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August 22, 2013 

"I posted this on August 10th 2013.... in a forum.This is the key to to Benin unity and relevance!!We have to get this right, because much research has gone into itThe onus is now on us, to get the nuances right, and execute logically, instead of sentiments."

I have just been reminded about how important it is for us to unite as one Edo people. To and have the clout we deserve through the one LIVING thing that really binds us together, our LANGUAGE (which encodes our common heritage, and culture).At present in the Nigeria scheme of things, we do not hold sway, left or right, and can be marginalized at will, simply because our fibre of unity is relatively weak compared to the rest of the country. We are viewed as minority tribes, because even though we are one people, quite a few of us identify with our subtribe, and dialect, thereby foregoing the benefits of unity and the ensuing strength that comes from our numbers.

Earlier in the week, i posted an excerpt from Prince Ademola Iyi-Eweka's article about the importance of speaking our Edo language, and where the Yoruba's got it right, and where we got it wrong. (See precursor link below).I was actually reminded to do this, by a recent post, that has Tinubu, referring to mid-west region off handedly, as part of Igbo. And for those of us who have lived in Lagos, will have had a personal experience with this stereotyping (Omo-Ibo).

Therefore, i call on all members to endorse an initiative to press the Edo state house of assembly for a bill, making it mandatory for the mother of our various Edo Languages "Bini" to be taught in all primary, secondary and maybe even tertiary levels of education.I so move!

Precursor Link [Earlier discussion on this "for and against"]: Link [by Prince Iyi-Eweka]:

United we stand, divided we fall!



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