I would also like to know how can I as a Nigerian citizen support your efforts.
Thank you for taking time to read my concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.
Full Name
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City, State

please feel free to word things as you deem necessary, considering Edo cultural communications. thank you so very much. 


Enowaen Arriọba ….......................................................:

Ih gben ebe na, zẹ vbe igbina kevbe okuo iyayi n'oh rre (Giọs)Jos, vb'ẹvbo eh Platiu (Plateau), vbe Otẹ Naigirria(Nigeria). Ih rhenren wẹrẹ, Imuaenmwen na kpẹ nen vbe otọ. Ọh vbe rrie mamwen wẹrẹ, emwin n'ọbun ọh siẹrrẹ´ẹzor na, sokpan ih khian sẹtin warra ghẹrẹ, emon, anmwen, ikpia, ikhuo kevbe ẹgbẹ gbelegbua vbe niana vbe ne Arriọba na ih ghi sẹ ọfure yọ.

Lahor, rrie mamwen rhen emwin n'uwa rhu, na mien wẹrẹ, emwan ih ghi gbelegbua vbe Gios(Jos), vbe Otẹ Naigirria?. De emwin ne Ariọba Otẹ Naigirria ghi rhu, ya rrie iyobọ ne emwan n'ilẹfe vbe okuo vbe igbnina n'oh rre Gios(Jos) vbe Otẹ Naigirria? De Iyobọ n'ihian rrie nen ẹgbẹ emwan n'oh fiya “ẹdẹ eha ei rrọ vb'ugie vbe uki okaro vbe owọrọ yaen arriaisen eva”(January 17, 2011)? Ih vbe ho n'ih rhen, zẹvbe ọkpa vbe ivbi'Arriọba Otẹ Naigirria, arrue iyobọ , ni gha rrie bae iwina uwa rhu.
Urhuese n'uh ya tie ebe na. Ih khẹrẹ iwanienmwen wẹ

Eni mwen:-------------------------------------------------
Imeli mwen:-----------------------------------------------
ẹvbo vbe ẹvbo Arriọba n'ih kerre:-------------


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