Plants – iyierran


avbe iyierran – plants

evbọrrọhọ - content

evbayaerhu - use

erran ọghẹdẹ (erranọghẹdẹ) - plaintain stem

emon ọghẹdẹ (emonghẹdẹ) – plantain fruits

omonghẹdẹ noh vboro – ripe plaintain

ebe ọghẹdẹ (ebọghẹdẹ) – plaintain leaf

ikpakpa ọghẹdẹ – plaintain skin

emonghẹdẹ n'ah ton – roasted plaintains

omonghẹdẹ n'ah le – cooked plaintain

ọmonghẹdẹ n'ah ye ofigbon tien (tienren)– fried plantain (plaintain chip)

ọghẹdẹ n'ah lọẹ – grounded plaintain

ọghẹdẹ n'ah kae – dried plaintain

ọghẹdẹ n'ah guọre – mended plaintain (like in a snack dish called oboboro usually taken in the evening before dinner)

ọghẹdẹ n'ah kpalọ – pilled plaintain

ọghẹdẹ n'ah dumwun – pounded plaintain

erran ọka – corn plant..

ikpẹ ọka (ikpọka) / ọka – corn seed

ebe ọka (ebọka) – corn leaf

inian ọka – corn root

ẹzi ọka – corn stem


ọka n'ah lọẹ – grounded corn

ọka n'ah le – cooked corn

ọka n'ah ton – roasted corn

ọka n'ah ye ofigbon tien (tienren) – fried corn

ọka n'ah kae – dried corn

ọka n'ah guọre – mended corn

ọka n'ah dumwun – pounded corn

ọka n'ah kpalọ – pilled corn

ọka n'ah sin – filtered corn

emieki - baked with corn

ekusu – baked corn with ingredience

akasan – white bake corn usually wrap with plaintain leaf and others

ẹkọ - custard

erran iýan – yam plant

erran iyokho -

erran iýan orrọ – water yam plant

erran iýan ikpen – yellow yam plant

erran akarha – cocoyam plant

íýan - yam

ebe iýan – yam leaf

ẹzi iýan – yam stem

inian iýan – yam root

ikpakpa iýan – yam skin

iýan ikpen – yellow yam

iýan n'ah lọẹ - grounded yam

iýan n'ah le – cooked yam

iýan n'ah ton – roasted yam

iýan n'ah ye ofigbon tien (tienren) – fried yam

iýan n'ah kae – dried yam

erran ukhuerre – sugar cain plant

ukhuerre – sugar cain

ebe ukhuerre – sugar cain leaf

ẹzi ukhuerre – sugar cain plant

inian ukhuerre – sugar cain root


erran orun – pear tree



erran ọdondonron – water leaf plant

ebe ọdondonron – water leaf

ikpe ebe ọdondonron - water leaf seed

ẹzi erran ikpe ebe ọdondonron - water leaf stem

inian erran ikpe ebe ọdondonron - water leaf root


erran ikhiavbor – okro plant

ikhiavbor - okro

ebe ikhiavbor – okro leaf

ikpe ikhiavbor – okro seed

ẹzi ikhiavbor – okro stem

inian ikhiavbor – okro root


erran igari – garri plant

igari - garri

ebe igari – garri leaf

ẹzi igari – garri stem

inian igari – garri root


erran ẹhien - peper

ẹhien – peper

ikpe ẹhien – peper seed

ẹzi ẹhien – peper stem

ebe ẹhien – peper leaf


erran alubarra – onion plant

alubarra – onion

ebe alubarra – onion leaf

ikpe alubarra – onion seed

ẹzi alubarra – onion stem

inian alubarra – onion root


erran ivin – cocoa nut plant

ebe ivin – coconut leaf

ikpe ivin – coconut seed

ivin – cocoa nut


erran animo – orange tree

ikpe animo – orange seed

animo – orange


erran tomatosi – tomatoes plant

ikpe tomatosi – tomatoes seed

tomatosi - tomatoes


erran ebe ahanmwonkhor -

ebe ahanmwonkhor -


erran ebe ohiwo – bitter leaf plant

ebe ohiwo - bitter leaf plant


erran ebe ẹba (ebiẹba) -

ebe ẹba (ebiẹba) -


erran izẹ - rice plant



Erran erhe – beans plant



Erran ogi – mellon plant



Erran ọhẹrẹ -






















TO BE CONTINUED-.............

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