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Tari Nemi

The Bini people are not the people that constituted the ancient Ogiso dynasty. The bini people are Yoruba people.

The Yoruba history confirms this report. It says Oduduwa told them he would expand his empire beyond Yorubaland and the obanisation of Benin city initially ruled by the Ijaws who said they were men who came from the sky (Ogiso).

Ogiso is an ijaw word.

The first Ogiso dynasty king is ijaw with ijaw name, Igodo

The last Ogiso king is ijaw with ijaw name Kaladeiran.

I once asked a Bini boy the meaning of Igodo he told me it means key in ancient Bini language which is ijaw because it is same meaning with today's ijaw language so I told him ijaw is the ancient bini language.

Benin is also Ijaw name. It means water in ijaw language.

Ijaws call it Beni not Bini as these bini tribe calls it today. The white men met the ijaws and it was the ijaws that told the name of the kingdom across the waters is Beni that's why they called it Benin adding n to it only.

You may ask why did ijaw leave the kingdom?

Ijaw lost power to the Yoruba invaders who mixed up with ijaw and the other ancient tribes women to form a new tribe named after the city. This is why their tribal name is same as the name of the city. They are not an original tribe but a tribe formed from mixture of people aligned to rule the empire from the capital city. Their language also is only spoken in same city.

When ijaws got tired of the expansionist character of the Oba dynasty most of them left the capital city as the Oba declared that all lands in the city belonged to the Oba.

That was how my clan, the Oyiakiri kingdom left the city for a sole ijaw settlement and others left also.

It is same thing the Oba is still trying to do in this modern time.


Philipiper Okeke
Philipiper Okeke #copied
*Topmost secrets unveiled by the great NRI kingdom*

Bini are a branch of the Igbo race. They left Nri under the leadership of Igodo to found Igodomigodo due to nso - ani. Hence Bini language and culture is similar to Igbo.

The Bini Igue Festival is borrowed from Nri Iguaro festival.

The Bini 4 days of the week - Eken, Afon, Orien, Nkwon were borrowed from Nri.

The Bini succession by primogeniture is an adaptation of the Okpalabisi Igbo system that grants total rights of succession to the first son.

The customary Bini breaking of Kolanut is also derived from Nri. 'Onye wetere oji wetere ndu'.

The New Yam festival is a carry over from Nri. It is still celebrated with pomp and pageantry in Benin.

The Ogiso dynasty of Igodo migodo is Igbo. Ogie - so means leader who must be followed.

Till date Nri Priests are important in the coronation functions of the Obas of Benin.

The word OKORO which is the finest specimen of the male species amongst Igbos, also means Prince in Bini.

Most people don't know that even Bini counting is very similar to Igbo counting.

Do you know that the Bini still use the Igbo word EGO, EGHO for money.

Many Bini towns still bear their Igbo names till date eg ISIUWA, IGUOBAZUWA.

The Benin Prince called Oduduwa /Izoduwa /Imaduwa who left to Ife just 900 years ago bears his Igbo name and its meanings on leadership is clear to every Igbo.

Awka blacksmiths developed the Benin bronze works. A clear testimony is the Benin OKUKOR art work that was stolen from Benin and celebrated at Cambridge University. OKUKOR is the Igbo cockerel.

Every Igbo and Bini should realize that we are all one blood. We should demure from mutual aggression as we are one people.

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 "This writer without knowing just confirmed that all of the ijaws migrated from Benin making them descendants of our land and subjects of the Oba of Benin kingdom! The Agbors,the people of onitcha,the itsekiris,etc all allude to the fact they migrated from Benin kingdom! The Yorubas with all their claims still came to the conclusion that they our cousins! The oba of Lagos told the whole world that their ancestor came from Benin! Many people started their history to the most recent imperial colonisation by British! This is less than three hundred years ago! But both the British and the potogues before them agreed that the kingdom they met is the Benin kingdom! FACTS ARE SACRED!" - Eseosa Omoregbee

Wellington Emokpae

No matter how you may try at turning your tongue to fabricate a non existing story about a known tribe with a well documented history, the novices already knew that you have derailed. I am sure that your parents do not know about this story you are telling now. I believe that the word Oba is strange to ijaw. This is the time for you to write a comprehensive history of your people in order to sell your people to the world in good light and not for kidnapping, vandalism which your people are known. Oba ghator kpere isee

Samuel Igbinosa Nomamiukor

And brought up in benin could only rule the benins, he called the place ile ibinu which means land of vexation, oranyan vacated the throne and left it in the hands of his son eweka bore him by erimwinde daughter of osa ngo the ninth ogie of egor, i repeate the 9th ogie of egor and all this shows benins are aborigenes. Now before the commencement of the ogiso era it was known as ote idu(idu land) and ruled by ike odionweres and at the council of odionweres,idu igodo emerged as the first ogiso and it was ogiso idu igodo that changed the name to igodomigodo which means power saw power in benin, and oranyan changed it to ile ibinu, oba ewedo changed it to ubini, oba ewuare the great 1440-1473 changed it to benin and not bini for bini is a local parlance for benin just like kpotoki is a local parlance for portuguese and we were never called beny in all of history and so get your facts right. The ijaws beny is a district near borgu nupe inhabited by the kumoni who followed ujo son of adumula known as oru who was oba oketase of ile ife when oduduwa was ooni of ife in the 12th century and ujo son of adumula oba oketase of ife left left with the kumoni tribe of ife and ujo happen to be ijaws ancestor and his migration was even in the 12th century and so benin far predates ijaw. And its clear ijaws are even the pure yorubas. The question should be who is ijaws ancestor, what is ijaws migratory pattern,how did bonny which you claim to come from that told william balfour baikie that they were of igbo descent now became ijaws,how did nembe formely known as alepe founded by alepe a benin and a benin chief according to the lower niger and its tribes by leonard auther glyn and that was why nembe/brass use to send representatives in the past at the crowning of past obas of benin. How did okrika that has the Ado family as the oldest family suddenly became oru/ijaw etc, does that make sense, do ijaws have ado of course not, i dont want to start exposing ijaws but to debunk your lies.


Great Benin Bronze


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