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Let me alight brief history to those ignorance people that are commenting things that they do not no about.

Oporo begot Ekere, Ekere begot Isoun, Oporo is the founder of Oporomo kingdom in Burutu LGA of Delta State.

Ekere is the founder of Ekeremo kingdom (Amatu) in Ekeremo LGA of Bayelsa State.

ISOUN is the founder of Isaba kingdom in Warri South-West LGA of Delta State.

Isoun as a great warrior, left his fathers and sailed from Ekeremo river to the bank of Burutu/Warri river of Delta State.
He (Isoun) settled at Isaba Otugbo, and met with his friends, they are great warrior GINIWA 1, the first Olu (King) of Isekiri kingdom, Great warrior ISOUN 1, the first Pere (King) of Isaba kingdom and great warrior KALANAMA 1, the first Pere (King) of Akugbene, they went to Bini and Oba Ozolua of Bini kingdom installed them as kings to rule in their various territorial areas in 1480.

That is why you see that Isaba kingdom (Ijaw), Akugbene kingdom (Ijaw) and Isekiri kingdom are bearing same king title called OGIAME ! OGIAME !! SUOOooo....
Meaning kings from river line areas.

The throne or Isaba kingdom is not a baby kingdom like other communities that are looking for king or kingdom now and fomenting violence in Nigeria.

We are peace loving people, we knew our root, custom and tradition of our kingdom. We are not yesterday political kings in Nigeria.

If you don't know the history of your kingdom, don't say or comments nonsense about the history of Isaba kingdom. You better read and keep quiet

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