By Samuel Igbinosa

There is nothing like ika igbo, eka is eka and will remain eka and they are called ndi iduu which means the people of idu that alone speaks volume about thier origin, igbos are not aborigines of eka, the aborigines of eka came from benin in 7century, ekas are made up of edo, esan, yoruba, igbo and igala but the founders of eka came from benin and eka is eka, and on the history of eka if you claim that the founders of ekas where igbos then name the igbo clans in eka the name of thier founders and when and how they migrated, there is evo n' eka community in benin and it means eka country, show me where there is eka village or ana eka in your south east ala igbo to point to the fact they migrated from nri besides there is owa in benin and owa in delta and the full meaning of delta state till date is the benin river delta state and so get your facts right, western igbo indeed keep decieving yourself even dennis osadabay in his book building a nation said that igbo is not a tribe but a language and that all igbo speaking people didnot come from thesame ancestor.

On ile ubinu go and tell that to the birds read the 1472 memoire of ruy de sequerre of portugal when he visited benin empire, the people he met in todays bight of benin when he asked them of the kingdom they pledge allegiance to they replied ubini which the portuguese couldnt pronounce properly and called it benin, and your rants and cyber bully wont stop anything facts will remain facts you cant intimidate the truth.

Midwest igbo, bendel igbo, delta igbo, were all creations of people and in the 50s just like eastern, western and northern region were all british creations, and so there is nothing aboriginal about delta igbo and thesame goes with the name anioma it was coined from the initials of communities there by dennis osadabay the then premier of midwest region the fact is eka is eka and will remain eka and that is what thier ancestors were called, and that is what they used in entering treaties with the british and eka founders came from benin and so you are the history revisionist here, infact in the 1900 document of the creation of southern protectorate, 1906 amalgamation that saw the amalgamation of the british colony of lagos with southern nigeria and the head quarters of southern nigeria was moved from calabar to lagos and 1914 amalgamation of north and southern protectorate of nigeria, igbo as an entity and igbo a tribe was never mentioned and so keep decieving yourself.

There was nothing like delta igbo in any treaty and there is nothing like delta igbo, eka is eka

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Great Benin Bronze



These anti-Edo political organizations you folks went to join are the most anti-African - and Africans - in the world.

They're worse than anything; we obviously can't stop you though, even Ewuare II's manifest destiny lies in our own regional party.

We have egba Omo Oduduwa and so on, NPC, AG, the forerunner of them all NCNC and then now these cancers of today.

Stay "with them", but register for your most important election first: your local election, register Edo Political Front, and if you don't, vote the front.

No self respecting Edo will - in the future - find themselves the flag bearers and cheerleaders of foreign parties with indirect rule political and economic mandates, it just doesn't work.

No sane Edo person lives to "have the ear" of someone who doesn't have Edo at their heart.

The Supreme Court is the place to remove the frustration of these lethargic and "periodic" additions to the voting rolls; here - where I live - you can fill in the forms regarding changing your voter registration at the post office and other easy access places.

At the rate things are going we're going to find ourselves truly in decline as our populations suffer from simple things like protein deficiencies in children

" - Reggie Akpata

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