Noun in Edonaze 

By Uwagboe Ogieva
January 2011

A noun is a name of a person, animals, place or things.

Choose between Edo double consonant “vb, kh, kp, mw, rr, rh, gb, gh” and give a noun in relative (e.g. have chosen “vb”)

1. ọvbokhan = younger, teenage

2. ivbiedo = Edo people

3. ovbiye = blood brother or sister (usually a female name)

4. ẹvbo = country, nation, community (as the case may be)

5. uvbi = young girl, pretty lady (used sometimes as female name in Edo)

6. ovbiẹden = cat

7. ẹvbi = fat

8. ovbieodo = native mortar for pounding yam

9. Izevbigie = name of a male child literally translated as “have chosen from the part of wealth”

10. ẹvbomwan = name of a male child literally translated as “ ones own country”

"Borrowed nouns or names in Edo language usually start with the prefix "e" before the word. Examples...

Emoto, Esuku, Etisa, Ekpamakpu (from Portuguese Kamaku), Ematon (from Portuguese metal), Epita, Epauli, Etaba (from Portuguese Tabacco), Ekuye (from Portuguese Kuye which is spoon), etc.

Note however that native words exist hay also start with "e" but the difference is that the "e" is often a part and parcel of the word and not a prefix, thus inseparable from the rest of the word meaningfully. Examples include Edede, Edo, Eriyo, Esan, Eko, Emotan, etc.

For prefix introducing borrowed nouns, the word would still make sense if you remove the "e" e.g. Esuku. But for native words starting with "e" the word would no longer make sense if separated e.g. Edokpolor.


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