Ighaemwin vbe Grama Edonaze - Quantification in Edo Grammar

Ighaemwin vbe Grama Edonaze - Quantification in Edo Grammar

By Uwagboe Ogieva

5 October 2012

Ihe - into // Ghae – Share / Divide




Uwara 1 - Table 1

ọkpa ọkpa

one one / in 1s

ghae ọkpa ọkpa / ọkpọkpa

share/divide one one

eva eva

two two /in 2s

ghae eva eva / eveva

share/divide two two

eha eha

three three /in 3s

ghae eha eha / eheha

share/divide three three

enen enen

four four /in 4s

ghae enen enen / enenen

share/divide four four

isen isen

five five /in 5s

ghae isen isen

share/divide five five

ehan ehan

six six /in 6s

ghae ehan ehan / ehehan

share/divide six six

ihinron ihinron

seven seven /in 7s

ghae ihinron ihinron / ihihinron

share/divide seven seven

erenren erenren

eight eight /in 8s

ghae erenren erenren / erenrenrenren

share/divide eight eight

ihinrin ihinrin

nine nine /in 9s

ghae ihinrin ihinrin / ihihinrin

share/divide nine nine

igbe igbe

ten ten /in 10s

ghae igbe igbe / igbigbe

share/divide ten ten


Uwara 2 - Table 2



ghae urukpa

share/divide once



ghae igbava

share/divide twice



ghae igbaha

share/divide trice


four times

ghae igbaenen

share/divide four times


five times

ghae igbaisen

share/divide five times


six times

ghae igbaehan

share/divide six times


seven times

ghae igbaihinrin

share/divide seven times


eight times

ghae igbaerenren

share/divide eight times


nine times

ghae igbaihinrin

share/divide nine times


ten time

ghae igbaigbe

share/divide ten time


Uwara 3 - Table 3


how many times

ghae Inugba

share/divide how many times?


at everytime or in anytime

ghae Igbaigbọgban

share/divide at everytime or in anytime


any day

ghae kẹdẹkẹdẹ

share/divide any day


anyway or which ever way

ghae kokẹkodẹ

share/divide anyway or which ever way



ghae ẹghẹhia

share/divide always


anytime or which ever time

ghae kẹghẹkẹghẹ

share/divide anytime or which ever time

De ẹghẹ

which time / what time

ghae de ẹghẹ

share/divide which time / what time

tẹbitẹ tẹghori


ghae tẹbitẹ tẹghori

share/divide forever


untimely or unpredicted

ghae udohori

share/divide untimely or unpredicted



ghae ẹghẹ

share/divide time


Uwara 4 - Table 4

ihe ọkpa

into 1

Ghae ihe ọkpa

share/divide into 1

ihe eva

into 2

Ghae ihe eva

share/divide into 2

ihe eha

into 3

Ghae ihe eha

share/divide into 3

ihe enen

into 4

Ghae ihe enen

share/divide into 4

ihe isen

into 5

Ghae ihe isen

share/divide into 5

ihe ehan

into 6

Ghae ihe ehan

share/divide into 6

ihe ihinron

into 7

Ghae ihe ihinron

share/divide into 7

ihe erenren

into 8

Ghae ihe erenren

share/divide into 8

ihe ihinrin

into 9

Ghae ihe ihinrin

share/divide into 9

ihe igbe

into 10

Ghae ihe igbe

share/divide into 10


N'ọdek – Others

Uwara 5 - Table 5






day break / early morning

Ihian gbe ne dgbe

They dance till early morning/day break


the other day

Vbua khar drriọ ?

What did you say they other day?


Pasted generation

Narrianusin h ghi rrie agbon?

it/he/she came to life last generation

gh n'gberra

time in the past / long time ago

gh n'gberra, okhuo ka ghare ba Edo vbe ot-Edo,

A woman was once a king in Edoland long time ago.

gh n'aye

this time

gh n'aye na we na ye duena?

You still doing this, this time?

avbe gh n'gberra

Many time pass

Arhanmwen oha ka gu emwanagbon ýin

Many time ago, wild animals lived with human

d vbere

another day

Urhuse, d vbere uh rrie me.

Thank you, you give it to me another day.

ghe vbere

another time

Uh stin sor ghe vbere

You can sing it another day

uzla nde

next week

uzla nde ima tamaen

We tell him next week

uki nde

next month

uki nde h we ihien de rha?

Did she say, she is coming next week?

ukpo nde

next year

Oduwa gha ze esuku ob ukpo nde

Oduwa will leave school next year

uzla n'gberra

last week

uzla n'gberra ihian ghi rre

They came last week

uki n'gberra

last month

uki n'gberra Oba rhu igu

Oba celebrated “igu” last month

ukpo n'gberra

last year

ukpo n'gberra arrioba fie urhi werrie

The government changed the laws last year

Rrie eva vbe uwara(table)ke uwara vb'odukun ya rhue ifiẹmwen.: Take two from each table to make a sentence.

Yama avbe imwanienmwen wẹ ye ototọ mwan - Post your answers bellow


Urhuese !


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