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Innovative Nigerian Language Software Empowers Nigerian Parents Abroad


Innovative Nigerian Language Software Empowers Nigerian Parents Abroad To Salvage Their Culturally Lost Nigerian Children Abroad

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Contact: Gaptel Innovative Solutions Incorporation
Phone: 1-306-374-6069

Press Release -  Software Rescues Culturally Lost Nigerian Kids Abroad

Canada, September 17, 2012: Are you culturally losing your English speaking Nigerian children abroad to a diverse culture? This challenge is indeed a deep emotional issue for many parents and their children in Diaspora, posing a threat to the Nigerian parents, without a possible long lasting solution in sight. To render a robust solution, a Nigerian couple living in Canada, with a background in marketing and computer has recently developed an highly innovative  and interactive Nigerian language software that can creatively and interestingly teach these children about their native Nigerian language, traditions, culture, and ethics. The software is expected to be launched for the general public before the end of September 2012.

This Nigerian language software is certainly a revolution; an empowering tool for Nigerian parents in Diaspora, who are struggling on how to transfer their Nigerian culture, language, and ethnicity to their next generation. The language software is an innovative, interactive and hands-on tool that teaches the Nigerian children about their Nigerian mother tongue, culture and traditions while living in Diaspora. Nigerian parents abroad can now breathe relief knowing that their kids will no longer be culturally lost in their country of migration. The launch of this new and innovative Nigerian language software is indeed the breaking Nigerian news for Nigerian parents who can now have the peace of mind, knowing that their kids will remain connected and well integrated into their heritage culture and language while smoothly settling in diaspora.

Soji Oyenuga has this to say about the importance of their program,
“Preserving Your Heritage Language is the key to preserving your next generation, giving your child a true sense of identity and a high level of self esteem.”

It is with the initiative of two Nigerian parents settled abroad, Soji Oyenuga and Titi Oyenuga that highly efficient Nigerian language software is developed that is specifically targeted to the Nigerian parents whose kids neither understand nor speak their mother tongue. It is intended to create awareness for all the Nigerian parents settled abroad of the potential impact of allowing their children to get culturally lost in Diaspora. Therefore, the importance of heritage language as the core driving force behind culture is emphasized in the best possible manner, reiterating the significance of transferring heritage language to the next generation.

Dr Paul Olawuwo Oladipo, an MD living in Canada says this about the new software program,
“This is excellent interactive software. It is written with simplicity and is easy to use even by those who are not computer- savvy. I personally like the way it is laid out and the quality of the graphics. This is a must-have software not only for all diaspora parents who are concerned about having their children speak and understand their native language, but also for parents back home. Our traditional societies are fast becoming westernized and we stand the risk of losing our kids to foreign cultures, this software is a valuable investment to guard against this.”

The software is one-of-a-kind, unique, and easy, ensuring utmost fun and game-like experience to the learning Nigerian children. The software is not only culturally-rich and highly interactive, but is exceptionally kids’ friendly, enhancing child experience in the most worthwhile manner. At the Beginner level, i.e. at Level 1, the languages available are Igbo, Yoruba, Urhobo, Hausa, and Tangale. At Level 1 and Level 2, Yoruba is the only available language. Also, there is a great opportunity for Nigerian parents as well. They can sponsor development of their language with this software (, making a name for themselves or their organization. It is a good opportunity to make money while positively impacting their ethnic group and community.

To learn more about preserving and teaching Nigerian culture, mannerism, ethics and language to Nigerian children living abroad, and also to see demonstrations of the software & media tools, please click on the link below:

About the Company:

Soji and Titi Oyenuga are the organizers of a very successful multicultural focus group discussion at the Souris Hall of University of Saskatchewan, Canada on “How to Have Your North American Born or Migrated Kids Speak Your Heritage Language”.

Soji Oyenuga holds a degree in Computer Engineering, and a Master’s degree in computer science. Titi Oyenuga has a post secondary education in Marketing/Business Administration and Child Care Management. The couple serves as directors in Gaptel innovative Solutions Inc, a company that has dedicated itself into the creation of  and Innovative multimedia that produces and Market software, Smart Phone Apps, videos, audio books and e-books in various industries.

Mr. Soji Oyenuga was on the Board of Directors of Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (SIA) and the General Secretary of Yoruba Language School, Saskatoon Canada. In addition, they are co-authors of an audio book titled “101 Tips To Have Your English Speaking Child Understanding and Speaking Your Heritage Language In Only a Few Short Days ” and audio book titled “101 Amazing Tips For Immigrant Parents – How To Transfer Your Heritage Language and Culture To Children” which was released August, 2009.

For Media Enquiries:                                                                
Contact: Gaptel Innovative Solutions Incorporation
Phone: 1-306-374-6069


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