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Udu clan was founded by a man named #Olirhe. This man was himself the son of Edo who was a personal friend of #Oba_Ewuare who reigned between 1440 and 1473 A.D. (Coined from Sobo of the Niger Delta by Hubbard). Edo was a juju priest to Ogiefa of Benin. When the man Edo died the Oba bought his body from Ogiefa and performed grand funeral obsequies for him and caused his country to be named #Edo after his defiled friend. Many years after his father's death, Olirhe decided to leave Benin with his brother #Ovo who was said to be a semi-giant. He and his party left Benin and travelled direct across the Ethiope river. They travelled by land and came to #Okpari creek, moved down the creek till they came to the Warri river from where they moved Northwest-wards to settle at a place they named #Ikperha. The name suggests that the journey from Benin to the settlement took them about three years to accomplished.

The land of Ikperha was not good enough for farming. In addition, it was too near the river in case of an invasion by the Ijaws. He and his family then moved inland to found a place which they named #Otorho_Olirhe. Olirhe married an Ijaw woman called #Udu with whom he had three sons: #Ohworhu, #Adadja and #Uloho. Udu was the daughter of a chief of Ijaw called #Ibeni.

Because of giant Ovo's power the kingdom of Olirhe became very popular and many people sought protection under him. Many of such people founded some of the important towns which now form part of the Udu clan: #Oghio from #Iyede and two others from #Ughweru and #Okrotomu founded #Ogbe_Udu; #Ughere and #Ilevwa from Okpari and #Ugo founded #Ovwian.

Olirhe did not live long in his new settlement. After a short illness, he died. After his death semi-giant Ovo became very hostile, killing people like chicken, even included members of Olirhe family. This state of affairs brought unrest and unhapiness to the kingdom of Olirhe. Many people started leaving to found their own settlement. Madam Udu became worried and unhappy. By her own plan the man Ovo was killed and peace and stability returned the kingdom of. Olirhe.

#Madam_Udu became regarded as a great woman for the part she played in the killing of semi-giant Ovo.
Her children and ohers who had fled could not return sent food and other presents to Udu regularly. The term "I am going to Udu" became so frequently used that the word Olirhe was swallowed up and the place became known as #Otor_Udu.

The three sons of Udu had thirteen children, namely; Aladja, Avwiama, Eguiegi, Egini, Ekrota, Emadadja, Epame, Obubu, Oleri, Ubogo, Ugbisi, Ujevwu and Ukperenren. These thirteen families in Udu form what is known as #Evwrirhe.


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What this ijaw criminals are doing is they want to establish that they are aborigin of Niger Delta. that, Edo, itsekiris ginuwa and urhobos came to meet them in Niger Delta. They take half truth corrupt it with their half lies and fraud.Imagine they say they were ogisos and now again first urhobo settlers married Ijaw IN THEIR ABORIGINAL LAND. Ginuwa Itsekiri married Ijaw blablabla .... big liars. THERE WAS NO IJAW ON BENIN RIVER DELTA, RIVER ESCRAVOS TO THE ATLANTIC


Inspite of slight differences in dialect, culture and tradition among the twenty-four Kingdoms (Clans) which makes up the Urhobo nation (tribe), the laws governing behaviour and social conduct are the same everywhere. Each kingdom, for instance, has an Ovie (king) at the head of her affairs. In some kingdoms such as #Okpe, he the king is known as #Orodje. In #Agbon and all other kingdoms he is referred to as #Ovie and #Osuivie, #Ohworode, #Okobaro and #Okpara_Uku in #Agbarho, #Olomu, #Ughievwen and #Orogun Kingdoms respectively. The power and influence of an Ovie does not extend beyond his kingdom.

Most Urhobo kingdoms are governed by a republican sort of set-up. The highest authority in the clan is the Council, consisting of Ovie as the President and the #Ilorogun or #Ehovworen in some other Urhobo kingdoms (Chiefs) as councillors. The leader of the Chiefs is usually known as the #Otota (Prime Minister)in other Urhobo kingdoms and #Unuevworo in #Uvwie kingdom.

The order of precedence in a typical Urhobo Society is as follows:-

(1). OVIE (KING) He is at the head of affairs in his kingdom. And wields great power.

(2). OTOTA (PRIME MINISTER) He is the principal spokesman of the kingdom and is next in rank to the Ovie. In some clans as has being stated earlier, he is known by other names such as Unuevworo.

Although, in kingdoms such as Okpe, Agbon and #Idjerhe the higher title is #OKAKURO. This is the group that really belongs to the Nobles. They are the Lords of the kingdom. In these kingdoms, they are the influential and ruling class.

(3). OSUECHE (KING MAKERS) He is the oldest of the Illororun and plays a very prominent part in the installation of an Ovie, Ohovworen or in the conferment of other titles of the State.

(4). ILOROGUN OR EHOVWOREN (COUNCILLORS) They constitute members of the governing body of the kingdom. They formulate laws of which the kingdom is administered.

(5). OLOTU (YOUTH LEADER) The #Olotu is the leader of the Uvwie (Youths) and makes known to his group decisions reached by the Ilorogun. In the days of long ago he led the youths to war.

(6). UVWIE (YOUTHS) They constitute the 'Live-wire' of the state. They see that laws are carried out and are responsible for the social and economic development of the kingdom. The social head of the #Uvwie is called #Oghwuvwie.

(7). IDUGBU (MILITARY) This is the group that maintains law and order. They punish offenders found guilty by the court of the Ovie and his councillors. They also a sort of Polce arm of the administration, organizing watch-groups in turn throughout the night to prevent thieves and other undesirable persons from entering the kingdom. The leader of the group is known as #Olotu_Idugbu.



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