A moment ago, I woke up and had a hunch that Nigerians would keep quiet on US airstrikes in Syria and decided to find out by visiting their Internet forums to see if any of them commented on it; as I expected none of them did.  I asked myself: where are the Nigerian noise makers who talk about territorial integrity, about how a country’s sovereignty should not be violated (as they interpret International law to stipulate). Here is the US violating Syrian airspace and no Nigerian talks about it.

        They are suddenly silent. The cowards are afraid to speak out so that they not lose their US daily bread. When talking has a cost the garbage keep quiet but when it has no cost for them they make ceaseless noise. 

      They talk about territorial integrity not because they really care for Nigeria to remain as one but because they want to keep the oil producing part of the country in Nigeria so that they could steal that oil money; if there was no oil to be stolen from the Niger Delta and Alaigbo they would not give a damn about them staying in Nigeria (the North would have separated from Nigeria in 1966 if it had nothing to steal from the south).

       Nigerians are primarily interested in where they could steal some money from, Nigeria’s oil revenue; where there is nothing to steal they vanish from and keep quiet.

        How I wish Nigeria is composed of human beings who actually take sides on issues and make them known and are willing to fight for what they stand for. No, they are looking for scraps of bread from wherever they can get it and would do anything to get it, including keeping quiet, living fearfully.

      MS Joe, where are you? I recall that you were opposed to the US and NATO bombing Libya to remove Gadhafi from office. MS Joe, since you are the only one with balls around here what do you say about this action of the USA in Syria. I like to hear from you.

      I expect you to disagree with me but that is not the issue; I respect your courage in speaking your mind. That is what a human being should do.

     Of course, I welcome the bombing. In fact, if Obama keeps it up I might change my mind about him and henceforth see him as a human being rather than the garbage I had believed that he is. If he takes on ISIS and wages sustained war against those crazy Islamic Jihadists he would gain my admiration.

      We must defeat these insane Muslims, folks whose idea of living is to kill people and return society to seventh century Mohammad’s Arabia. These fools would not study science and technology and get into the modern world and become part of it. They wait for the West to invent the internet and social media and use it to post those whose heads they beheaded.  If they had shame they would not use the technology that the West invented since they apparently do not want to take part in the modern world that invented those electronic gizmos. 

      We must drag these primitive Muslims to the modern world or kill them off; yes, I mean that, kill them for they have plagued the world long enough. These savages disturb world peace while calling their barbaric religion the religion of peace.

       What exactly do these barbarians want to accomplish? Who wants to live under their religion or in their part of the world? Since it is obvious that the rest of the world do not care for what they believe why can’t they give it up and embrace science, technology and democracy for a change and see if the Arab world could modernize and good things begin coming out of it.

      East Asia has entered the modern world and is producing and selling technological gadgets that people need but idiot Arabs produce nothing except what nature placed in their soil, oil.  These people are contemptible; we should modernize them or eradicate them from the face of the earth. They have disturbed world peace long enough; a people and their religion that only exist to disturb world peace ought to be changed or exterminated.


Ozodi Osuji

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