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From Shithole To Goldenhole.

I refused to join issues with the malicious wagon bashing the President of the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump. I want to commend the courage of this Elder states man for standing up for truth. Africa is worst than a shithole. Africa is Hell. Africa is the home of genocide. Man made disaster. The equivalents of Africa leaders are in the category of Tsunami, environmental degradation, herdsmen carrying guns to threaten indeginous people. Africa is a process programmed for disaster.

Don't forget, Britain had tested her weapons of mass murder in Africa in the late sixties. Three million Nigeria were slaughtered like rats.

Nigeria continue in bleeding, unsafe roads, no electricity, hospital that are mortuaries. You hardly survive the Nigeria hospitals. The leaders who has led Africa on this journey into the shithole do not patronise the mortuaries. The children are in Overseas doing drugs through African resources. Justice is getting close.

Stop the Agony.
Start the Organisation.

Begin to organize yourselves in the neighbourhood. We are on a mission to reclaim Africa. We would need to recover Nigeria from the shithole. Nigeria is gold in the making.

We are interested in providing safe landing for every brain that has been drained from Africa that is committed to the reconstruction of Africa. We are turning Nigeria to a reconstruction site. Every community must have a sewage comparable to the best. There must be functional education, health and transport system.

We want Nigeria to become a Workers State.

Ordinarily, the Monarch is assumed to remain neutral. Not now again. The two dominant parties in Nigeria are comfortable to sustain Nigeria in the shithole.

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) can provide the Alternative.

Vote Prince Tony Edherue for President, federal Republic of Nigeria

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