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Emokpae Odigie
27 - 08 - 2013
I will like to tickle your fancy a little about the presence of Benin people in diaspora. In the 1950s to early 1970s, it was often said that we do not travel out of Benin city. We were mocked by other ethnic nationalities as some Benins were seen living in their family homes instead of renting houses  out of their families’. The reason for this stay at home was due to Benin city being the headquarters of Midwestern region ( later Bendel state).
The new jobs and economic opportunities created as a result,  held Benin people back in the city.
 Things began to change after the end of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war in 1970. War, the say,  often opens up new and fresh consciousness. Benins lashed upon this and began to travel to Europe and America for studies after which they returned home for jobs and remain in their country for the rest of  their lives. This was not to last long as the hardship of the economic policy of 1986 Structural Adjustment Programme,  SAP,  till date,  have not resulted in an equitable distribution of incomes for all the populace. It was at this point in the late 1980s that EXODUS of our people took an alarming turn.
 Today there are hardly any country on this planet that you do not find a Benin man or woman. As at the year 2000,  a Benin woman, resident in Japan, revealed that three out of five Africans living in Japan are Benins. Says much about how things have changed for our people who were teased as Ekpowa (wall gecko) in the pre-seventies Nigeria.
 As a people who know that they had an enviable past in the Benin Empire that covered almost one-third-areas of  the West-African sub-region, we will be doing our selves a service if we do not forget what made us a proud people in our history. A people who do not know their past cannot have a clear vision of their future. This is why we must, as of necessity and wisdom, not only torediscover ourselves but must seek to impact same onto our children in diaspora. The common saying that “my children understand our language but cannot speak in it” does not tell well of a high education earned by such parents for creative survival.
 This is so as the late literary guru, Chinue Achebe, proved,  with his most popular book,  “Things Fall Apart”.  If the great sage,  in academics,  was not good in both Igbo and English languages, he would not have achieved that height of excellence. We should do well to impact our Benin language to our children at home during  their formative years of two to seven years of age. The brain of a child within the aforementioned bracket of ages has beenconfirmed, by Psychologists,  as the most highly magnetic period in the human training process. It is only at home, in foreign lands,  we can train our children to master our Benin language.
 Benin language foundation at home  will not  hamper their ability to acquire other languages when they are eventually introduce at six years of age to school. After all,  those of us who are parents  of today encounter the Queen’s English for the first time at six or seven years when we began school. Yet we can read and write with it today. This means our children would do better than us if they are allowed the benefit of two or more languages acquisition in theirformative years.
We must also  endeavour to teach our children  our history, some salient and vibrant customs/traditions  of our people, like our morning greetings,  which, in history, is our social DNA by which someone is identified with a family.

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Charlie Jacko:
Sir i red your last article yesterday about calling for all benin warriors to form our benin political warlord group just like our first fathers, But Sir, has the cure be found why we benin people are runing from our home land? with a due respect sir, i need your attention, thank you.

Otu Edo Umagbae:

The exodus of the Benin people in the 21st century is not new. The movement of the African slaves to Europe, US and South Americans..
The movement of the Western and Easterners with the colonial elites that gave rise in the yorubas and igbos rises in the 60s
The movement of Ghanians to the England that open up their new yearn for African revolution. The movement of the Igbos during the biafra war that made them scatered all over nigeria with an aim of economic control , building their vilages.
The movemnt of Senegalese to france that open their society to the new world revolution of Franz fanon and chek antha diop.
the list goes on...
the movement of the Benins will open up a new renaissanse, scholars and world class mix race generations that will osher in the Great Benin Revolution.
The Edos are now counting One of the largest in US and EU including Asia in 2013. that is positive becuase (1)Exposure (2) Western Education and intelligency (3) Economic wealth for among the Edo people (4) Edo women competent in the new world order both in NIgeria and outside Nigeria. 
No mater the shame or how others try to paint the Benin bad on the media .lots of positive outcomes at the tail of the journey. 
Imagine all Edo organizations in US, EU and Asia coming together to fight and liberate Edoland, dem .their will be nothing on earth that will defeat them because knowledgable and equip in all front and alies.
Keep it safe, join any Pan Benin movement whereever you are. Just a matter of time The Benins will live agian in Nigeria


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