Translation of Some Edo Words [Relationship]


Translation of Some Edo Words [Relationship]

By Uwagboe Ogieva@

-"Ih rhuẹmwen wẹ"





Inseparable -

 Agbawu / naighisẹtinghae

Love -


Happiness -

 Oghgh / Ọýenmwen

Fun -

 Iku vbe ogiẹ

Laughter -


Friendship -


Cherish -

 Yẹẹ / Ọmwan  n'emwin yẹẹ

Adore -

 Ekponmwen / Ọmwan ekponmwen

Passion -


 Agiengien egbe / Ọmwan agiengiengbe

Bliss / Suprise -

Ọýunuan / Ọmwan Ọýunuan

Devotion -

 Ọmwan ẹmwen / Ọmwenmwen

Trust -

 Imuentinýan / iyegbekọ / Ọmwan  imuentinýan

Affection -

 Igborion / Ọmwan  igborion

Faith -

 Iyayi / Ọmwan iyayi

Honesty -

 Ọmwan ẹmwanta / Ọmwenmwanta

Hope -

 Iyegbekọ n'akhuẹ / Ọmwan iyegbekọ n'akhuẹ

Humble -

 Imuegberiotọ / Ọmwan imuegberiotọ

Loyalty -

 Ọmwan uyi / Ọmwuyi

Kindness -

 Ọmwan izọhẹ / Ọmwizọhẹ

Respect -


Character -


Cry -


Kiss -


Embrace -



 Arhowa (mwen) / Ọdor (mwen) / Ọdafen (mwen)


 Ọvbokhanmwen / Anmwen

My lovely husband

 Ọdor mwen n'uwa 

My Darling / My  Dearest one  

 Nonýaenmwen / Naenmwen

Lover / fiancy(Male) / boy friend

 Erra n'agbon / Erranagbon

Lover / fiance /  girl friend

 Iye n'agbon / Iyenagbon

Wealthy / rich / handsome


My sweat heart  

 Nonýaenmwen n'ehi mwen



Marriage Ceremony  

  Ugie Oronmwen

Child Naming Ceremony


Lady / Great Women / 

 Iye ogie / Iyogie

Young girl 


Pretty young lady


Others Relative Words 

Alaghodaro - Progress  |  AfiangbeBlessing  |  EgberanmwenGood health
Ọyenmwen - Contemptment   |  fumwengbe  - Peace, Calmness
Utọmwen - Longlife  |  fure - better / ok / good
Isọken - Satisfaction  |  tohan mwen / ghẹ gui Pardon / forgiveness
My Lord - Noyaenmwen (The one who own's me)

Some Sentences

I love you - Ih rhuẹmwen wẹ
You are my sweat heart - Wẹ ọre orrienrrien orhionmwen
You mean a lot to me - Ih kakabọ rhuẹmwen wẹ
You are the light I use to see -- Wẹ ọre urrukpa n'ih ya dẹghe
I love your way/ kind - ẹmwen rhuẹ yẹmwen
You are the flower of my heart - Wẹ ọre oboboro orhionmwen

You are my pride - Wẹ ọre uyimwen


Dating partner / lover / girl friend - Iyenagbon

Dating partner / lover / boy friend - Erhanagbon

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Comment by Otedo News Update on February 23, 2015 at 6:01pm

Aimuaemwenosakhare Okiri-Ezomo

 I was to post this on the group's timeline but didn't find the coupon. Well i must commend all you are trying to do here but i also think it's important we know some relevant this so we can avoid incipient errors. First is the pronoun "i" which means the same with the English "I" does not have the letter "h" with it. it's simply "i". Another mistake we tend to make more often is grouping different words to form just one. A good example from this post is "ore". Now understand that "o" (he, she, it) is a pronoun and a word of it's own and "re" is another independent word too. There are so many mistakes we make that we can't start listen here. You should also understand that the letters "m, n and mw" when used in word don't need the letter "n" at the end of the syllable to make it nasal. these letters are naturally nasal. This is to say words like "mwen", "amen" etc are wrong spellings of "mwe" and "ame". Well once again, GOOD JOB

Comment by Otedo News Update on March 25, 2014 at 2:53pm

Saminu Osemwingie Osasu Amaddin I do not quite agree with the definition above as regards - 'Pardon me/forgive me', translated 'tohan mwen'. This may come easier in Bini language as 'ya bo mwen'. 'Tohan mwen' derived from 'ITOHAN' is more appropriate with 'COMPASSION' or 'BENEVOLENCE' or 'MERCY' because ITOHAN is usually from a higher authority like the Almighty God, a King or Government legal Authority. It is synonymous with Clemency, even though Clemency is a lesser or milder form of Mercy, Compassion or Benevolence. In Bini language 'Itohan' is usually associated with an expected gift, grace or blessing from the Divine being. Hence parents name their children 'Itohan'.

Comment by Otedo News Update on September 3, 2013 at 10:00pm

Great Benin Bronze


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