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Allah / God speaks all language. Whoever belief Arabic is the language of whatever is a lost soul. And, I will surmise with a Fela song that goes:
 "Colo mentality. You say you be colonial man. You don be slave long before. Dem don release you now; but you never release yourself........"
 Why Hausa,Edo, Ibo or Yoruba and other language no be paradise language?
 Yeye dey smell come dey tell me say other people thing better pass him own. Even to the point of spitting on him thing. Chei! That person need to leave our land and make him go live for dem Arab place where dem go treat am like second class citizen. Yeye people - dem disgust man.
 Man don vex proper for any yeye person wey go come talk this kind yeye talk for man ear.
 Tajudeen Raji

On Nov 6, 2012,  "Igietseme, Joseph

 It is INCONCEIVABLE that a modern man/woman would nurse the faintest notion that God The Almighty has a preferred language, race, people, location on earth or anything human. Even God Himself takes responsibility for the existence of bad or evil by conceding that He created Lucifer, the Devil!. So let assume this was the US Election Day Joke; if not, it becomes increasing not surprising that some human beings take scriptural interpretations and understanding to very extreme level huge costs! Take care. JUI


 Nafata and Mhm Warsama;
 I will be sure to follow this discourse after the US elections. It is going to be quite interesting and purely intellectual. No games, gimmicks or foolish sentimentalism.
 Bye for now my friends.


 From: mohamed warsama :

 Nafata, come on man give me a break. You think African spiritualism and animism is the path to finding the real God on high. Ours is the only true God whom you cant see but He can see you and that is how it should be. For heaven's sake, dont be conned by pot-bellied, half naked bearded Africans playing with gourds in the forests. They live with evil spirits who pretend to be God. Dont be fooled. Come to Islam for your redemption. Now can we resume this after the US Elections ?

 Mohamed Warsama

 From: Nafata Bamaguje

 “…according to our Islamic teaching, Arabic is the language to be used in the Hereafter” – Warsama
 And you believe that crap?
 Did you expect your Arab religion to promote an African language as the heavenly language of the ‘hereafter’?
 I know your Arab false god only understands Arabic which is why you Muslims must pray in Arabic, but the real African God understands all languages including non-African ones. After all we Africans begat humanity. Like I stated in a previous article, if our creator wanted us all to pray to him in Arabic, he would have made us all Arabs.
 But he made me African, and I am not giving up my rich African heritage for the barbaric inferior culture of your Arab slavemasters who to this day call you Abd i.e. SLAVE.

 A Nigerian critic has privately emailed me on my post yesterday entitled "Nigerians Worse Off Than Kenyans." I hasten to add it was not Peter Opara but another person who took issue with my suggestion that Arabic be the official working language of Northern Nigeria. He said Africa needed to do away with the languages of its erstwhile foreign colonial masters and that included Arabic, French and English. In their places, he suggested Hausa, Yoruba, Edo and Swahili. Well, according to our Islamic teaching, Arabic is the language to be used in the Hereafter annd we may as well get used to it on Planet Earth.

Mohamed Warsama

(culled yahoo group)


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