Edonaze Made Easy - African language Guide 1:

Are you tired? - "Egbe wọ wẹ?" 
Come and meet me at work.- "Do mienmwen vbe isiwina"
Don't forget to bring something for me - "Ghẹ miamia ya rrie emwin gumwen".
Give me something – "Rrie emwin me" 
Hello! - Koyọ!
He went to work - "Ọh rrie iwina". 
He is at home - "Ọh r'owa". 
How are you? - “Vbọyerẹ?”
I want to see somebody - "Ih khian mien ọmwan." 
I went to see somebody - "Ih ya mien ọmwan" 
I'm at work - "Ih rre iwina."
I'm fine, thank you – “Ọyẹse, urhuẹse”
I'm hungry - "Ohanmwen gbe mwen". 
I'm not feeling fine - "Egbe ma rhanmwen".. 
Today - Ẹrẹna, 
Tomorrow - "Akhuẹ" 
Where are you? - "Vbuaye"? 
Where is your husband? - "Arhowa vbo?" 
What are you doing? - "Vbuaru?" 
What did you do? - "Vbuarhu?" 
What is going on? "Vbọsunun?" 
Yesterday - Nodẹ,

[Read about Apostrophe, Accents and New words in Edonaze to understand usage: http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/edonaze/forum/topics/apostrophe-acce... ]

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