Learning Edonaze Lesson One 


Irhuẹmwin Okaro

By Uwagboe Ogieva


Emwanmwan na rriema ọmwan n'okaro khian gie ọmwan n'ogieva kevbe n'ogieha

Inota vbe uvien ọkade ọkade:


1, Vbe ah tie wẹ? Rha uh khin? // Vb'ah tie wẹ ?

What's are you called? Who are you?


2, Vbe uh wẹ kerre? De eke ne uh kerre? // Vb'uh wẹ kerre? - D'eke n'uh kerre?

Where did you come from? Which place are you from?


3, Vbe ọre ẹvbo-Erra ne uh zẹ? De evbo-Erra ne uh zẹ? // Vb'ọre evbo-Erra n'uh zẹ – De ẹvbo-Erra n'uh zẹ?

What is the mother tongue you speak? Which language you speak?


4, Uh guẹrẹ ọmwan ọvbere guan rha? Rha non? // Uh guẹr ọmwan guan rha? De ọmwan non khin?

Are you talking with someone? Who is he? - Who is the person?


5, Vbe uh wẹ a ye? De eke ne uh ye? // Vb'uh wẹ a ye? D'eke n'uh ye?

Where do you stay? Which place you live?


6, Ah rre mobili wẹ? De ọmwan ne ọh rre mobili wẹ? // D'ọmwan n'ọh rre mobili wẹ?

Who is in your mobile? Which person is on your mobile?


// Note some basic pronouns in Edonaze:


Ih / (Me) rrulẹ = I run

Wẹ rrulẹ = You run

Ima rrulẹ = We run

Uwa rrulẹ = You run (Plural)

Ihien / (ẹre) rrulẹ = He / she run

Ihian rrulẹ = They run


ọ” is a single consonant and a vowel. Pronouns as in door, ball, taught, etc, while “ẹ” is pronouns as in death, bet, better.

Apostrophe “ ' ” is use when in two words one ends with either "e" or "" and the other starts with a vowel. e.g. Vbe ọh khin? = Vb'ọh khin? (What is it?)


Uh guanmwen manren egbe ọgh'eh Tisa kevbe Ovbirhuẹmwin - Conversation Between a Teacher and a Student


Tisa: Eni mwen ọre Uwagboe, vb'ah tie wẹ?

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'okaro: Ah tie mwen Uýinmwen

Tisa: Vb'ah tie uh wẹ?

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'ogieva: Ah tie mwen Ogbẹide

Tisa: Uýinmwen, De ẹvbo-Erra n'uh zẹ?

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'okaro: Ẹvbo-Erra n'ih zẹ ọre Edo

Tisa: Ogbẹide, De ẹvbo n'uh kerre ?

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'ogieva: Ẹvbo n'ih kerre ọre Naigirria // Eh Naigirria ih kerre

Tisa: Ogbẹide, vbe Uýinmwen khin nuen?

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'ogieva: Ọsemwen, Uýinmwen khin // Ọsemwen non

Tisa: Ọma, wa ghi fẹko

Ovbirhuẹmwin n'ogieva: Ma hoen, urhuese


Inota A:


1, Vb'ah tie wẹ ? ------------------------------------------

2, D'eke n'uh kerre? ------------------------------------

3, De ẹvbo-Erra n'uh zẹ? --------------------------------

4, Uh guẹrẹ ọmwan guan rha? -----------------------

5, De ọmwan non khin? ------------------------------

6, Vb'uh wẹ a ye? ---------------------------------------

7, De ẹvbo n'uh kerre ? -------------------------------


Irhuẹmwin igiemwin n'ogieva

Eni mwen ọre Uwagboe Ogieva. Idunmwun okp'erran n'oh ma giẹrẹ ọwẹ gbe, ulaba ọkpa yaen ugie vbe Oredo vbe Otedo Arriọba vbe Naigirria ẹr'ih ye. Ukpo iyeva ẹr'ih mwen. Eh Tisa ọghe Edonaze ih khin. Ih ka rrie evbare owiẹ nen ih ke gha rrie eh suku. ẹghẹ hia ih ya rrerre sẹrẹ iwina


My name is Uwagboe Ogieva. I live in No.21 “okp'erran n'oh ma giẹrẹ ọwẹ gbe” street in Oredo in Edo state of Nigeria. I am 40 years old. A teacher of Edo language. Do take breakfast before going to school. Always go early to work.


Irhuẹmwin igiemwin n'ogieha


Ah tie mwen Adesuwa, Ukpo ọgban ẹr'ih mwen. Iwina eh Nons ẹr'ih rhu. Men kevbe Adodo ọgba wina. Ima gbaro ghe avbe emwan n'ọh khuonmwin. Owisinmwiegbe n'ọh rre Idunmwun Owina vbe Ok'ikpoba ma na wina. ẹrogo erenren vb'ukhionmwen vbe owiẹ, ih ya sẹrẹ iwina kevbe ih zobọ vbe ẹrogo isen vb'ota.


I am called Adesuwa. I have 30years. My work is nursing. Myself and Adodo are working together. We treat patients. We are working in the hospital at Idunmwun Owina in ikpoba hill. Do reach work at 8:30am in the morning and close at 5:00pm in the evening.


Inota B


1. Vb'ah tie eh tisa Edonazẹ?----------------------------------------

2, Inu ukpo Uwagboẹ ye?----------------------------------------------

3, De Idunmwun n'ọh ye?-----------------------------------------------

4, Eh tisa rrie evbare owiẹ rha?----------------------------------------

5, De ẹghẹ n'eh Tisa ya sẹrẹ eh suku?------------------------------

6, Vb'ah tie ọmwan n'ọh wina lele Adesuwa?---------------------

7. De iwina ne ihian rhu?------------------------------------------------

8, D'ẹghẹ ne Adesuwa ya sẹrẹ iwina? ------------------------------

9, D'ẹghẹ ne Adesuwa ya zobọ?-------------------------------------

10. Inu ukpo Adesuwa ye?----------------------------------------------


Answers, commentaries or questions are welcome


Wa rhuẹse


Enin (NAO) kevbe Vébi n'oh rre Irhuemwin igiemwin n'ogieva kevbe n'ogieha



Adesuwa –

Nurse name

Adodo –

Co-worker with Adesuwa

Akota –


Arrioba Otedo –

Edo state government

Edonazẹ –

Edo language

Emwan –


Emwan n'ọh khuonmwin 

Patients / Sick people

Erenren –


Ẹrogo  -

Time / Clock

Evbare –


Evbare Owiẹ –  


Idunmwun –


Isen –


Iwina –

Job / Work place

khuonmwin –


Naigirria –


Nons –


Otedo  Arrioba –

Edo state

Owiẹ –


Owina vbe Ok'ikpoba –

Street names

Owisinmwiegbe –


Suku –


Tisa –


Ukhionmwen –


Uwagboe Ogieva –

Teachers name






Gbaro ghe - 

Treat / look / care

Gha rrie - 


Iwina eh Nons - 


Rhu  - 


Rrie - 


Rrie - 


Rrie - 


Sẹrẹ - 

Reach / arrive

Wina - 


Ye - 


Ye / dia - 

Live / stay

Zobọ - 


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Thanks for this lesson. I d'like to know if you could add an .wav file also as an attachements so people will get use to the edo language sound. It doesn't have to be all the lesson; maybe some of the vocabulary or questions



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