The letter y with an accent on top ( ý ) was introduced by Uwagboe Ogieva on his new book "Edonaze" yet to be distributed and adopted by the educational board of Nigeria.  First published online at 2011. see General Rules

This he explained will help in the standadization and upgrading of the Edo grammar lexical and literal structure to meet the challenge of time.

The Difference btw letter "y" and "ý" was further explained to mean a solution to the dificulty in pronounciation and orthographical composition of the "ABD".

Examples of y with an accent on top " ý" are as in Uýinmwen - character or behaviour, ýen - snake, ýaen - albino, iýan - yam, ýanren - have, own, posses, acquire, aýon - drink  or wine.

While words with y : "sayor" - put, turn in, pour "uyi" - respect, dignity, adore. "iyokuo" - soldiers or army. "iyob" - help, support, assistant, contribution.

Closer to the "ý" in English language is yanky.  In spanish language is "ñ" as in España, niña or niño - girl or boy

Some sentences in Edo

  1. Inu rogo Uyigue ya rrie esuku nod ?
  2. Iýen kpetinta khare wr Arioba Edo gha rhu iyob ne avbe tisa uzla nde
  3. Uýinmwen rre owa rha?
  4. yén ni, h fien edionmwan re
  5. Edayi ye iýan ugie ya rhue izh ne gb Ogieva
  6. Ye sayor n'uh gumen ya rhkhegbe, urhuse
  7. Okpia n'oh ýanren owa ni khgbe...!
  8. Avbe iyokuo Amerika  arriaisen h wulo vbe okuo iraki
  9. Gh z ye Uyi re, errie h talor
  10. Ama talor egbmwan, aighi mien iyob


  1. What time Uyigue came to school yesterday
  2. The television news yesterday said the government will assist teachers next week
  3. Is Uyinmwen at home?
  4. That snake bit the oldman.
  5. Edayi gave 20 yams to the family of Ogieva as a gift.
  6. Put more or add more, let me enjoy myself. thank you
  7. The man who owns that house is very harsh...!
  8. One thousand American soldiers died in iraq war.
  9. Don't mind Uyi, he is a talkative
  10. If you don't say or speak or explain yourself, people wouldn't know how to help you.


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