Osakue Cypher, Amon ra, Osazee Amas, Isegheghe Jackson, Imasuen Amowie Ewedo and Others that made the Great Benin reunion meeting at the Institute of Benin Studies 1st of October 2017, a big thank you for your selfless efforts and contributions bridging the gap among descendants of Great Benin spread accross southern Nigeria.

I am greatly encourage seeing what you guys are doing. it makes me feel all hope is not lost for the Great Edo people of west Africa. You guys are heros and history will remember you. Every great end starts from a small begining. No battle no victory, No business no profit, no venture no success. Sometimes you don't know the extent of your greatness or how far your efforts and actions can go untill you try. We Africans are great people with great abilities. Benin, Edo people have led great nation, Kingdom and civilization before and are still going great in all areas of endevours accross the globe.   

Was also trilled reading through the resolution of the meetings, presence of  lovely brothers from Rivers and other ethnic groups accross the sub region. We can make Great Benin African civilization Great Again for our future generations to live and be proud of.

I commend once again the organisers and coordinator of this great Benin movement, cultural and historic reunion.

May the spirit of our ancestors guide and protect you.

Long live the Great Benin Kingdom
Long live Edo Nation
Long Live Africa Union

By Uwagboe Ogieva
02 October 2017



We had our second "Great Benin Movement" meeting. It was a wonderful event in which Five Ethnic nationalities were represented. Part of the resolutions are as follows.
1). To unite all Igodomigodo descendants home and abroad.
2). To establish various chapters in over 8 states in Nigeria, first of which will be in River state they have shown more passion than every other State for now.
3). To visit all respected monarchs who have an ancestral link to Great Benin and also visit apex socio-political groups of various ethnic nationalities that hailed from ancient Benin.
4). Our meeting shall be last Saturday of every month.
5). To re-orientate our people of our rich history.
6). We are not minority considering bringing all Idu children together.
7). A letter of request to His imperial Majesty, Oba of Benin, to give us a date to be celebrating our Benin national day annually.
8). Edo is a substrate of Benin and that we are all Benins, it is our world brand name and the most respected amongst our other ancient names.
9). We are not politically inclined but historically and culturally inclined.
10). We are poised in bringing all numerous group under one Umbrella known as "Great Benin" while those groups will maintain their aims and objectives.
11). We will strategically start telling the world about the positive side of Great Benin rather than the somehow negative story about our fathers land.
12). We are prepared to collaborate with any group in as far it works within the tenets of our movement aims and objectives.

I appreciate each and every one of you all, most especially our brothers and sisters who came from River state.

Great Benin is here, together we can take back our lost glory.

Oba Gha To Kpere. Ise.

Signed: Imasuen Amowie Marvis
Interim Coordinator.

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