US contrived Ebola scare to control West Africa: James Fetzer

American Professor James Henry Fetzer says the US has contrived the Ebola scare to control the resource-rich West Africa region.

American Professor James Henry Fetzer says the US has contrived the Ebola scare to control the resource-rich West Africa region.
Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:35PM GMT
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The United States has contrived the Ebola scare to manipulate the American public and control the resource-rich West Africa region, a political commentator in California says. 

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Professor James Henry Fetzer said, “The United States has fallen into the practice of using scare tactics to manipulate the American public both with respect to domestic issues and foreign affairs.

“Sandy Hook has been proven to be a hoax, a drill in which no one died presented as though it had been a horrific event involving the slaughter of 20 children. The Boston bombing was an example of ‘hyper-realistic filming’ involving actors and fake blood, where Hollywood producer/director Nathan Folks has identified one of the key players as a person he had cast in one of his own films. The former was designed to undermine the Second Amendment, the latter to subvert the fourth and to utilize military units to perform police functions and undermine the Posse Comitatus Act, a statute from 1878 that precludes doing precisely that. 
“In Eastern Europe, the downing of Malaysian 17 was blamed on pro-Russian forces and timed to distract the world's attention from Israel's invasion of Palestine and the slaughter of thousands of innocent women and children, where sections of the fuselage show holes from shots fired from two directions, which indicates it was taken down by two Ukrainian fighters that were ‘accompanying it’. And in the Middle East, ISIS was created by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia to promote the Zionist agenda of creating a ‘Greater Israel’ from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile, where the Khorasan group was fabricated out of thin air to claim it posed an imminent threat for the US to attack without UN permission.

“With all the lies being disseminated around the world, Africa was not going to be left out. Ebola was first discovered there in the 1970s -- and in the decades since, has not had an impact across the continent. Yet now it poses an imminent threat to America, where the idea of imposing martial law to control it has already been advanced. 

"The news is manipulated to maximize fear, but it looks as if those who are receiving vaccines are the ones who will acquire it, where the cure is worse than the threat. It appears to have been contrived to justify bringing troops into Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as if a virus could be killed by a bullet! The Boko Haram claim of kidnapped girls has fallen apart faster than the Sandy Hook hoax.

“Sierra Leone, however, is the world's largest supplier of diamonds, where workers have been on strike for the past four months. A direct military assault to control Nigerian oil and force the miners back to work would be too obvious; but bringing them in on a fake humanitarian mission does the job far better with a gullible public willing to believe what it is told by the controlled mass media.

“A new ‘Ebola warning’ from Veterans Today, however, suggests that the virus is being deliberately introduced into the United States for the sake of promoting a political agenda, which may have to do with oil prices, the stock market or the coming elections. Killing miners to get them back to work is tried and true, but corporations need new cover stories to conceal their exploits to enhance their profits.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ebola outbreak has killed 4,447 people, with the large majority of victims in West Africa -- Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 1.4 million people could be infected by the virus.

Only two Ebola cases have been diagnosed in the US, both in Texas, one of which has ended with the death of 42-year-old Thomas Eric Duncan – a Liberian national.

Nina Pham, a nurse at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, contracted the virus after treating Duncan. She is the first person to have contracted the deadly virus in the US.

However, a new poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans are worried about the spread of the Ebola epidemic across the US.

According to the results published on Tuesday, 65 percent of the respondents voiced concerns over the epidemic.

Meanwhile, the United States has deployed hundreds of troops to Liberia to help fight spread of Ebola in the West African country.

The Pentagon says it is planning a 3,600-strong force to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.


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