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Who are we (Edo), where are we going, and how are we going to get there?

By  Greg Ekhator

 From my research we are Africans who migrated from the Nubia of old, the Oba of Benin's crown bears testimony to this. We also know that ancient Egypt was the first civilization on earth, we also know that the ancient Egyptians were blacks as was Nubia, that annexed conquered it.
This was about 4500 bc, and was around the time they started building pyramids. And great technologies were organised under King Tarhaqa and Akernaton.

Akenaton especially, who is the father of Monotheism (The worshipping of one God). Now this ideology which was 1st given to Africans i have gathered must have left africans after we rejected monotheism for polytheism .... This nturally brought about Disunity and Division. And could explain the over 3000 languages spoken in Africa today.

The bottomline is we had possession of great technologies, which were taught to ancient greeks, and the wise men of old, that visited africa. These amcient philosophies are what have modified and refined by renowned scholars as plato and aristotle, et al.

Now as we are speaking, i believe there are still more hidden technologies hidden in the earth than have been mined out so far. But guess what, our archaelogists are not researching for them. The reason is because of the same polytheism that keeps us divided, in stife, jealous and disunited. 

So if we want progress - we must know who we are, we are not dissimilar from each other, only a little difference, but we must learn the habit of appreciating what we share in common, in good times and bad times, rather than what differences we have.
When we do this habitually, we can think together, trust each other and share information technology between each other so that others can't bring us down.

All of us in Edo state share the same culture and tradition and even language of Benin, becos that is the tap-root. If we don't unite, we cannot solve the problem together, we cannot break the yoke. We cannot speak the same language, that unites us, if we put the cart before the horse, hoping that we can break the yoke with some revelation 

The reason why Christianity and Islam and Judaism are the key faiths or religion today, is because of monotheism, these are the only religions, that acknowledge the father and worshipping him only not thru some other gods.

Thats why the worshippers are more united, the other ones are not as united, and the bonds of their unity are weak in comparison. Likewise you can see that while between the 3 faiths worshipping the same father, is where all the conflict of the world starts from. How much more those who worship thru different gods to reach the same father.

Can you see why there are many many languages, and wars in africa, that have inhibited our development of technology by ourselves. And the technologies within our culture, have been learned by non-africans and developed by them in their land, and even sold back to us at a profit.

Timber, Rubber, Medicinal herbs are just a few resources native to Edo, but which will you invest your lion share in, for your childrens children and be sure of your investment the most?" -

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