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Before African languages become extinct

By Sun News Publishing 

In the recent past, articles in newspapers and magazines at home and abroad have written on the probable extinction of Africa's indigenous languages. Although this is a major source of concern, there has been no significant rescue.

Blazing Ideas is however introducing into the market, three language learning materials namely books, CDs and Flashcards for the continual existence of these languages. The African Language Made Easy series, African Phonics Flashcard series and African Language Made Easy series Audio-series, all in three indigenous languages, are Blazing Ideas' debut line of products, created to enrich the indigenous language vocabulary of students, readers, and professionals. And they are made in the best learning materials, which meet the evolving global standards.

1. The African Language Made Easy series comprising six books in three different indigenous languages.

2. The African Phonics Flashcard series in three different indigenous languages.

3. The African Language Made Easy series, audio-series comprising three beautifully packaged audio-CDs, which are replicas of the audio-CD's that accompany the book. They are done separately to counter its piracy and also for affordability, as it would be sold at reduced cost compared to the book. All the narrative and sound (songs) features in the book edition will be in it also.

Dr. Lolade Otitoloju, the founder of Blazing Ideas explains that the creative team who work on the “edutaining” materials together are professionals from different parts of the country. She expressed optimism in the project restoring hope in the local language. “Losing a language is like losing one’s identity. I noticed that many of the children of our generation speak little or nothing of their local languages. Initially, I started this project for my daughter, but I think there are many people out there who want to teach their children how to speak their native language too.

We will release more product lines in other African languages soon. We believe in what we do, and we think that African children should be able to learn their native languages, with as much fun as they will learn the English language. What we intend is to make learning native language as much fun as possible. Basically, all our materials are interactive, and we are confident that this approach will work to great effect.”

The Executive Director of the African Languages Technology Initiative, Dr Tunde Adegbola also expresses the hope that the product line "is coming at a time when wide debate over the importance of our indigenous languages is being argued.”

While this approach to learning African languages may seem relatively new, Otitoloju expresses that she is confident that these product lines will translate into increased applications from these groups.”


Blazing Ideas Blazing Ideas Limited was established for the advancement and dissemination of African Indigenous Languages with particular emphasis on Nigerian Languages through several interactive media and materials.The company intends to design, develop, publish and distribute globally, innovative electronic language learning solutions on handheld devices, memory media cards, and via internet downloads. As an international quality African-language publishing house and a market and business research firm, Blazing Ideas has license to publish, in electronic format, reference titles, including monolingual dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and various other education and trade publications.

Blazing Ideas is founded by Dr. Lolade Otitoloju. She is a graduate of College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (M.B.B.S) with a Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases and Masters in Public Health from the University of London (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine).

Sunday, June 1, 2008


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