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In the past one year since the announcement of the development of our seaport in the land of our forefathers, Gelegele; some juvenile generational trouble makers called Ijaws have continually show that it is becoming a crime to house fishermen and others carrying out the business of farming in our lands.

The atlas of Benin History kindly remembers that the Benin gateway to the outside world was the Ughoton hinterland whose waterside is now known as Gelegele, that was the land the likes of Alfonso D’Aveiro, the Portuguese explorer who came to Benin in the year 1485 AD, built his house, died and was buried, one cannot whisk away the importance of that part of our lands because of the fame it brought to the Benins of the old and the ironic pains it also brought when our Oba, Oba Ovonranmwen was deposed via that waterways to Calabar in 1897, hence the Europeans named those part of our wide range empire “NEW BENIN”.

In the twilight of such after over 120 years later we realized that the old world Benin is the economic brimstone of the modern Benin society, an idea the incumbent governor saw its bright prospect, which he quickly pounced upon.

Few weeks after the announcement of that feat, the swampy Ijaw destitute began to raise their illiterate heads to thwart this commendable effort of our good governor and his government, as a peace loving people we allowed peace to reign supreme, because we feel being our land we cannot make desolate of what is ours, we failed to realize that the government only respect those who shout the most hence the incessant disrespect for our people and our Reverend Monarch.

Under the watch of Governor Obaseki, we have witnessed the Ijaws practically almost crowning their useless Pere (King) on our land, it took the effort of some of our courageous youth to stop that abomination, few weeks later we read in the Newspaper that Obaseki led some delegation to Bayelsa to go and sue for peace with the Ijaws, when has the Benins become this timid to beg for peace in the hands of fishermen slaves that served our fathers in the time past? Some of us voted Obaseki because of its good administrative competence, which he hasn’t fall short of, but as regards the white sleeve treatment given to Ijaws on this Benin Seaport matter has made some of us doubt if truly he is a full blooded Benin man.

Few days ago one seemingly popular guy Austin Uzobo who has constantly gotten a reputation of insulting the Oba of Benin, came out again on Vanguard Newspaper to challenge the authority of the governor and the Oba of Benin, demanding in whose authority would they change the name of the seaport only two days later we now heard that the Edo State government was going to hold a press conference with Ijaws and Pere of Olodiama in our land, what a great insult from Obaseki and his government.

We wish to State that thank God that conference was called off, otherwise there would have been a bloodbath on that Imaguero College venue. Obaseki and his government has insulted the Benins too much in romancing those vagabond tenants in Edo land who has continually insult the Oba of Benin.

We will no longer tolerate nonsense from this government and we are now very ready to triple the hostility the Ijaws have given us in our land.

We kindly warn that the nonsense announcement that was made on the conference slated to hold on Tuesday should not repeat itself again, we repeat we will no longer tolerate the Obaseki disrespect for the Benin Nation.
Oba gha to Kpere. Ise.

(Speaker, Voice of Benin Nation)

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