Derby I Ohonbamu

GBO Worldwide 02/07/2019
c/o Secretary GBO

I hereby resign as the Financial Secretary of GBO worldwide due to personal reasons.
I will always stand for a United front for all Idu’s children and assist financially and otherwise where I can.

Please accept my resignation.

Thank you

Ms Derby Ohonbamu
Financial Secretary


Oshodin Ose

Resignatión Letter As Posted By Oshodi Ose To GBO EC On 20th of June, 2019.

Oshodin Ose
Fct Abuja

19th June 2019



Dear Mrs. Meg Okao (president)


Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am leaving my position as an executive member of Great Benin Origins and also as the coordinator of Abuja chapter of the organization on this day June 19th 2019.

Thank you for the opportunities you have provided me during my time with the organization. I am more than grateful to have had the opportunity of working with the team here but I would have loved to reserve everything, as a person who truly have the love and passion for Benin in particular and Edo state in general, I wouldn’t be among those who will be at home and watch a goat give birth while been tied to a tree.


I will like to state very few of my reasons to take this decision.

1. I can’t be in a place where as a member, I see things from outside as if I’m an outsider.

2. I can’t duel in a place where rules and regulations are only meant for some members to follow while others are above the law.

3. I don’t want to be in a place where respect is only demanded from some and some doesn’t give it and they always go away with it.

4. I can’t be part of Forming team as cabals to truncate anything not in favor of selfish interest of very few.

5. I can’t stay in a place where saying the truth is a taboo

6. I can’t stay or function where offices and personalities are not respected

7. I can’t stay in an organization that is been run as a military dictator. Where anything can happen anyday anytime with or without the consent of the executive members.

It’s better to be a slave in heaven than to be a king in hell.

A town without an elder will never know the difference between day and night.

When an abomination is committed for too long, it becomes a tradition and I believe it has come to stay here and I don’t think I can duel with such

There’s no sense in burning a bridge, even if i hope i never see anyone


I will want my name to please be removed from the website and everything concerning GBO.  thanks very much for your understanding



Oshodin Ose






1. Has Oshodin paid his membership GBO Id card ….NO

2. Have Oshodin Ose attended any GBO meeting or gathering in Benin City at least ONCE….NO. . (Not even the NC of GBO have seen him).

3. Have Oshodin Ose conducted any GBO meeting or publication in respect of GBO in Abuja since made coordinator of GBO Abuja ….NO

4. Does GBO have any document of Oshodin Ose, driving licence, National ID or international passport. …NO

5. Have Oshodin Ose contributed any amount whatsoever to any gbo activities or donations since inception or since being part of GBO organisation. ..NO

6. Do GBO have record of Oshodin Ose and where he really reside or whether he actually in Abuja as he told us ……NO

7. Oshodin Ose have being pesturing all GBO forums including signing into GBO women forum with a woman’s name until he was identitied and taken off.

8. Oshodin Ose have once also looking for who was in canada and Mr Nosa Idehen replied him. Does GBO knows what he is or was looking for ….NO

9. GBO Members in Diaspora in this noble house should be careful who they relate with. From experience we know some youths in Nigeria are hussling all over the internet looking for mugu in diaspora to Job out.

10. For Oshodin Ose GBO secretariat dont know much about him none do they recognise him.

11. He is a member of GBD and OGBK parallel to GBO



Oshodin Ose was nominated from world forum and he was among those the EC voted to be admitted into the EC because GBO was seriously looking for a representative in Abuja to handle GBO matters in Abuja. Did GBO really know or verified whether he was actually residing and working in Abuja…NO


Thank you all



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