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Ojealaro Steward Friday

7th October 2018

It is the first time I am seeing Oba of Benin going out to receive a visitor. Visitors come to Oba of Benin and not otherwise. Prince Charles of England is not in anyway comparable to the Oba of Benin in majestic protocols and ranking. The Oba is way above him in the sight of God and nature. Even presidents come to Edo palace to visit him and Oba does not go to airports to receive vips no matter their stations. This sitting arrangement like Okpere Ikhayere Paulinus rightly put it is a statement to humiliate other Nigerians and place them behind Fulanis and Yorubas.

I remembered one time,Abacha invited all Nigerian traditional rulers to Aso Rock at Abuja. Our Oba then,His Imperial Majesty,Oba Erediauwa declined the invitation. The reason is obvious. If Abacha wants to see him,he( Abacha) should be the one that should come to Benin. Morealso,he cannot be classified with dukes and earls in a meeting.


I am very sad indeed. I have never felt so humiliated by the Nigeria contrived insults as evidenced by this dubious and sinister seating arrangement.


* All the Protocol officers in the palace should be sacked
* All the chiefs who glossed over their duty to tell the Oba he shouldn’t have attended should all be de-chiefed.
* All the chiefs who attended and permitted the seating arrangement should also be dechiefed
* The Prime Minister of the Benin Kingdom should be sacked for not pointing out to the Oba that it is the Prime Minister’s place to attend such meetings.

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