The idea of forming Great Benin Origins Diaspora Organisation was conceived by Uwagboe Ogieva

(1) GBO whatsapp group was created by Uwagboe Ogieva

(2) GBO logo, concept and design was created By Uwagboe Ogieva

(3) GBO Initial positions before election and consolidation including the position of the president and vice president was created by Uwagboe Ogieva

(4) GBO website was bought, created and managed till date by Uwagboe Ogieva

(5) All GBO stationary works, postals, leaflets, postcards, letter heading of GBO organisation including GBO official stamp were created and designed by Uwagboe Ogieva

(6) All updates from GBO various forums are coordinated and organise by Uwagboe Ogieva

GBO online membership form was paid, design and administered by Uwagboe Ogieva

(7) All GBO accounting records including Idcards account are collected, prepared and published till date by Uwagboe Ogieva

(8) All financial contributions ever demanded or solicited for any GBO projects, events or programs Uwagboe Ogieva contributed in all and still gave excess of about 289euros which the organisation are yet to remit back.

(9) Uwagboe Ogieva released his personal account to be used as temporary GBO account pending when GBO opens a dedicated account.

(10)The Undermining of Uwagboe Ogieva as the one who conceived this organisation, as the major orator, trail blazer of GBO and organiser of GBO organisation by Engr Isaac Igbinosun and many others are uncalled for and unreasonable.

At this point of this young organization we should be planning how to consolidate on who we are and what we stand for and how to make impact in our Kingdom.

Thank you all

Uwagboe Ogieva
GBO worldwide Secretary General / Europe Coordinator

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