By Uwagboe Ogieva

23 September 2013

Audio lesson of Consonants in Edo

A consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with complete or partial closure of the vocal tract. Consonants are called “Ikpo” in Edo Grammar. There are 17 single consonant and 8 double consonants. Single consonants are simply all letters thats remains excluding the 7 “Ola” - vowels in Edo “Abidi”. i.e . [ b, d, f, g, h, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v, w, y, z ]. Both oral and nassal consonants are also present in Edo grammar as in English and Spanish language.

The oral consonants (consonant urru) are single consonants while double consonants are nassal consonants (consonant ihue). Single consonants are represented in Edo as “Ikpo okpokpa” while double consonants “ikpo n'eveva”.

Example of double consonants are [ gb, gh, kp, kh, mw, rr, rh, vb ]


Ikpo vb'okpokpa

Ifiẹmwen - (Sentences)

Ikpo n'eveva




B - bi

Ade bi ye ebedi – Ade vomited in bed

GB - gbi



D - di

Ghe de vbe evbani – don't buy there

GH - ghi



F - fi


KP - kpi



G - gi


KH - khi



H - hi


MW - mwi



K - ke


RR - rri



L - le


RH - rhi



M - mi


VB - vbi



N - ni





P - pi





R - ri





S - si





T - ti





V - vi





W - wi





Y - yi





Z - zi




Video lesson

Ikpo vbe Ẹdonaze – Consonants in Edo

( Consonantes en Edo )

Narrated By

Uwagboe Ogieva

@ 2013



Translated in

English & Español


Wa koyọ!


- Hi everyone!

- Hola todos!

na irhuẹmwin ikpo nọrẹ Egrama Ẹdo

Ikpo vbe Egrama Ẹdo ẹrẹ ingilisi tiẹre “consonant”


- This is a lesson on Ẹdo consonants.

Ikpo” in Ẹdo grammar is what the English calls consonants

- Esta es una lección sobre las consonantes en la gramática de Ẹdo.

"Ikpo" en la gramática de Ẹdo se llama “consonants” en Ingles

y consonantes en Español

Ikpo vbe Ẹdo ọrẹ ikpẹmwen ne agha ta

ọgha mwen emwin nọgbẹre odẹ vbe unu kevbe urru


- “Ikpo” in Edo are letters or alphabets that is

articulated with complete or partial closure

of the vocal tract during pronounciation

- “ikpo” en Edo son letras o alfabetos que es

articulado con el cierre total o parcial

del tracto vocal durante la pronunciación

ikpo vbe edonazẹ ke gha rrọ vb'iheva.

Ọni ọrẹ ikpo ọkpọkpa kevbe ikpo n'eveva


- Edo consonants are classified in two ways

i.e. The single consonants and double consonants

- Las consonantes de Edo se clasifican en dos maneras

es decir, las consonantes individuales y consonantes dobles

Ikpo ọkpọkpa ingilisi tiẹre “single consonants” -

ihian na gha tiẹrẹ ikpo n'eveva


- The English calls “Ikpo ọkpọkpa ” - single consonants while “ikpo n'eveva” “double consonants” - (nassal consonants)

- “Ikpo ọkpọkpa ” en Español son consonantes individuales , tambien consonantes orales. “ikpo n'eveva” son consonantes dobles.

Vbe nokaro - ( Firstly ) | En primer lugar

Ikpo ọkpọkpa ọrẹ ikpẹmwen n'ọghi dekẹ

vb'agha viẹ Ola ne ọrẹ Egrama Ẹdo rhin.


- Edo consonants are the remains in

Abidi” excluding the (7) vowel sounds)

- Las consonantes Edo son los restos en

los alfabeticos excluyendo los sonidos vocálicos

Ikpo ọkpọkpa eha ẹirrọ vb'ugie ọrẹ Egrama Ẹdo


- There are 17 single consonants in Edo grammar.

- Hay 17 consonantes individuales en gramática Edo.

Ihian ọrẹ : ( They are ) | Son:

b d f g h k

l m n p r s

t v w y z


Vbe nogieva (Secondly) | En segundo lugar

Ikpo n'eveva erenren ( 8 ) ọrẹ Egrama Ẹdo

Ikpo n'eveva ọrẹ ikpẹmwen n'ọmwen eveva n'agha ta ọgha mwen ẹtin

- There are 8 double consonants in Ẹdo Grammar.

Double consonants are sounds more heavy during pronouncition. Sames are nassal consonants

- Hay 8 consonantes dobles en gramática de Edo . Consonantes dobles son más pesados durante centramos los sonidos.


Ena re : - ( These are ) | Son:

gh, gb, kh, kp,

rr, rh, mw, vb


Vbe igiemwin ( For Example ) | Por ejemplo

gh – vbe nọrẹ - igho (money) | dinero

gb – vbe nọrẹ - agbon (world, earth, life) | mundo, la tierra, vida

kh – vbe nọrẹ - ọkhọkhọ (chicken) | pollo

kp – vbe nọrẹ - okpia (man) | hombre

rr – vbe nọrẹ - rrie me (give me) | dame

rh – vbe nọrẹ - urhuẹse (thanks) | gracias

mw – vbe nọrẹ - ọmwenmwen (lunatic) | lunático

vb – vbe nọrẹ - ovbiẹdo (Edo son, Edo person) | hijo de Edo, Persona de Edo

Wa ọb'idanmwehor

- Thanks for listening

- Gracias por escucharme


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