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Lagos to introduce Chinese language in public schools

September 10, 2012
Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye, said on Monday that the state government would introduce Mandarin, or Chinese language, in public schools’ curriculum as from next session.

Oladunjoye said this in a statement signed by the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr Lanre Bajulaiye, and made newsmen

The commissioner said this after a meeting with the delegation from the Chinese Confucius Institute, University of Lagos.

She said that learning the language in the state’s public schools would be an opportunity for the pupils and students to speak the language and be able to adapt to the Chinese culture.

Prof. Caleb Orimoogunje, Director of the Institute, said the institution was ready to assist the state with necessary logistics to make the teaching and learning of the language easier.

Orimoogunje added that Prof. Lirong Jiang, a co-director of the institute, would help in the take-off of the programme.

Jiang said the institute, as a representative of the Chinese culture in Nigeria, was set up to satisfy people’s need about the country’s culture.

She noted that the language became necessary because China had become the new destination for economic growth and technological development.

“The Institute is prepared to provide Chinese instructors to teach the language and culture in the state’s public schools as soon as the Memorandum of Understanding is signed between the state and the institute.

“The knowledge of Chinese language will help students to further their studies in China and carry out research in various fields of human endeavour as China has become a success story in the world economy,“ she said. NAN






Copy, paste and watch this video clip:
The only race on earth who never learn any useful lessons from the past and present are Africans, Nigerians in particular. Worst still, the only people who never develop its own talents and creativity are Nigerians and Africans. Years ago it was WAZOBIA by all means (HAUSA-IGBO-YORUBA) and that was the root of the  epidemic known and called "Federal Character Syndrome" in other words: Minority versus the Majority mayhem.
Meanwhile I have single handedly spearheaded the unification of all Nigerian and ECOWAS languages into one simple language called the "Guosa". If you don't like the name that's fine, you are free to suggest what name it should be called. However; can we as a human race with focus and determination make the best use of the Guosa language to foster unity, identity and political stability for now and in the future? I am not surprise, Nigerians are very serious in not being serious but for their own greedy and fruitless reasons, hence someone now jumping from the defunct purposeles WAZOBIA into another frying pan "Chinese Language and culture" what a shame - I lament for Africans!  I won't be surprise, the masses yearnings and feelings are never taken into any consideration. Before you knew it - legislators are going to put their stamp on Chinese Language for Nigerians, because "The Prophessors have said".  What language is Guosa? Please copy, paste and watch this video clip:

Alex G. Igbineweka, B.A
Director of Edo & Guosa Languages
American Heritage University
255 North D Street
San Bernardino, CA 92401
Direct Phone Number: 510 225-9172 Ext. 1
Toll Free: 888.484.8689
Fax: 909.885.3000



  Please Fork, we as Nigerians do not need Chinese language, all we need from the |Chinese is their Technology. Why is is that we are not interested in our things?

Edamwen Agho




The need for of a common indigenous lingua franca in the West African Regional Countries or the ECOWAS is well over due. Lack of this essential vehicle of unity and identity did not only destabilize and destroy the socio-political and industrial strategies of the West African countries; it raised data or questions which borders on the basis for cohesion, comprehension, industrial and technological revolution and the unity in such diversity because language plays a unifying role in the beginning, development, beliefs, and customs of any group of people.

Experts have pointed out that most people think and act better in the language of their motherlands and identifiable language to their roots; and that when they speak other languages of no identical connection to their cultures they engaged in transliteration and endless hurdles before the main issues to be discusses.

Language is a means by which words or expressions find meaning and is put into use. Basically, it is used as a means of giving out information, thoughts, skills, ideas, reasoning and ensure receipt of it from varied sources without. Above all, language is knowledge, and knowledge is POWER for the people, from the people and by the people.

The Guosa Language:

There are about 400 different ethnic languages, dialects and fractional tongues in Nigeria and about twice this number in other West African countries. The Guosa Language alone had in its evolution at least 120 of these diverse tongues beginning with a pair in evolution. The language is made up of carefully detailed units of the different ethnic languages and cultures, so that in the future years, the West African Regional Countries should be able to take their positive stand in the communities of lingua franca nations of the world, such as the East Africa, the North Africa, Europe, America, Asia and so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Alex G. Igbineweka, B.A
Director of Edo & Guosa Languages
American Heritage University
255 North D Street
San Bernardino, CA 92401
Direct Phone Number: 510 225-9172 Ext. 1
Toll Free: 888.484.8689
Fax: 909.885.3000

From: okunsebor <>

Dr Val
Your thinking on this matter is narrow .The restriction on visa which
you think is funny has economic implications.Can you work that
out Dr. My view on this matter is based on economics and Africans
have no economic power neither can we manufacture anything and
Fashola government is not stupid. Go to Lagos and see what the
Chinese are doing on the railways Give it another ten years this
policy you are rubbishing will yield benefit to a lot of people.
Okunsebor writes from London.

-----Original Message-----
From: Valentine Ojo &

'The British and EU have relax visa restriction on the Chinese and you
are talking about colonialism.' -


Many Nigerians are funny - I seriously wonder whether many of can even
think straight!

Is 'The British and EU have relax visa restriction on the Chinese' the
same as Fashola 'Introduces Chinese Language in Schools'...?

Where is the connection...?

You are not funny, Okunsebor!

The Americans have 'relax visa restriction' ony people they need,. but
they not because of that introduce their languages in their schools!

Don't be silly and naive!

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 5:13 PM, &lt;; wrote:

The British and EU have relax visa restriction on the
Chinese and you are talking
about colonialism.

Chinese language can be taught in chosen primary, secondary schools and universities. Those who are linguistically talented may take training in the language to its logical conclusion with diploma degrees at whatever level they wish. These graduates who have trained in both English and Chinese can be relied upon as our own interpreters and translators at not only the diplomatic levels but also at bilateral relations in trade/commerce between Nigeria and China.
Chinese doing our interpretation/translation for us today cannot work for us proper. Instead, our own should tell us the meanings/implications of our negotiations with others. What I do not wish to see is the Chinese language made compulsory like English across all schools. By the way! why can't we adopt one Nigerian language as Ghana did with Ashanti and Congo did with Ningala. Before then we mustn't loose sight of our various indigenous languages knowing that it is the only roots to our past in which our ancestral civilisation and wisdom were encased. A people who do not know their past have no business prying into the future. There cannot be a tomorrow for those who have no yesterday.
The more languages a child is exposed to,  the more active the function of his brain. The brain is more challenged when shuttling between different templates of languages. Chinese, being a part of this for some children in schools allocated for it,  would not recolonise us. All we need to do now is to emulate the Chinese and Indians in their industrialisation drives. If this is what Fashola is about, not bad at all. But if it is to be an appendage commercial outlay for China, too bad.
Emokpae odigie

From: "" <>
Dr Timber(VAL)
My view is based on economics and the changes we are seeing in the EAST.
The Chinese are building railways in Lagos and Abuja.They have also
modern railways in most of French Africa and their trade with the
continent is growing
every year and overtaking Europe and arguably the US.
The other point is what can Africa do for itself? Can we feed
ourselves?Can we convert
our raw materials to finish goods,Can we organize our economy and what
about corruption
have we been able to address it?. Before we can free ourselves
completely from another
colonialism we need to overcome these issues.I am for STEVE BIKO
philosophy i.e.
mental freedom for Black people,how and when that will be achieved is
anybody's guess.
Okunsebor writes from London.


-----Original Message-----
From: Valentine Ojo &lt;


First you made your children learn English - because England was your
colonial overlord!

Now you want your children to start learning Chinese because you hope
the Chinese will become your future colonial overlords.

When are your children ever going to start learning your own language
and stop being SLAVES to other races...?

Your mentality is clearly that of a SLAVE to other human races!

Even Americans - 'The Chinese hold most of American assets and if they
choose to sell or.
liquidate it today America will be declare bankrupt hence there was
Chinese bashing by both parties during the American election' - are not

because of that now making their own children learn Chinese!

But their Nigerian SLAVES who own NOTHING want their children to start
learning Chinese!

Does that make any sense to you...?

Only to SLAVES of course!

On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 5:13 PM, &lt;; wrote:
In my opinion the proposed teaching of Chinese language in Lagos schools
should be encouraged and not be viewed as inferiority issue. I look at
from the economic perspectives and not egotism of the African man. All
economic indicators show the following:
-The Chinese hold most of American assets and if they choose to sell or.
liquidate it today America will be declare bankrupt hence there was
Chinese bashing by both parties during the American election.
- Some countries are now holding their foreign reserve in the
currency thus reducing their dollar holdings.
- The volume of trading in the YUAN on the currency market has increased
significantly in recent years (See Hong kong and Singapore

- China presently has the highest foreign reserve than any other country

the world and they are investing some of them in infrastructure in
- Most manufactured goods now come from China thus increasing shipping
activities in Asia and boosting trade in Africa( See balance of

Nigeria and China)
- In all major economic activities the Chinese are gradually overtaking

the West
from transport to digital press and electronics.
- Europe in their desperation to save the Euro went to the Chinese cap
in hand
for rescue but was turn down hence Europe resort to capping public
that is causing riots in their streets today..
Apart from these points Africa has not been able to sort itself out and

so long as
we are passengers not the drivers in all spheres of human activities we

have no
option but to look unto others for our development and advancement .
Fashola is
therefore looking into the future which every international agencies has

would be dominated by the Chinese
Okunsebor writes from London and opinion express are personal..


On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 3:14 PM, &
"this is not about fighting ourselves. i have posed serious questions.
I'm a pragmatist.  except the world is destroyed such that civilization

disappears, our languages are strategically going nowhere. you guys are

only being sentimental"

"no one least of all Nigerians who have 25/30 years of their lives in
the US/UK are Yoruba/Igbo purists"

Precisely what some angles and saxons must have been thinking when they

were being ruled from rome, especially the ones who lived in rome,
either as slaves or as "pacification" tools (who never knew what was
happening to them).

But the ones who were not intellectually lazy or hopeless (perhaps the
ones who did not let the "lure" of "civilized" latin fool them) are the

ones whose posterity now live in the history they made, that we now live

in and fret over. Had there been none to ensure that the laziness of
those who thought then, that they were "educated" did not keep them in
their "crystal ball" and their argument about linguistic "purists," we
would all be making these arguments in a language, and it will not be

The chinese and indians could have "capitulated" under these
intellectually lazy arguments that spell hopelesness for the ability to

make history. Before the romans came into prominence, there were the
greeks and their language was considered to be the language of
"civilization." Before them, it was the Kemmetiu (ancient Egyptians)
with their technologically superior pyramids and techens, and so on.
Today, the chinese, japanese and indians sometimes speak english more
precisely and with british or american accent (make a service call for
almost anything today and it is either a chinese, indian or philipino
that will very likely take your call; and you wouldn't even know it with

most of them) than the best "educated" of the british or american. But
in how many primary schools or high schools of theirs do they teach
Yoruba, Izon, Igbo, Ibibio or even Ogoni because of the Nigerian Brent
crude oil?

The problem Nigeria and Afrika has? So-called "religion" and "education"

that reflect the self-image and propaganda of others and not our own

That we, the so-called "educated" cannot see this, is a sign of the end

of days for us. However, those who are not intellectually lazy, hopeless

or those who know that what they will ever see in any crystal ball must

be a reflection of their self or non-self, must know what to do and do
it. Let the lazy ones who have the delusion/illusion of vision continue

in their stupor.

Those who have ears ...


--- On Wed, 11/21/12, Nafata Bamaguje

Chinese can be offered at University level, just likeother foreign
languages – French, Spanish, Japanese etc - for those who are
But at primary and secondary levels of education, theemphasis should be

on indigenous languages.


From: atanda Gbadamosi
Dear All,
What s all this fret and abuse about another foreign language?
True, language defines a people, their culture, mores tradition and
essence. But none of the contributors on this forum and all Nigerians
who have been to the university can claim they remain 100 per cent Igbo,

Yoruba,Efik, Bini,Igala, Kanuri or Hausa.
At best, we are a medley of these linguistic currents. And in a
globalising world-- and thanks to Lydia Kwatcha-- a staff of the  FIRS
for corecting me that the world is globalising and has not
globalised--no one least of all Nigerians who have 25/30 years of their

lives in the US/UK are Yoruba/Igbo purists.
Wether they admit it or not, ingrained in their spirit, conduct, their
essence, their values are Western values, philosophy, thought, knowledge

and history. It is not for nothing that Mazuri speaks about the
tripartite heritage of the African: Anglo-Saxon, Arabic and African.
Each of us know that we battle with this split personae all our lives.
There is nothing wrong in essaying to revert to the roots. It is
commendable. And I reckon that science, invention and confidence in a
people's abilities  flows from within.
But we should not misreckon Fashola's admonition. At the root of his
suggestion is economics, financial health of our country, science and
knowledge locked in the Chinese language and which access to such
language by our growing young men and women could unravel.
We cannot afford to ignore such  knowledge with which Chinese could
feed, cloth and house its 1.3 billion people, export, go to the
remotest/depest part of the ocean, explore space and frequent the moon
as if they are dashing  to Oshodi from Iyana-Ipaja.

We have spoken, written and published English for over 100 years. We
cannot unlearn all we have learn in English. We have department of
English in virtually all our universities. But what is the crime in
learning/adding just another international language?
By 1999, on most public pay phones in the US, Spanish was recorded as
voicemail  as alternative to English. It is a recognition of the rise
and rise and rise  of Latino immigrants from Latin America in the
Chinese economy.
Even the Almighty Uncle Sam cannot wish away the rising influence of
Latino workers, voters and language in the Chinese economy.
If we like, we can add Indian, Arabic, Spanish and Russian to the
lingistic boquet/diet that our young men must grapple with. Its all for

their good, in the long run.
And by the way, Sherrif Mohammed is a journalist turned barrister in
Abuja. I understand his wife speaks eight languages. Linguists also
inform us that any child could speak between 10 and 12 languages before

he/she clocks 12 and speak like a native speaker. Late Bola Ige spoke
Hausa like a native speaker. And Bisi Olatilo is fluent in Hausa, Igbo,

his native Yoruba and English. It is no accident that he is a most
sought after compere at events.
As we bash Fashola on this call that we could broaden our linguistic
horizon, let us all bear in mind, our children and the future in which
they are going to live.
Wahab Gbadamosi

On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 4:01 AM, Valentine Ojo

Tope Fasua:

I have only two simple questions for you, and your answer would interest


1. 'I am gaaaaazing at my crystal ball, looking 200 years ahead, and
eeeehmmm, i can't see most of your local languages in the future.'

Which language then would today's Nigerians/Yoruba be speaking,
according to your 'crystal ball' - Mandarin or Chinese maybe...?

2. 'that is why from Ondo town to Akure, maybe 15 kilometers apart, we
see ourselves as 'different', when we should be ONE!'

And whoever told you that Ondo and Akure are not one - depending of
course on your definition of one...?

Of course, only a fool would not understand that Akure and Ondo are TWO

DIFFERENT TOWNS, under two different Oba, the Deji and the Osemawe, just

like Benin is different from Akure or Ondo or Kano!

Whats is difficult to understand about that...?

Of course, are you and your wife exactly the same person because you now


You act and behave exactly alike...?

'You may wish to know that in 1980, Premier Deng Xiaoping sent 50,000 of

China's best students to the USA to study languages, science,
philosophy. engineering.  Most of them have returned and are the ones
driving China today.'

That's news!

So the '50,000 of China's best students sent to the USA to study
languages, science, philosophy. engineering... and who returned, are the

ones driving China today'...?

How about the Japanese...?

Were the Russians and Germans also sent to the US 'to study languages,
science, philosophy. engineering'...?

Tope Fasua, if you are indeed this NAIVE and UNIFORMED about the world,

I frankly see no sense continuing this discussion.

It merely shows again, how ignorant supposedly educated Nigerians are if

you believe tha 50,000 Chinese sent to the US in 1980 are the ones
running Chine today, the Chinese never heard about education before they

met the Americans, and of course, English is now Chinese official
language today!

If supposedly educated Nigerians are truly as daft and ignorant as you
are, and if they are so full of so much inferiority complex, then I
understand why a Gov. Fashola is introducing Chinese in Lagos schools
and would believe this is how to introduce technology.

O mase o!

You are truly 'Inferiority complex at work'!

I sincerely feel sorry for the Black Race!

I have nothing further to add to this silly and childish discussion.

Take care!

Dr. Valentine Ojo
Tall Timbers, MD

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 9:02 PM, tope fasua &lt;

I am gaaaaazing at my crystal ball, looking 200 years ahead, and
eeeehmmm, i can't see most of your local languages in the future. Ok , a

bit of yoruba here, some igbo there, some hausa here, but most of the
others have been abandoned! no one speaks them anymore! the percentage
of yoruba./igbo/hausa speakers has dwindled to some 'aborigine' 5%...
hahahaha. thats what my crystal ball tells me...

this is not about fighting ourselves. i have posed serious questions.
I'm a pragmatist.  except the world is destroyed such that civilization

disappears, our languages are strategically going nowhere. you guys are

only being sentimental. yes, we can keep the languages for 'aesthetic
purposes', but aside from that, nothing else... for now, as i noted
earlier, the languages divide us more than unite us, which is a
liability. that is why from Ondo town to Akure, maybe 15 kilometers
apart, we see ourselves as 'different', when we should be ONE! Ok, Dr
Ojo, please accept me as one with you.  Why should we be different?  
Definitely our children shouldn't see themselves as being different,
else they will never work together.  IT IS THAT FACT OF NOT WORKING


THEM.  I am trying to do things differently.

I see myself as one, first of all with my African brothers, then with
every human being. Same blood flows in our veins.  I can never feel
inferior, but i am pragmatist to know how to navigate given current
realities.  We were colonized and cannot 'uncolonise' ourselves
'overnight' by shouting our colonizers down.  we can only 'uncolonise'
ourselves, like China did, by being futuristic and strategic.  You may
wish to know that in 1980, Premier Deng Xiaoping sent 50,000 of China's

best students to the USA to study languages, science, philosophy.
engineering.  Most of them have returned and are the ones driving China

today.  The Chinese could have refused to learn English - after all
Britain waged two wars against them all in bids to continue selling
Opium to Chinese people in the 19th Century!  I believe we should be
less cocky.  Anyway, whatever we think, feel or do, reality is afoot.  
Why are we communicating in English here?  Will we understand each other

if we spoke each our indigenous languages.  The world is an open sesame,

offering itself to those who are ready to make a difference.  Anyone can

choose to ignore what the world offers and burrow into their little
cocoons.  That is why most of Africa is like Hell on earth. MYOPIA!
develop slanting eyes and be Chinese by force!

From: Tunji Timi Tola &lt;;
To: Valentine Ojo &lt;;; Nigerian ID
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 10:44 PM
Subject: NigerianID | Inferiority complex at work - | Introduce
Language in Schools – Fashola

  Dr Ojo,
You could not have put it better, as usual. Thank you Sir!
I hope we can get sound mind/practical people into governance as against

emotional people who continue to suffer inferiority complex without them

knowing it.

There was a time when Fashola was a 'technocrat' now he is behaving like

a politician. He may be living the adage which says, 'if the white man
is about to leave, he shits on the chair'.

These disoriented politicians in the SW do not deem it fit even to
conduct their House of Assemblies' businesses in Yoruba regardless of
mumbojumboing it with english.  They speak english like parrot, with the

passion such that one can mistaken them to be inventors of the language.

The House of Assemblies in the North, conduct their businesses in
language, and the official language in most of their ministries is

It is only in Nigeria that we have Alhaji/Alhaja and JP. There are
muslims in Ghana and some of  other West African nations who have been
to Mecca, but with no alhaji/alhaja titles. Just as we have a lot of
pilgrims to Israel in other countries with no JP titles. What else do we

have from an idle governor... a moot of the idea for a muslim holiday.

Nigerians are somehow cccccccrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyy!


From: Valentine Ojo &lt;;


Fubara David-West is sick!

And any Africans who think that Africans will develop overnight by
simply changing their language (Tope Fasua for example), when more than

100 years of being exposed to English has not brought any improvement in

Nigeria simply does not understand how human languages operate and
impact human development.

Is it by accident that all nations that have developed - even small
European nations like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Non-European

nations like Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. - have
developed ONLY on the basis of retaining their own native languages, and

not by adopting other people's languages...?

No people can ever develop on the basis of adopting another people's
language, religion and/or cultural values!

Each people have their own God-given endowments, even when you do not
necessarily believe in religion!

People are created different! And Yoruba are different from Chinese,
English, Edo, or Igbo!

Stop fooling yourself!

The British may have influenced the people of Singapore, but they did
not succeed in changing them! Singaporeans are still Asian, not British

or Europeans!

And this is the MAIN REASON why Africans, and especially Nigerians, have

remained and will forever remain BACKWARD and UNDERDEVELOPED!

You can never develop on the basis of forever copying somebody else,
without any single input from your native talents or gifts!

Copy-copy will only carry you thus far!

Even the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. can only copy Western
technologies thus far! They have to input their own native ingenuity
somewhere along the line, starting with their own native languages and

It is that simple!

Dr. Valentine Ojo
Tall Timbers, MD

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Tunji Timi Tola

  Did it occur to you that this silly policy is
about how it affects Yoruba land/affairs, and not Nigeria as a whole.
And from the last time I checked, Fubara is not a Yoruba name or Yoruba

person. Am just keeping it real.
Do we just expect any other less focused governor to introduce Japanese,

if tomorrow, Japan increases her trades, and determines to setup
industries that will transfer technology to our people, give billions of

aids etc?

The reason why some states in the USA are considering introduction of
Chinese language in their schools is because of the increase in the
population of Chinese immigrants, and not because of trade.

In Canada, we still speak and write the Queen English despite the fact
that the USA is 90% of our products' export market.

Is something wrong with the black people? Just curious.

Subject: Re: NigerianID | Silly Government: Introduce Chinese Language
in Schools â“ Fashola

  Silly writer, we might say.  There is nothing
silly about learning Chinese.  These students might actually be the
of a movement, to ensure that when we discuss what Nigeria might export

to places like China, we do not instinctively
consider staple foods.  

China approaches Africa today as other great powers have through the
generations: as a source of raw materials.  It is
possible that a growing population of young, technology-savvy young
people, who are also fluent in Mandarin will change
the relationship and the expectations dramatically, and not just with
China.  Knowledge production might then become the biggest
aspect of Africa's export to China.  Africa might even begin to learn
how less educated, less-technology savvy Africans might complete with
the Chinese masses, in supplying the world with the cheap labor it
needs, to continue to supply all of the material
comforts of post-industrial society.  The African countryside might then

join China's in the march to sustainable wealth creation.

I thank you.

Fubara David-West.   


From: atanda Gbadamosi  
Dear All,
Fashola's vote for Chinese is the way to go.
Apart from China now some 1.3 billion people-- twice the population of
all of Africa combined is the fastest growing economy, in the world,
every sensible nation is embracing the Chinese language.
In parts of the UK, Chinese classes are springing up as many businesses

go China.On the CNN and Al-Jazeera the other day, there was an
interesting debate over the Chinese language in American public schools.
China is a reality that no nation can wish away or wish away at its own

peril. Its a reality we need to embrace.I guess its sensible economics
if we can speak the language of some 1.3 billion potential customers or

purchasers of of our products.
 And those ask me what NIgerian products: Apu, fufu, gaari, suya,
kulikuli, sweet mangoes,Abakaliki rice, Abuja yam, processed cocoa,
danwake, gbegiiiri,roobo, palm oil, ginger, gbanga soup, moin moin,
dundu alata, dodo ikire, ikeetee (a bye-product of palm oil and which
tastes better than butter) and several products from these crops/items.
Its doable. We only need to put on our thinking caps.
In several parts of New York, DC and on Oxford Street in London, Chinese

restaurants--stupidly cast as some elite status in Nigeria --enjoy some

ubiquity. It didn't do overnight.If we get just some 300 million Chinese

to embrace some of our food, imagine how much Nigeria would earn it each

of them spend only $1000 on our food per annum? And speaking  Chinese is

a sure way to attain this.
You will observe that in the last one/tow years, Largarde (IMF),  Angel

Merkel (The German Chancellor), Hillary were in China to ask that China

play a pivotal role in helping ageing EU economy or in trading more with

Shorly before el-Rufai left power, he used to joke he wanted to go and
learn how to speak Mandarin.
And el-Rufai is not dumb.
Wahab Gbadamosi


Please, spare us of this IGNORANT Statement and Recommendation by Gov. Fashola. His Recommendation for All Nigerians to Jump into the Classrooms to Learn how to Speak, Read, and Write Chineese, will NOT lead Nigeria Nation to Economic Explosion; nor to healthy economic Milestone Achievements!!
What Nigeria needs is an EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM, to Tap into Nigeria abundant Resources in Men and Materials, Opari!! Let us start Thinking More Intelligently as Educated Beings!! Yes, if you Fashola can Proffer for Nigerians to develop the level of DISCIPLINE the Chineese have developed to help us to develop economically, then I can buy into such a Thought Process and Recommendation!!
Again, Economic Development is NOT a function of the Numerous FORIEGN Languages the Nation in question and her Inhabitants are able to Speak eloquently
 and Write without any mistakes. Abi? Otoiheoma Egbe.

    From: Ibukunolu Alao Babajide <
    My dear brother Rotimi,

    Always the prolific politician and gentleman that you are. I wish Dr. Val Ojo in your camp can learn how to engage like a human being from you instead of behaving like a deranged animal.

    You jumble many issues here. Secondly, I am not sure what part of my brother is talking. The Lagosian politician or the Yoruba irrendentist.

    I do not know how you have built camps and even populated them. All I have said so far is that the acquisition of any language is an asset. I still maintain that.

    In the 50's this was exactly how Japanese goods and technology was derided especially their dolls that fall off at the neck. Today Japan is a leading country in technology. If we were not too western colonised you would not be singing USA trained children. I was expecting you to say they were all taught in Yoruba.

    All of us will see a China that feeds 1.3billion people and whose rise above Japan as the largest economy in the world and her relationship with USA a hot issue in the recent American presidential elections.

    china is in space. It builds aircraft carriers and the same capacity you deride gives so many of the constituents you wish to rule over access to the only modern technology they own.

    When Awolowo introduced free education in the Western Region it was so ambitious that many said it was not possible but today he is immortalised solely for that vision he maintained.
    Fashola can be derided today but when the Chinese onslaught comes and the few Fashola Chinese speakers save us from complete annihilation, you will know that he is a genuine visionary.

    Nobody knows the future but your arguments are too hemmed in by the past. Your camp is the camp of the past. Mine and the very bright visionaries in it are for the future.

    May the future bear us right.



    IBK, my good Brother:

    With all the due respects, I disagree with your camp to stay with our also learned and distinguished Dr. Valentine Ojo's.

    First, on what empirical basis or research had Fashola determined the introduction of Chinese language to our public schools? I doubt if there's any other than the casual view that a lot of junks in the Lagos markets are Chinese made. That's not good at all for a country as populated and huge enough market as Nigeria that should and must do everything possible to stop the influx of the cheap Chinese products and do all possible to replace them with Nigerian-made alternatives.

    Secondly, with a failing Lagos public schools struggling with sufficient learning of another language, the English Language (most of the student failed the WAEC English Language exams the last time I checked!) the introduction of the strange Chinese language would create another burden on the extremely stressed public school education.

    Thirdly, we should bear in mind that the secondary school curricula include the studies of the English Language, French, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. I do not know of any educational system in the world that compel that many languages on their students. It's ridiculous!

    Fourth, the Chinese language would definitely corrupt and pollute our revered languages. I believe hell would break lose when all the sounds of those languages are mixed up. Just like the Chinese would never talk or speak like a Nigerian, the Nigerians shall never speak (or is sing?) like a Chinese, except of course for those who need to trade in their cheap products or fraudulently violate others' patents, if you know what I mean.

    Brother IBK, I really don't think our children need to go to Singapore to learn work ethics. Those are ingrained from the house, like charity, beginning with simple house chores and teaching individual responsibility (IR) as taught in my political philosophical campaigns through teaching and learning models.

    On this, may I say , I am very proud of my children's (almost all are professionals now) and are all raised in the United States. I assure you they would be rated higher than any Chinese or Singaporean in the category.

    Please don't fall for the foolishness that 'the lawn is always greener on the other side'. If it's so good in China, what in the hell would they want far away in Lagos?

    Brother IBK, learning the paths of their predecessors, the British, the French and the Germans, in Nigeria, the Chinese are also coming to reap where they have not sewn and with modern slavery, re-colonize the African continent.

    Figure this out: if the African giant Nigeria falls to the Chinese slave masters, the rest of the continent is cake.

    The most important tools in slavery is re-orientating the mind of the victim to reject his own traditions, customs culture and language as inferior to those of the oppressors being introduced.

    The Agents employed and "handsomely" rewarded by the invaders are the leaders of the victims - the Chiefs for the ample lands; the Administrators, including the legislators and the Governor.

    Go investigate the bank accounts of those in the categories mentioned above and you may get the idea I am laboring to articulate. I challenge you, you will be shocked.

    Imagine Chinese construction contractors working (making a lot of money) in Lagos when Nigerian qualified engineers remain jobless.
    Again, go check their bank accounts!

    By the way folks in Lagos, my State, are complaining bitterly on the shoddy construction works delivered by the Chinese unqualified "engineers". And to whom do the people complain?

    Well, to the same Governor Fashola who is now romancing the Chinese language to be unleashed on our children!

    Soon enough, like in my time on the English Language ('64), if you fail Chinese language in the School Certificate exam, you'd fail in all. It was the English Language then. Fail it, forget you ever saw the walls of a secondary school. Ima g ine that! God forbid! Oh well, many of us 'slaves' survived the chains of oppression.

    Brother IBK: on your opinion on what the Yoruba language would look like in 100 years, I can guarantee it would look even better as we now can translate some of the "untranslatable" words into Yoruba without changing the syntax.

    Haven't you heard in all these years that the Yoruba language is one of the strongest languages in the world known to man that have been through the tests of centuries while its core remain intact across the oceans.

    I've had it spoken indifferently in different parts of the world unlike the English, French and German languages that have been ruptured over a shorter period of time even without any of the batterings Yoruba was subjected. They spoke, sang and understood it even with the mouths chained up!

    If you are yet to be convinced, please pick up a Yoruba Bible supposedly translated by our own Bishop Ajayi Crowther over a century and a half ago and see if anything has changed in the language.

    But if thou picketh a British Bible of two centuries ago, thou would be amazed the differences as a matter of time, including the spelling of the words.

    Please don't take my words for it, do it!
    And so, all of us understand the Yoruba written or spoken 100 years ago contrary to your assertion, sir.

    Actually, in my opinion Fashola is equipping the Lagosians for a big failure in the future - again contrary to your assertion, sir.

    I agree with our respected and learned Alagba Yinka Odumakin - "It is the Chinese that should be enrolling in classes to learn our languages if we had managed our land and resources well .."

    Unfortunately, we have not done so but we will only if we are free from the types of slavish imposition on the values of our people being proposed by Governor Fashola.

    Who said we cannot fight the new slavery and the Chinese?

    Yes, we can!

    Hon. Rotimi Osunsan

    From: "Ibukunolu Alao Babajide" <
    Akinyemi Onigbinde,

    Follow me to Kigali and meet Igbo traders who speak Kinyarwanda and Chinese. Same in Tanzania where they speak kiSwahili and Chinese. One of my best friends in Khartoum and also in Juba Ernie King International from Orlu speaks German, Arabic, and Chinese.

    All this huffing and puffing will get you all no where. Any hard decision that will in future benefit the people will first be opposed. The early Africans who fought colonization had the best intentions but the reality of the new order swamped them. That you and I are having this exchange in English is proof of that. I am still a Yoruba and at the last count so are you.

    As soon as my children are well grounded in Yoruba language, I am seriously thinking of sending them to Singapore or a similar place where they will learn early to work hard and compete hard. These are the winning traits for the future that they and not us will face.

    Fashola is equipping Lagos children for the future. It does not stop you, Val Ojo or I from doing more than talking to make Yoruba or other indigenous languages relevant.

    All this noise about culture is funny. None of us here will understand the Yoruba spoken 100 years ago. Likewise the St. James' translation of the Bible was deemed modern for its time today it is dated and archaic.

    The world moves on and it will not wait for you. Reality is reality and if the Chinese continue the way they are going for the next 50 years it will be a great asset to speak Chinese. The transfer of world power from UK to USA took just about 25 years. The transfer to China may be 50 but it must happen.

    Live with it. You cannot fight it.



    From: Akinyemi Onigbinde <
    This is one more evidence that,as a people,we have lost it,except that a Fashola has completely lost it.While the guy is not integrating with his fellow Yoruba,he is eager to subsume our cultural values under Chinese domination.I guess our Hausa and Igbo compatriots doing business with the Chinese will have to learn the language for successful interaction in the market.In all my life I have never come across a more wooly thinking from a supposed educated chief executive of a state.His's has surpassed Barkin Zuwo fabled tom-foolery in which the former governor of Kano state was reported to have equated coke and fanta with a state natural resources.With Fashola amended suggestion Barkin Zuwo must be grinning with envy in his grave,that, at least,he was more educated than this so-called learned man
    Somebody should advice this man call Raji Fashola to emancipate himself from mental slavery
    Akinyemi Onigbinde


    On Nov 24, 2012, at 1:51, Adebayo Adejuwon < wrote:

     It is Chinese that should be enrolling in classes to learn our local languages if we had managed our land and resources well...........Alagba Yinka Odumakin


     From: yinka odumakin <
     Had a cultural exchange  to Russia years back and the director of the Institute that hosted us spoke through an interpreter all day.I thought he didn't understand a word of English until he spoke fluent English to me during dinner.
     Go to China and you see that almost 8 out of English10 people you meet can't speak English.
     The computer is the interpreter  between you English speaker  and the Chinese if you have to do business together.I never bothered picking a word in Chinese since the computer has been paid for to do that.
     Part of the secret of the success of the Asian Tigers was that they did not have to think through another man's language to invent anything.They use their own languages to transfer technology and they succeded at it.
     The late Prof.Fafunwa experimented with mother tongue instruction in Ife  years back and the outcome was that pupils who went through the exercise were better with received knowledge.
     Those who want to learn foreign languages should be free to do so while our local languages should be compulsory .
     The exploration of the tortoise folklore by Pius Adesanmi in Lagos three weeks ago reminded how we have lost half of our capacity to impact values and mores on our children through foreign languages.There is no moral instruction Tom and Jerry can teach our children.
     English Language is our colonial inheritance,compulsory Chinese in our school would be self-colonising .The Chinese have taken over Nigeria(Lagos in particular ) and we should not play Akintoye by pandering to their language.They are not interested in your language as they only want to take your resources to their country.
     Asking our schools to compulsorily teach their language in a way also send a wrong signal that we have accepted our fate that we cannot develop our own land on our own .
     Any foreigner who wants to do business in Dubai today must get a local to be chairman . It is Chinese that should be enrolling in classes to learn our local languages if we had managed our land and resources well.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 8:38 PM, Kayode Adebayo

  What is wrong with these people? Nigeria does
not have a local national language and you're calling for Chinese
language to be introduced in schools. Nigerians cannot speak local
languages fluently without mixing them with English words. Instead of
professing or advocating for a nationwide local language, you are
encouraging the introduction of another foreign language in schools.
Since when have the Chinese started speaking or learning a Nigerian
language in China, even though they are doing business with Nigeria?
What a neo-colonial mentality and misplaced priorities? You wonder why
the Chinese are taking over Nigeria's economy and making Nigerians
subservient in the workplace right there in Nigeria!  Kayode    
Source: Punch

LAGOS Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, yesterday,
justified the proposed introduction of Chinese language in public
schools, saying one of the advantages is  aimed at boosting the state
The governor who made the disclosure during the commemoration of his
2000 Days in office in Ikeja believed the state government needed to
move fast in line with the global challenge and more important, China is

an economic world power.

He said: The Chinese are in our homes more than we care to admit.

China has become our largest economic partner.
Fashola recalled an instance where there was a need to have an
interpreter while a contractual agreement was to be signed between the
state government and a Chinese contractor, adding that it was a Chinese

who understood English that came to their rescue.

Fashola explained that as the world economy is tilting in favour of
China, the trend might eventually affect the English.Don't be surprised English may go if the global power moves to Asia.

While commenting on the traffic law, the Governor acknowledged reduction

in crime rate, saying that the law has improved the safety on the roads.

The reported case of crime has dropped from 60 per cent
in September to 30 at the end of October, he said.


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