Vowel Sounds in Edo Grammar By Uwagboe Ogieva

Vowels – “Ola”

AUDIO Speech of EDO VOWELS by Uwagboe Ogieva.mp3

Vowel sounds are sounds in spoken language like in Edo,  pronounced with an open vocal tract so that there is no build-up of air pressure at any point above the glottis. There are basically 12 vowels (Ola) sounds in Edo language. Divided into 7 oral vowels and 5 nasal vowels. Vowels are called “Ola”. Oral vowels called “Ola urru” while nasal vowels are called “Ola ihue”. The 7 vowels “Ola urru” are  [a, o, ọ, i, e, ẹ, u] and nasal vowels “Ola ihue” goes with letter “n” i.e. [an, on, in, un, en].  Oral vowels (Ola urru) are describe as direct sound that does not require the lowering of the velum for the air to escape through the nose. This helps to mark Edo syllables in any given word. e.g. Ẹfosa – Ẹ/fo/sa, meaning there are 3 syllables in the name Ẹfosa. A mechanism that contribute immensely to the understanding and translation of Edo language to English and many other languages. Nasal vowels are vowels that are produced with a lowering of the velum so that air escapes both through nose as well as the mouth. 


Ota idanmwehor oghe Abidi vbe Ola norre Edonaze

Example – Igiemwin:


Ola urru” - Oral vowels


/a/ as in aga - “chair”

/o/ as in ose - “beauty”

/ọ/ as in ọka - “maiz”

/i/ as in ifi - “trap”

/e/ as in Edede - “old woman”

/ẹ/ as in ẹzẹ - “river”

/u/ as in ukpu - “cup”

Ola ihue” - Nasal Vowels


/an/ as in asan - “cain”

/on/ as in akon - “teech”

/en/ as in ehen - “fish”

/in/ as in idin - “grave”

/un/ as in uhun - “head”




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