In the historical archive of great kings of the world there is one that has largely being cunningly skewed out, either because he was a black king or his people never really propagated him, in whatever proportion that it could be, he must be celebrated at all times because he did what no others did, he saw the future better than Nastradamus, his prophecies never failed, his request from God was all answered (except for one), he fought wars that was impossible to others before and after him, he was highly spiritual that he went to heaven, he fought with God though he lost, wherever he stepped into all became his territory either by conquest or by prophecy, he was a man truly remarkable. Some of his prophecies are:

1. He prophesied that every land that he has ever stepped his foot on as the wandering prince will be conquered and controlled by the Benins, the prophecy fully came to pass at the very last voyage of Oba Ehengbuda his Great great grandson. Which was the peak of our outward conquest.

2. He prophesied that one of his sons will be deposed from the throne in the year 1468 AD, which was five years to his sojourn to the great land of his ancestors. 429 years later his prophecy came to pass when Oba Ovoranmen was deposed in 1897.

3. He prophesied the death of his son, where he said Uzea people will be responsible for his death. Oba Ozolua was mortally wounded at Uzea where he died at Issi village.

4. He prophesied that whoever bears any princely name called “IDOVA” should not be allowed to be crown the Oba, because his reign will be spelled with tragedy and sadness, during the rotation of the kingship in six reigns the mantle of kingship fell on Prince Akennuzama but he was too old, he then requested his Son to take over the throne, the name of his Son was prince “IDOVA”, the Chiefs knowing the prophecy of Oba Ewuare I, about 227 years ago; wanted to avert the prophecy by changing IDOVA to another name(I can’t recall). But still the prophecy came to pass when prince “IDOVA” eventually became Oba Ewuakpe, indeed his reign was a very sad one.

5. He pleaded with God that henceforth that the crown prince shall no longer die until he becomes the Oba. Obviously God harkened to his prayers which he then now prophesied, ever since it has always been so. N.B: The said prophecy was made after his two sons died the same day. hence the Benins says “Uwuikobayedaiken”

6. Shortly before his Sojourn to the land of his ancestors, he prophesied that he shall return again when ladies start wearing Itobi (Miniskirt), and when night birds start flying during the day (Airplane). In other to finish the unfinished business in his first life. As rightly prophesied, he has returned.

Aside his prophecies he made some request which one of them was not granted, he pleaded with Osanobua to ensure that they can no longer be day and night but just day, obviously that wasn’t granted. But in all he was so great that he sent his servant Okhuaihe to heaven and invited Osanobua to Earth, which Osanobua obliged, at the appointed day for Osanobua to return back to heaven he begged him to tarry more but then Osanobua was already ascending to heaven, then Okhuaihe held the chain around Osanobua cloak and the last three link portion of the celestial chain separated into Okhuaihe’s hands. The last three link is still to be seen today in Okhuaihe’s temple at EVBIEKOI village, the citadel of Okhuaihe’s and every successive Oba a link is added to it, so the link should be twenty nine as of today links since Oba Ewuare I was the 14th Oba.

He made friends, he made enemies but for those who stood against his imperial reign paid dearly for it and as such he be became known for his strength, valor, wisdom, mystical powers and a doer of the impossible. In all of these he died with sadness in his heart because he felt that he should have done more. I celebrate him today, for who “WE ARE, BECAUSE HE WAS”.



Written By Imasuen Amowie Ewedo

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