Pakistani actress in hot water over nude photoshoot for FHM

A 33-year-old Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, is in hot water for posing nude on the December edition of FHM India.
The magazine was released yesterday and her Pakistani people are outraged and calling for her head, causing Veena to deny posing nude for the magazine.
She is now insisting the picture had been 'doctored' and asking her lawyer to sue the magazine.
'I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them,' Miss Malik told PTI, the Indian press agency.
FHM India insists the photo wasn't touched and say they can prove the actress had excitedly posed for the magazine. Who do you believe? The photo doesn't look 'doctored' to me

The revealing picture shows shows Miss Malik nude, with her arms and one leg positioned to conceal her breasts and pubic area.
On her arm are emblazoned the initials 'ISI' - the acronym for Pakistan's feared Inter-Services Intelligence agency - with the tag line, 'hand in the end of the world too?'
Mr Sharma said the reference to Pakistani intelligence was meant to be light-hearted, saying: 'In India we joke about this,if anything goes wrong... we say the ISI must be behind this.'
Miss Malik is no stranger to controversy. In January she attacked attacked hardline clerics in Pakistan who demand modest Muslims should be suitably covered at all times.
'If a woman is cool with wearing a burqa, she should wear a burqa. If a woman, being a Muslim, wants to wear jeans, then she should wear jeans,' she said in an interview with The Australian newspaper.
She also launched a stringent attack on honour killings, highlighting that women were always the target and not men.
'Have you ever heard that they've thrown acid in a guy's face in Pakistan?,' she asked.

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