Usun Avbe Emwiowa – Some Domestic items in Edo, English and Spanish

Usun Avbe Emwiowa

Some Domestic items in Edo, English and Spanish

By Uwagboe Ogieva © Alright Reserved

(23 May 2013)

What you must know translating any new word to Edo language:

There is a limit to which translations of things in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages can be translated into Edo due to limited dictionary, materials and standardization of the language to expand its resources and vocabulary as language of the world grows and evolve with its innovations and creativity. Normally most nouns in Edo do take "e" before the actual noun is pronounced. The use of “e” before nouns could be very confusing and inappropriate when making complex sentence, writing essay and in making long sentense. Nouns in Edo should take their proper place, names directly for what they are and pronounced accordingly with the orthographic culture in Edo language.

However, there are 4 principal way of translation in Edo language:

  1. Direct translation approach

  2. Corrupt translation approach

  3. Significant translation approach

  4. Adopted translation approach

(A) Direct translation is an original name of a particular object, animals, place or things. Translations that already have its own equivalent name in Edo. E.g. Ehor meaning Knife in English, Ugbo for Farm, Eze for river, Ukoni for kitchen, Ewe for goat, owa for house, etc.

(B) Corrupt translation means calling and writing names of objects, animals, place or things in their initial name in English but recompose in line with Edo alphabet, consonants and vowel sounds. E.g. International = intanasiona, chemistry = kẹmisiri (note: no “ch” in Edo consonants), Nigeria = Naigirria, etc.

Notably, the principal used by Edo people and other cultures is to borrow and corrupt words for which they have no equivalent. In some cases, direct translations of meanings can be long sentences. For instance to calling Microwave “Emwin na tiere Microwave" is a clumsy sentence, while the corruption translation to “Maikirowavi” is more appropriate. Firigi is a corruption of Fridge, Ọzifọdi for Oxford, redio for radio etc.

(C) Significant translation is making a noun out of an expression, phrase or clause. E.g. “Space Science” space = Idagbo ne ọh rr'iso / Idagbiso. Idagbo means empty / open place/space while “Iso” is “sky”. Empty place in the sky (planet space) could be represented in Edo as “Idagbiso” while Science could be applied as sanyensi and “Space Science” interpreted “Sanyensi Idagbiso”. Again, “Aighi gue Oba sinmwin” to Aiguabasinmwin (a name of a person).

(D) Adopted Translation refers to an adopted name sometimes obligated by authorities, linguistic boards, institution and ministries. Names that did not exist initially in Edo grammar but have been chosen and adopted to take its use.

The Edo pronouciation are very sensitive to the combination of consonants like dg, pl, sp, sk, tr, c, cr, word ending in "d"= di, fr, word ending "n"= ni, br, ox, lk , ph, etc in English. They intent to sound more plain and simply, i.e. Saying it just the way it is. Pronoucing English words as it sound with the Edo language vowels. [a,u,e,e,i,o,o].


Here are some items in Edo, English and Spanish:

(1) Emwin n'aya kpe Sidi kevbe Dividi – CD and Dvd player./ DVD para mirar y escuchar Cds

(2) Fan – fan / Ventilador

(3) Batirre imoto – vehicle batery / Bateria de vehiculo

(4) kptin ehe – Travelling bag / Maleta de viaje

(5) Mobi – Mobile phone / Movil

(6) Ampilifaya – Amplify / Amplificador

(7) Kbdi ipalor – Sitting room shelf./ Mueble  de salon

(8) Lapitpi – Lap top / Portatil

(9) Redio (Ẹkpẹtin -ota) – Radio / La Radio

(10) Tlivision (Ẹkpẹtin-ughe) - Television / Televisor

(11) Kbdi ukpon – walldrop for cloths / Armario de ropa

(12) Bdi - Bed / Cama

(13) Sipika – Speaker – Altavoz

(14) Iwaya ltiriki – Electric wire – Cable electrico

(15) Firigi – Fridge / Nevera

(16) Maikirowavi – Microwave / Microonda

(17) Tlifoni – Telephone / Telefono , Foni – Phone / Telefono

(18) Sidi – CD / “” / Dividi – DVD / “”

(19) Printa – Printer / Impresora

(20) Komputa – Computer

/ Ordenador

(21) Taya imoto – Vehicle tyre – Rueda de vehiculos

(22) rogo Egbeken – wall clock / Reloj de pared

(23) Ikk mm – baby carrier / carro de bebe

(24) Aga itota  mm imoto  – baby car sitter / Silla de bebe de coche

(25) Masini ihkpon – Washing machine / Lavadora.

(26) Ayoni ilkpon – pressing iron / Planxa de ropa

(27) Macini ghe hoho - Air condition / Aire condicionado.

(28) Aifoni - iphone-movil

(29) Sipika eho – Ear Phone/Speakers / Casco de orejas

(30) Gita – Guitar / Guitarra

(31) gan – Organ / Organo

(32) Tabilti – Tablet – Tableta

(33) Kamara ghe foto – Photo camera / Foto Camara

(34) Konsola iku ibieka – Childrens consoler game / Consolas de juegos de niños

(35) Kilipa – Clipper – Maquina de afeitar

(36) Kamara ghe vidio – Video camera / Camara de video

(37) Rogi – Rug – Alfombra

(38) Ovbiowa ekita – Dog cage – Casita de perro

(39) g aýon ewisiki – whisky bottle / Botella de whisky

(40) Miliki – milk - Leche

(41) Urrukpa ltiriki – Electric light / Luz de electricidad

(42) Maikifoni – Microphone / Microfono

(43) Kireyon – Crayon / plastidecors

(44) kptin gion vbe emaba – Instrument Box / Maleta de instrumentos

(45) rogo irrirre kevbe redio – Alarm clock with radio / Reloj de alarma con radio

(46) Evbare owi – Breakfast / Desayuno

(47) USB “” – Usb – Usb””

(48) Emwin iku – Dust can – Papelera


(49) Bidi – Bread - Pan

(50) Birsi ikpakon – Tooth brush – Cepillo de diente

(51) Emwin ughe egbeken – Wall portait – Cuadro de pared.

(52) Ekpo oghe suku – School bag - Mochilas

Note: dg, pl, sp, sk, tr, c, cr, word ending in "d"= di, fr, word ending "n"= ni, br, and lk.

see video lesson: 

to be continue...


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