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African History, Culture, Spirituality-Health Education


African History, Culture, Spirituality-Health Education

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Statue of the Giant Arhuanran Of Udo

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Comment by Otedo News Update on July 18, 2020 at 1:34pm

osun ematon, Benin
During this [1902 - 1907] period, London-based dealer W. D. Webster was the source for several Chicago-destined Benin objects, among them the upper portion of a diviner's/healer's iron staff. Chameleons, ibis like birds, and miniature blacksmith's tools are the iconographic elements on this wrought-iron insignia.
As with many of the iron staffs by the neighboring Yoruba peoples, this partial Benin staff features birds and iron implements in a larger statement on the complex relationship between righteous and malevolent forces in the universe (Thompson 1975: 56-59; Rebora 1983: 30-32).
Chicago Natural History Museum; Field Museum of Natural History

Comment by Otedo News Update on July 1, 2020 at 9:10pm


By Paul Osa Igbineweka

The Great Benin Kingdom encouraged arts in various ways; The Bronze casting ( Cire perdue process), Ivory carving, Wood carving, Crafts, Embroidery, Sculpture, Beading, Ceramics, Weaving and Drawing. The Artisans were classified into guilds of Artworks as specified by the name.

The OBA had commissioned Artists to replicate the best of their works for the Royal Court. The Royal Court Altar had the categories of various arts, based on historical events. The Great Benin Kingdom saw art as an instructional edifices and temple furniture. They were objects that revealed the historical events, telling what transpired as captured by the Artist. They represented what modern day picture can reveal of events.

The knowledge of the Great Benin as Art is concerned was above fanaticism. The art objects were never worshiped. The Benins were far ahead in their reasoning to know that God Almighty does not reside in them. As an academically trained artist with this home background, it was quite not surprising to see that those outside the Benin Culture had the assumption that Benin Arts were objects of Worship, especially the fanatical religious people in society.

They could even imagined that the "gods" inhabit them. The best these objects can serve outside the Royal Court for historical purposes, is to be offered as souvenirs. Which is practicable till date.

It is for the same reason, The OBA of Benin, OBA EWUARE II is requesting that the United Kingdom and other parts of the world where the stolen Artefacts of Benin were kept since the British invasion of 1897 be returned for a befitting museum for tourist attraction. It is in the Arts and culture that the Great Benin Kingdom revealed her history.

Comment by Otedo News Update on April 5, 2020 at 6:04pm

Comment by Otedo News Update on March 18, 2020 at 9:28pm

THE EDO WOMAN. The women of Benin Kingdom pride themselves in their traditional attire, which consists of Igbegbe (Velvet), Ivie and Ekan (Coral Beads). Their hair as adorned with Ivie in an elaborate hairstyle known as Okuku.

Comment by Otedo News Update on February 16, 2020 at 6:53pm

*_Benin Was Once A Country:_*

We are Edo people from the great Benin empire, we belong to one of the surviving kingdoms in the world.
As far as Nigeria nation is concern we are not answerable to any tribe nor to any region, we are only answerable to the Benin kingdom.

Should there be any eventual disintegration of Nigeria we will stay alone with our brothers from the old Midwestern state.
We are the Edo people from the Benin empire.

Michael Odeh Anderson
*Leader of the Benin Artefacts Repatriation Campaign Organisation Worldwide (BARCOW)*

Comment by Otedo News Update on December 26, 2018 at 3:18pm

“The Meaning of IGUE Festival and EWERE LEAVES: A photo of CHIEF IHAMA of Ihogbe bringing EWERE LEAVES to the Oba, Oba’s Palace, Benin City, Nigeria. December 1981.The Ewere Festival occurs at the end of December, when the entire population takes part to bring in the New Year with joyful anticipation. Among the Edo, the roots, bark, sap, or leaves of many plants are used medicinally, spiritually, and symbolically. According to legend, the Ewere tree once saved the life of Oba Ewuare, who hid among its broad, large leaves from his enemies. Ewuare decreed that these leaves of good fortune,” ebe ewere, (EWERE LEAVES) would be honored forever in his kingdom. At the Oba’s palace, Ewere leaves are brought by specific delegations of chiefs. They are presented to the Oba by Ihama of Ihogbe and by Esekhurhe, both of whom are descended from the Oba’s royal ancestors at the beginning of the present dynasty.” - Uyi Obaseki

Comment by Otedo News Update on November 26, 2018 at 7:40pm

"A mystical priestess was interviewed in her village Akan in Baoule country (Ivory Coast) and asked" How could God let such horrors occur? "(The destruction of Africa and its people by the Arabs and the whites)
This priestess gave an answer as profound as insightful ..
She said, "I think God has been deeply saddened by all this, at least as much as we have, but for centuries we have been telling God to come out of our lives. Because, by practicing the religion of the Arabs and the whites, we fortify the egregore of their Ancestors and at the same time we weaken the egregore of the Black People and our ancestors.
How can we expect our Ancestors to give us their blessing and protection if we insist on praying to the White or Caucasian and Arab Ancestors? "
Regarding recurrent events, (African invasions, genocides, Arab-Islamic slave trade, European slave trade, colonization, wars of Islamization and Christianization, destruction of spirituality, culture, science, traditions and African technologies, looting of Africa, Falsification and Appropriation of the Prestigious History of Africans, Human Guinea Pigs, Organ Trafficking, Rape, etc ...)
Those who practice the Muslim or Christian religion have said that we should no longer practice our Spirituality, Traditions and Cultures in the name of negrophobic prophets.
Because according to these same Africans, to practice our Spirituality, our Traditions and Cultures, belong to witchcraft, Satanism ... according to them it is diabolical and demonic.
These Africans decree that an Arab or white expert should know what he is talking about on our behalf no matter what he tells us and we must say YES.
Now we wonder why our children do not have conscience, why they do not differentiate between right and wrong, why they can without emotion kill, have sexual practices, deviant unnatural, consume alcohol, Drugs and even use their parents for money rituals.
Probably by deep reflection, we will come to the conclusion that this has to do with the principle of "harvest what we sowed"!
It's funny how simple it is for us Africans to reject our ancestors and then ask why we are vulnerable, why we have become the laughingstock of other peoples, why all the other people make us what they are want, Our continent, this Paradise that God has bequeathed to us has become a hell, so much so that we believe everything that the media and their "specialists" tells us that we are.
Comment by Otedo News Update on January 15, 2018 at 1:09pm

On 6 August 1861, the Bight of Biafra and the neighboring Bight of Benin protectorate (under its own British consuls) became a united British protectorate Bights of Biafra and Benin, again under British consuls:
1861 - December 1864 Richard Francis Bur
December 1864 - 1873 Charles Livingstone
1873 - 1878 George Hartley
1878 - 13 September 1879 David Hopkins
13 September 1879 - 5 June 1885 Edward Hyde Hewett.

From 16 July 1884 this merged into the British protectorate over Brass, Bonny, Opobo, Aboh and Old Calabar (excluding Lagos Colony), which was confirmed on 5 June 1885, and named Oil Rivers Protectorate, where in August 1891 effective consular administration was established, headed by a consul general (5 June 1885 the aforementoned former consul Edward Hyde Hewett became the first). This area would in different steps merge further via the 12 May 1893 Niger Coast Protectorate, 1 January 1900 renamed Southern Nigeria Protectorate (into which on 16 February 1906 Lagos was incorporated), on 28 February 1906 made into the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, since 1 January 1914 part of Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria.

Comment by Otedo News Update on January 10, 2018 at 5:27pm

Samuel Igbinosa Nomamiukor lol @ ke Chibike if benin was into subduing others or annexing other tribes then we would have enforced benin language on conquered territories during the time of the benin empire like oyo empire did by enforcing yoruba but benin did not and so your assetion is false. Benins have always been liberalist and never forced thier identity on others. Iam very much aware of ekpeye history and ekpeye is related to akwacross through ikpachors the early settlers that akalaka and his party from benin came to meet and the ikpachors are of cross riverine origin and then ekpeyes are also related to benin through akalaka and like i said earlier akalaka means glass in benin as ken oba chidebelu who is from Anam in anambra also comfirmed that akalaka means glass in his anam dialect and destiney in general igbo, and i have also giving you the history of that name Ake your surname as he was a renouned Achar in benins history and igbos could not even give the history of ake in igbo land. And you claim ake followed akalaka, anyway lets get one thing straight benins are not claiming anyone and will never claim anyone, infact iam tired of some people that are unstable like the water, today they claim benin origin inorder to avoide been annexed by the igbos and end up making igbos to be insulting benins and tommorrow thesame people would turn around to insult that same benin, you see why i have stopped commenting on this issue because no one can use my head, but the undeniable fact is that ekpeye are related to akwa cross people through ikpachors the earliest settlers centuries before the coming of Akalaka and his wife iyavaeme and his party from benin and ekpeyes are also related to benin through akalaka and his aunthorage from benin, and if linguistic test is some peoples basis then explain how the hausa people that came to the north few centuries ago has strongly influence other tribes in the north both culturally and lingustically and thats where linguistic test fails, i rest my case.

Comment by Otedo News Update on January 4, 2018 at 1:06pm

Now coming to igala, the benin dynasty of igala lasted till 1650 and then commenced the jukun dynasty of igala by queen ebulejonu of jukun, the 1515-1516 igala benin war was fought between oba esigie and his younger brother Aji attah of idah the reigning attah of igala a historical event which Amway Talbot aptly wrote about between the benin igala war, a war that was fought between oba esigie of benin and his younger brother Aji attah of idah the attah of igala and Talbot noted that esigie defeated his younger brother Aji attah. This war forced most igalas to migrate to the east of the niger and so iam suprise that pectorial pearl is still with the attah igala till date because there was once a benin dynasty of attahship in igala that lasted till 1650 and then commenced the jukun dynasty of igala that began with queen ebulejonu of jukun.


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