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by Ifeanyi Ochonogor on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 2:26pm

"I saw in the Bible that Niger was mentioned (Act of Apostles 13 verse 1). Simeon was called Niger. I am sure River Niger was there before the Biblical settings. Truely to tell you that the Garden of Eden must have been in the region of the Eastern and South Western Nigeria".


The Black Race has definitely forgotten its source and thus ran dry. The panacea to most Black problems is identifying, unifying and strengthening our Source – our essence – the foundation of our belief systems and traditions. Most Black problems comes from our lack of unity – unifying our markets to maximize our economic potential; unifying against our exploiters/neo-colonists etc. And, the only strong binding/unifying tool is our common origin and identity!

Unfortunately, our true origins are forgotten as even those still living in Garden of Eden, the largest population of Black people, are wrongly led by Eurasian beliefs (Christianity/Islam) to believe it was Eastern Africa/Middle East. Our best thinkers/revolutionaries have done no better with their revisionist histories, religions and traditions that still lean towards the Eastern origins of our colonizers. It is inherently defeatist to believe that the Black heartland was chased by god or man into the forest from those areas!


In 1990, governments around the world came together to do a comparative DNA study of 495 distinct communities worldwide in a project named the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. It was to identify the community with the longest DNA strand and thus the oldest, and also provide a better understanding of human genes.

The oldest DNA structure was found in Southern Nigeria, which also boasts of the oldest Black African settlement, Iwo Eleru, carbon dated back to 12500 BC. This Southern section of THE Black heartland, Nigeria, previously labelled Negrita and Slave Coast, houses the two largest Original African groups, Yorubas and Igbos, as well as hundreds of other ethnic groups.

Mainstream archaeology had concentrated on East Africa to authenticate Christian/Islamic beliefs, while completely ignoring West Africa, and now due to the immense Christian pressure that the DNA findings will destroy mainstream beliefs and their false foundations, the result was withheld despite being made public online during the project. Patronizingly, the result was used to start the new ongoing project called the INTERNATIONAL HAP MAP PROJECT, which took 100 more samples from Ibadan, Southern Nigeria, to help map out and understand all human DNA, especially Eurasian! Despite the DNA results withheld, it is common knowledge that the same area has the most diverse blood groups, being the epicentre of sickle cell and other genotypes.

Also, apart from blood and DNA, the most veritable source of our origin is our languages and cultures. Nigeria has by far the most languages (nearly 500) followed by Cameroun (nearly 300), which was the way out of Eden! It is no coincidence that the two giant original African language phyla diverge here neither is it by chance that all ‘Bantu’ languages spoken in Central, Eastern and Southern Africa evolved from Eastern Nigeria. According to Grottochronology based on more volatile Indo-European languages, it takes 1000yrs for languages to diverge by 25%. In more peaceful environs, before the advent of the Eurasians, it would have even taken longer to foment the diverse language melting pot in Nigeria.

It easy to see how Original African languages evolved from their West African origins, and trace how they spread through Cross and Benue Rivers into Cameroun, down the Sangha River into the Ugbangi River, where they split into Eastern and Western Bantus. The Western Bantus went downstream the Ugbangi River onto Kongo River forming the Tio confederacy that bred the Kongos and Ovimbundus, while the Eastern Bantus went upstream towards the Great lakes and River Nile where they formed the Bugandas, then onto the Bembas, Shona and Nguni (Zulus). Ancient Egyptians came from Original Africans that migrated northwards to first fill the Sahara when it was grasslands, and

resettled on the banks of the Nile, when the dry epoch made Sahara a desert.

Those preaching ancient Egypt or East African origin can never ever make sense of the dispersal of our languages and culture from that direction! Neither can they explain distinct anatomy and dietary differences, like why West Africans have nothing in their system to digest milk, the staple food of the cattle dependent grasslands. Neither do rainforest Africans have traditional words for grains of the grasslands. And with sickle cell, if we had all come into the malarial rainforests after evolution in Egypt or East Africa, we would have been all destroyed without the anti-malarial sickle trait that could only have been developed over tens of thousands of years in the rainforest.

Instead of continuing along complex academic lines, why don’t we break it down like Africans and see what simple commonsense brings up. After all we don’t need to read a book before knowing most other natural concepts.

To start with, it’s either we believe in a God that created a complete human being, and being a sensible God, created him in most fertile point in Africa. Or we believe in the scientific theory of evolution which could only have occurred in the most fertile point. Either which way, we are looking for the same factors. Using the more scientific approach, we can conclude that the four most necessary and sufficient requirements to make life are high temperatures, high water, high oxygen and the right chemical composition! As simple as the factors might appear, it is not easy to find areas that have them all the time.

• High humidity and rainfall is essential and from the attached map, you will realize most rainfall comes from the Atlantic Ocean, and as you move inland the rainfall and humidity drops. http://people.virginia.edu/~btm5g/africa_veg.jpg In West Africa, the desert begins about 1000miles North from the sea, while in Central Africa the rainfall goes much further inland, towards the East African coast, due to the Central African highlands that allows more moisture due to its high altitude.

• However, despite the Central African basin, especially the Kongo River basin to the Great Lakes, having high rainfall and humidity, they are highland rainforests with relatively lower oxygen due to their high altitude. This not only affects their suitability for the growth of human life but also plant life. The Yam Belt with giant tubers, cocoa, palm oil etc only exists

in the lowland rainforest that extends from Nigeria’s Cross River to Ivory Coast’s Bandama River.

• Constant high temperatures are essential and are found nearer the Equator. Further away, there might be higher temperatures but the swing in temperatures, seasonal or daily, will not have augured well with the slow evolutionary process.

• Paramount in setting off the evolutionary process is getting the wide range of chemicals and right chemical composition. The chemicals would not have mixed in their solid natural state and would entail the mixing of land water (rivers) and ocean water like in a mangrove swamp setting.

• Our most fertile area with relatively the most oxygen, temperature, rainfall/humidity in a rainforest/mangrove swamp is the Lower Niger in Southern Nigeria. Niger Delta is the largest coastal continental mangrove swamp in the world as well as a freshwater swamp. Kongo Delta is in a savannah area, while Nile Delta is in a desert.

• Some argue that over time the world has changed and probably, the River Niger didn’t have the full connection to

Guinea highlands, but River Niger is a function of the rains that seeped into the grounds. Unless the world has drastically shifted on its axis, due to the angle it is slanted and the angle the rain bearing winds hit West Africa, the Jos Plateau area and River Benue will always provide the most water of Niger River. And there will always have been a deluge of stagnant water in coastal Nigeria. And its oxygen will relatively be higher than its nearest rival, River Kongo.

This is what informed most cultures background story of a swampy beginning or rivers watering the Garden of Eden. In the Christians Garden of Eden story they speak of rivers watering the origin – the first two with descriptions that disguise River Niger and River Benue, and two non-descript recently named rivers to confuse the reader – Tigris and Euphrates. Genesis 2 vs 10-14 talks of River Pishon that flowed through Havilah, the land of Gold and River Gihon that flows through land of Cush – Havilah is famed to be a Black hunter and West Africa is the land of gold, which River Niger flows through, while River Benue flows towards the land of Cush, Ethiopia!

Ultimately, Nigeria is the source of all humanity and especially of all Black culture. And I often challenge the doubters that even if it wasn’t proven, where else is better to unify all than the most diverse populous Black community, the largest Black citystate economy and market, which was also labelled the Slave Coast, the ancestral homeland of most Africans in Diaspora, and the homeland of the two largest Original African groups.

Lastly, some detractors might say ‘oh it’s because am Yoruba’ but there are 100s of other groups in the area. And, the sad thing is that 99.9% of those in the area are equally culturally enslaved to Christian and Islamic origins, so this is not only a Diaspora effort but for those on the continent. Until those on the continent can accept their West African origins and understand their ethnic interrelationships, there will continue to be ethnic misunderstanding, disunity and war! Things will continue to fall apart, as our centre fails to hold since we can’t even identify it.

The fundamental difference between Eurasian beliefs (Christianity/Islam) and Original African beliefs is due to the different geographic environments they evolved. Due to the fact that Original African beliefs evolved in bountiful rainforest environments, there was no need for excessive resource control and various imbalances of the Eurasian beliefs. Original African beliefs developed in a collective communal environment, whereby giant rainforest trees had to be cut communally.

The dictates of the balanced bountiful natural environment emphasized on natural balance, whereby women and men had full productive roles, and aversion to homosexuality and excessive consumption. Instead of wasting societal efforts on grandiose egoistic monuments, they concentrated on developing advanced societal virtues and mores. This was opposite the Eurasians desperate environment whereby for human beings to survive they had to wage war against man and environment. This relegated the women to the background in the production functions, and rewarded their most animalistic but successful men with excessive egoistic monuments since providing what their god couldn’t naturally provide!

Most important, was the negation of the law of retributive justice/ Law of Karma in the Eurasian models that led to corruption, crime and many other negative societal traits, since their God failed to provide the basic necessities so they could be forgiven if they took obviously evil steps to survive. This was opposite to the African model since God had provided everything required and you had no cause whatsoever to acquire resources true evil means. The Original African environment also bred tolerance since excessive control or tyrants would only make people move on to the next river in the land of a thousand rivers.

Ultimately, this is a cultural realization that needs to be disseminated to revolutionize all aspects of our existence. No other cultural perspective/belief can save, unite and advance us as a people... not Juadaism/Christianity/Islam, not Swahili/Kwansa, not Kemetology/Maat, nor Rastafarianism! This cultural revolution can be achieved with the establishment of language and cultural schools to bring together continental and Diaspora Africans.

If the Diaspora, especially African-Americans can accept and propagate this vital truth, it will awaken and obligate the African Giant, composed of the most populous and ethnic diverse groups, to stand and fight worldwide for all those like them, and naturally push the race to utopia in progressive binding unity. It will make the heartland and all Black peoples realize they are the real ‘chosen ones’ and act like the Arabs and Jews, who ‘naturalized’ god in order to make themselves the ‘chosen ones’, and who ever since then zealously pursed their interests.

Our clear origins will clearly define our interests and unify us!

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