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Gelegele seaport dredging and development project to begins - Ijaws and their collaborators warned. Not To Disturb The Work and Development of the Seaport

Gelegele seaport dredging and development project to begins - Ijaws and their collaborators warned.
Not To Disturb The Work and Development of the Seaport.

It has become a routine manner for the migrate Ijaws whenever they reside in any State or in any riverine communities ...... to give different names and interpretation to the clan,camp, villages and settlement they resided ........ they always referred to the place as a (kingdom), the Ijaws don't have any kingdom, no historical record of wars, they fought, no monarchy and traditional system of government and it is on record that any Pere's, rulership in any Ijaw clan normally come to Oba of Benin Kingdom to take their staff of office and be installed as Pere by the Oba of Benin till the 18th century ago.
The Ijaws are always found of blackmailing the State and Federal Government - sometimes, into sacrificing the rule of law in the alter of necessity because of oil exploration mostly in South South region, and to threaten the Federal Government with kidnapping of foreign oil workers and blowing of oil pipelines.
They should stay clear from gelegele and other Benin riverine areas now.
There movement and unguided utterances to our monarch should be restricted - Edo citizen and international communities, the securities agency are watching them ..........
The Ijaws are just making noise and engaging in needless hostility

No W'Oba Mwen Ovien Ozolua Gbee.

The Ijaws though some are our brothers and educated, they still have a strong intolerance for the highest court of law, the Supreme Court Judgement have settled everything forever, the land belong to Edo nation and their our tenants.
i am a strong Edo man from a very rich cultural and Royal Kingdom, as a Benin man the blood is flowing in my viens, paternally, historically, traditionally and culturally.
my dexterity and fearless disposition to these migrate ijaws tenants - show of shame and unguided utterances to my King --- Is dead and sickness to their household physically and spiritually - as long as they live and step their foot in Edo land and soil.

my vivid stand is demonstrated in my well informed, historical, traditional, cultural information and legal opinion and judgment into the subject matter, by the Supreme Court judgement - some of the Ijaws who are supposedly i thought to be educated in the modern and civilized age ---- they are creating panic, boasting and insulting to their host communities ..... to be for warned is to be for harmed.

i am appealing to Edo citizens all over the world to be part of the developmental plan.......... in Gelegele

Oya Aya Sinmwin Evbo Onwan ....

Gelegele seaport is a reality and must be developed .... Governor Obaseki has done well with the China trip.




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