Our Mission -

Education, Socio Support, Empower Children Innovative Ideas and Cultural Awareness:

Edo Child Foundation International is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Uwagboe Ogieva in his efforts to transform the lives of less priviledge and vulnerable

children from illetracy, poverty, cultural and moral decadence.

How we archieve our aims and mission:

We are committed to giving these children a future, by providing cultural and moral orientation, socio support in food, clothing, medicine, safe shelter and a quality education. Edo child foundation is assisting in the education and training of Edo Child Cultural upbring, skill development and innovative ideas through programs, seminals, awards and competitions.

Funding by self and donors including online gofundme donations

Main Points:

- Child Education
- Child Poverty Eradication
- Child Cultural and Moral Orientation
- Child Creative Mind Empowerment

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