Learning Edonaze Lesson Two , 2nd March 2011
By Uwagboe Ogieva

Ikpẹmwen vbe Inota vbe Edonazẹ – Word in Interogation in Edonaze

Vbe Rha De Inu Errie

na - Ena

ni - Eni

What Who Where / which How Is it This - These That - Those

“Vbe” mostly use in reference to “things” or “condition” and “events”. E.g (1) vbe ah tie wẹ? - what are you called?  

(2) Vb'ọh siẹrẹ n'uh ma na rre nodẹ? - what made you not turned up yesterday?

Rha” use when making referense or talking about “person” or “persons” . E.g.

(1) rha uh khin? - who are you?

(2) rha gie wẹ? - who sent you?

“De” in possition, place, time, etc. E.g.

De ẹvbo n'uh dia? - which country do you stay?

“Inu” is use in quantity, size and measurement.


(1) Inu emwan non?- how many people?


(2) Inu ẹrogo ọh tu? how is the time?

“Errie”, use in confirmation, posession. not necessarilly interogative words but fuction with “rha” to make it a question.


Errie ọh ye rha?(erri'ọh ye rha?) - is it like this  

na, Ena", not necessarilly interogative words but fuction with “rha” most of the time

to make it an interogative phrase or clause. E.g ọna wẹ kha rha? - is this what you are talking about?

"Ọni and Eni" not necessarilly interogative words but fuction with “rha” most of the time

to make it an interogative phrase or clause. E.g ọni wẹ kha rha? - is that what you are talking about?

Voen avbe inota na zẹvbe ikpẹmwen ne ọh khẹke.



----- ẹvbo n'uh zẹ?   

do ma zẹ

---- eke ne uwa ye? Eh London ima ye

Rha guọghere ukpu ---? 

Men non



----- ọtuen n'okpia khin?

Eh Dokitor non
----- ihian rhu? Ihian ghara gbina

Errie owa na kpọlor ---?

ẹ, ọh wa kpọlor kakabọ  



----- ẹrogo uwa ya sẹrẹ evba?

rogo eva vbe ukhionmwen

ọna wẹ kha -----?

o, ọni non

----- ẹvbo non? 

vbo iyisen isen



Inu igho -----? Ikpen iyeva vbe isele isen
---- idumwun n'ọh khin? Idumwun owina, ulaba ekesugie.
----- sinmwion wẹ? Eduzọla sinmwin mwen



---- eh kọlor ne imoto wẹ khin? Eh kọlor n'ọh fua
---- Edugie gualọ? Edugie guale ukpon ren
ọni ihian kha ------?

o, ọna ihian kha

Zẹrẹ emwanien n'óh khẹke yẹrẹ  avbe inota na.

Inu ẹghẹ wẹ ya ghere ẹkpẹtinrughe vbe ẹdẹ? - How long do you watch television in a day?

(a) ẹghẹ hia
(b) Igbava vbe ẹdẹ
(c) Igbae erogo eha vbe ẹdẹ


Inu ẹrogo Oduwa ya lovbiẹ? - What time do Oduwa goes to bed?

(a) ifuanro ekesugie ẹi rrọ vbe ẹrogo owọrọ ọh ya lovbiẹ
(b) ẹrogo igbe vbe ukhionmwen
(c) Oduware lovbiẹ vbẹrẹ ẹrogo owọrọ


De emwan ni so ihuan na? Who are those that sang this song?

(a) Uyigue vbe Kẹnenti ọh so ihuan na
(b) Emwan ni so ihuan na ọre Uyigue vbe Kẹnenti
(c) Ihuan na, Uyigue vbe kenenti ọh so ẹre

Emwen igiemwin non rre irhuémwin n'ogieva na – Comprehension in this lesson two

Otedo Arriọba ore ọba ne edo ye, Arrioba Otedo, Olakpa, avbe Owebenoyosẹ kevbe Owisinmwiegbe n'obun vbe ye. Uki n'ogiweva vb'ukpo ivbiedo ya dugie igue. Ikhuo Edo ye ivie muegbe vbe ẹghẹ ugie. Ivbiedo vbe mwen ihuan n'ọh rienrien kakabọ. ọgbugbo n'ọkhuọkhua ihian vbe khin. Ivbiedo vbe bun n'ọh rre owa kevbe isi. Edo kpọlor


Edo state is were the ọba of Edo lives, Edo state government, the police, universities and many hospitals are there. Edo people do celebrate igue festival at the twelve month of the year. Edo women use to dress on coral beeds during ceremony. Edo people do have a very sweat music. They are also very big farmers. There are lots of Edo people at home and abroard. Edo is great



Answers, commentaries or questions are welcome

Wa rhuẹse

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