Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means)

Esosa (vbe óh rie ma / what it means)

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Esosa is a corrupt word from Eseosa (God's gift). 'Eseosa is use when writing in English language while in Edo language is 'ẹseosa' i.e. revealing the difference of the vowel sound 'ẹ' 'o' and 'a' as the correct pronunciations of said name. ẹseosa as a name is mostly female name but often inter use for male child. It should be noted that ẹseosa could be an abbreviation from ẹseosasẹre (together as a noun); meaning God gift is the best.
As African culture and traditions permits, names are giving to children base on various reasons ranging from, events, situation, condition, gratitude, mode of keeping history, wish and desire for their child etc. In above said name one could imagine, parents who give such name means to express gratitude to their imaginary supreme being, suppose provider of the said child for a nice and admirable son or daughter they have.
Expatiating on the literal meaning of 'Ëseosa', we could split her into
(1) ẹse, ọgho osa.
(2) ẹse ọgh'osa.
(3) ẹse osa.

Either could take 'orẹ ọh sẹre' (meaning 'is the best').E.g.
(1a) ẹse ọghe osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(2a) ẹse ọgh'osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(3a) ẹse osa ẹr'ọh sẹre.

These can also be explain in sentence like
(2b) ẹse ọghe osa ẹr'ọh sẹre
(3b) ẹse osa ẹr'ọh sẹre.

That's my takes on the meaning of Esosa

Posts: 128 (Response by Prof. Alex Igbineweka on Edo nation yahoogroup)

Dear all,

I am so glad that people are coming up more positively in the Edo language and cultural studies. However, I have often advocated that what is what doing at all is what doing well. For this reason I suggested a long time ago for the Edos (especially those in Diaspora) to form a united learning pool and a school whereby we could appoint selected key people who are gifted specially in various arts and sciences including Edo language teaching among the Edo State indigenous groups at home and abroad.

Edofolks is doing some audio casting based on his knowledge in the Edo language both spoken and written. Brother Ogie is on another branch of the language teaching and we are expecting more and more spirited sons and daughters to get into this field of knowledge.

However, while appreciatimg their laudible, shall we have someone to train the trainers much more accurately and professionally in the Edo language spoken and written because, at this rate, if care is not taken we would be having bastardized versions of the Edo languages and that is not helpful to the Edo people or a non-Edo person trying to learn how to speak and write the subject. This is not fun at all.

There is nothing wrong if we teamed up to channel efforts have an EDO COMMUNITY SCHOOLS IN LONDON, USA, CANADA, JAPAN etc, like the Lebanese or the Chinese Community Schools all over the world.

Take a look at the extract below, for instance (with due respect I apologize to brother Ogie) if my piece of advise is misconstrued. The spellings raised questions, concern which bothers on cohesion, consistency, meanings, and so on. A non-Edo learner may be mis-lead into wrong grammatical knowledge by so doing and it is very painful to spend time and money learning someone else's language only to blab at the end because of wrong instructional strategies and knowledge.

1. Esosa is an Edo name and the writer so well defined the meaning, for which I am so grateful. However, the sentence:The sentence 'Esosa (vbe óh rie ma)'in the Edo language meant: 'Eseosa, what did it show/revealed' if translated into the English language. While the translation is ok but the spelling is wrong and the sentence could have been written:Edo Language: 'Eseosa''..vbe o rhie maOr in another format:Edo language: 'Eseosa' '..vbe a yae kha'English Language: 'Eseosa''.what did it mean (or 'Eseosa', what's the meaning)We have to be very careful not to put the subject before the verb when a sentence required the verb before the subject.



Posts: 128
So much appreciates your response and that is one reason I posted that to yahoogroups.
Of course perfection is not here yet but hope to if majority of good Edo linguist, take bold step (like you) to speak, write and teach us what they know. We cannot continue to hide under excuses keeping our book, knowledge and experience under carpet, playing the 'pale' 'pale'game without works. How will they know if nobody is there to teach them' How long will it take us to realize our mistake in the past of conserve our language from our occupied territories that led to our present day dilemma and misrepresentations as minorities in Nigeria and of course thru west African at large' Believe you will be doing all good if simply pick up your pen or computer keyboard and correct however and whatever you think or observe is wrong or not right in any author interpretation of Edo language.
While we appreciate what previous authors have put down, we also recognize the challenges and competent of their work to compare comprehensive modern day language composition. Most of their works need revisit and elaboration because language from time to time need be organize and updated to stand the test of time. Our point is logical i.e. growing Edo language more than where it has been. Had wanted to publish my book first to join in the debate on the way forward to standardize reading and writing skill in Edo language (spoken or writing)
Besides, I also agree for a come together of all authors and linguistic professionals on finding a common way to put all ideals, knowledge, and experience in one basket (on a common ground) all for the betterment of having one Edo language structure now and for future generations.
Until then,
Remains your faithful student.
Posts: 128
(Response by Prof. Alex Igbineweka at Edo Nation yahoogroups)
Beloved Ogie, Ogie the king,

You are one in a million. When I saw the headlines of your response I said oh ma ghad...hope I have not caused mayhem of internet hullabaloo because, you know what I meant....people just take a simple friendly/brotherly discussion out of context on the mailing list.

Contrarily.. .I let my breath down before reading through your response. This is how brothers, sisters and friends should discuss publicly and privately - peacefully and harmoniously. I hope readers would take a cue from our simply communication like this.

Yes I have been on the course of having an Edo Language Community Schools all over the world for the last two decades; but sadly enough ' ninety-nine percent of those on the list of policy formulation and decisions making, and those who have a little to spare have no room for research, documentation and futuristic investment especially in our languages. Yet everyone makes noise about 'Edo Culture' or at the best 'Great Benin Kingdom'. Right now it's a matter of "come-on lets eat and dance, for tomorrow we shall die".
I started in 1990s when the Edo-nation@yahoogro ups was set up, by posting writing and posting out Edo language lessons on the internet and other out lets. Next I fought gallantly making sure that the West Contra Costa Unified School District in California included the Edo language syllabus in their list of courses. I am not gain-saying, please go to www.guosa-language. tv. Tina Iyare followed up seriously and professionally with in her own solo efforts and both of us tried not only to set a new standardized format but correct the mistakes people like Ogieriaxi have made and uphold the dawn of the new era.
Thereafter we commenced classes at the Richmond School District Alvarado Campus with a staggering nominal roll of 15 students (both adults and youths). At the end of each course I set up the examinations and those students who passed got the WEST CONTRA COSTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CERTIFICATES IN EDO LANGUAGE. How beautiful it was.
In middle term of the following year, Edo parents around the Bay Area began with excuses and no-call no show tardiness. I was left with barely 5 students made up of African Americans; and what happened next, the schools management decided to cancel the course syllabus. On my repeated battle they decided to put the course on hold, pending whenever I am able to come up with seriously minded minimum number of 15 registered students. I remember, in his bid to help sustain this class Mr. Festus Ogbeide helped to pay admission fee for 3 students in order for us to make up the course nominal requirement. I believe this should be a good historical background for anyone who wants to push this project to the next level.
He who fights and run away needs to fight another day. I was forced to run away but did not give up. Next I started by audio visual recordings of the Edo language and came up with it to the ENA Conventions several times. The ENA will not give the attention this project desired but went on wide elephant projects and big-English language obubuya-yah speaking competition in almost every subject on agenda. They even want me to pay money and rent a booth, rather than making these projects their priority investment.
Then Brother Ehimwenma Aimiuwu came up with his own version of Edo language CDs and I proffered him my professional advice, that his presentation needed lots of improvement. And that we all are not equally talented into various fields of life. Therefore, we could team up and make out one big company and a pool of Edo language Community Schools. We could bring in much needed various talented people into the schools management. For instance, Mr. Aimiuwu can come into the pool with his marketing strategy, while I come in with my professional spoken and written skills. Sister Tina Iyare will be happy to come up with her own brain storming of naming the human anatomy, whereas Ogie-Ogie should be there with his indispensability, not to forget the American Heritage University in San Bernadino and of course the Institute for Benin Studies and so on.
If we can call for a meeting of these individuals and agencies, no doubt we would form a common front needed in these struggles; and challenge the Edo State Government as well as other various Edo peoples conference and organizers all around the world, to give the matter all the serious attention it deserved. A tree cannot make a forest, no matter how blossom it may be.
Right now, I am teaching the Edo language on my web television programs. Recording and programming is not easy but who is there to help' I have even gone as far as having the Edo language programs on the Youth-tube.
Thank you so much for all your efforts. We need to come together and make a one common front to set the pace forward.
Otherwise no one may inherit our efforts, talents and creativity when we are all gone for good.
Guosa Language Evolutionist
*A 20th Century Evolution
Director, Edo Language Program
American Heritage University
San Bernadino

Posts: 128

(Culled from a responsed on Facebook)
Uwagboe Ogieva has done his best to make sure our dear edo language lives forever and be spoken from generation to generation, thanks to him. I hereby appeal to every edo person to join in this crusade to immortalize our language because he can't do it alone. Let's support him in every ways especially to those who have their children away from home. Let's teach our children how to speak our EDO language because a man will be lost for ever when his language is taken from him 'DEKHE AMA ZE EVBUOMWAN AWIRI'. Secondly, the edo elites should do their best by prompting the ministery of education to introduce and make compulsory the learning and speaking of edo language in the primary and secondary schools in our state. When we do this, we will be paving and building a platform where our children will stand tomorrow and unite. The understanding and speaking of one common language is pivotal to unity and this we undeniably need in our kingdom 'AKUGBE ORE ETIN, IWANIEGBE ORUDEMWEN''#/group.php'gid=14150850924&ref=mf Livingstone Osaretin Okpaka wrote
at 3:33am tomorrow

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